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 Robin Hood: Act II, Scene V

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Mon Mar 14, 2011 1:27 pm
Scene V


(Scene is Alina Dale’s prison cell. Robin Hood and Little Jen are offstage left.)


Jen: Is that Alina?

Robin: Wouldn’t want to rescue the wrong person... One good way to be sure. (throws stone at Alina Dale)

Alina: Bloody ‘ell!

Robin: Say something else.

Alina: Something else.

Robin: It’s Alina.

(Enter Robin Hood, Little Jen)

Alina: Robin, where the something else is Jill?

Jen: She stormed off.

Alina: Figures.

Robin: We’re here to rescue you.

Alina: I figured that.

Jen: Why do you have to be so something smart?

Robin: Else, Jen!

Alina: This is hilarious. (sits down)

Jen: We are not a play for your amusement, Alina!

Robin: Yes, we’re a play for their amusement! (gestures at audience)

Alina: (turns to audience) Hilarity or plot?

Audience: Hilarity! and/or Plot!

Alina: Too bad, you’re getting hilarity. (turns to Robin) Can I say what I figured out in here?
Robin: Prison food stinks?

Jen: The meaning of life?

Alina: No. Well, prison food does stink, but I knew that anyway. I figured out that “The Ugly Duckling” teaches that appearances are the most important things. The duckling is unhappy ugly, and happy as a beautiful swan. It also teaches that acceptance by society is the most important thing.

Robin: ... Clever.

Alina: It’s like Rapunzel teaches not to think for yourself.

Robin: Not now. Not until the Victorian Age. We’re medieval.

Alina: Well, if it taught girls to think for themselves, she would have rescued herself.

Jen: ... You’ve been thinking about fairy tales?

Alina: I was adapting them.

Jen: Adapting them.

Alina: I’m a bard. We adapt things.

Robin: Let’s just rescue and go find Jill.

Guy of Gisborne: (offstage) Yeah, right. Like you’re going to do that.

Alina/Jen: Something else!

Robin: Bloody ‘ell.



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