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 Robin Hood: Act II, scene IIII

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Mon Mar 14, 2011 1:24 pm

Scene IIII


(The Merry Men, minus Jill Scarlet and Alina Dale, are on a wall, in a commando operation.)

Robin: Synchronize watches.

Jen: We have no watches. They haven’t been invented yet.

Robin: Well, they always say to synchronize watches in movies.

Jen: Movies haven’t been invented yet either.

Robin: ... Plays?

Jen: Them, we’ve invented.

Robin: Good. We’re a play.

Jen: Right.

Robin: Now, what do we synchronize if we don’t have watches?
Jen: Nothing, I guess.

(Sound of clock ringing. Enter Henchman1)

Henchman1: One o’clock and all’s well!

Henchman2: (offstage) It’s ten thirty, you idiot!

Henchman1: But it doesn’t have the same ring!

Henchman2: I know, so listen to it!

Henchman1: Not on the clock! The sound! One sounds better than ten thirty!

Henchman2: Ten thirty is accurate.

Henchman1: What do we care of accuracy in this play?

Henchman2: Shh! We’re ‘in character’, spoilsport!

Henchman1: You just gave away that you’re her.

Henchman2: Not her, played by the same person as her. It’s called doubling.

Henchman1: More like tripling.

Henchman2: Yeah, given that we only have four people to work with...

Henchman1: You just gave away who I was! I have to go change costume.

(Exit Henchman1)

Robin: ... Was that what I think just happened?

Jen: No.

Robin: Good. Let’s go rescue Alina.

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