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 Robin Hood: Act II, Scene VII

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Mon Mar 14, 2011 1:28 pm

Scene VII


(The scene is the prison cell. Robin Hood, Alina Dale, and Little Jen are sitting around, being bored.)


Alina: I never thought I could feel worse than when I was sitting around, waiting for you to rescue me. Now I know better—I feel worse sitting around waiting for Jill to rescue us.

Robin: Why don’t we escape?

Alina: Don’t you think I’ve something tried?

Jen: Else.

Robin: Something else.

Alina: Something else, how long is this gag going to run for?!

Robin: Something gag.

Jen: Else, why is it running anyway?

Alina: I never did like running gags...

Robin: If you weren’t so literal...

Alina: ... Oh, look, a beetle. I think I’ll call it John.

Robin: Or Ringo.

Jen: We’re in medieval England.

Alina: So?

Robin: Let it be, Jen.

(Enter Henchman)

Henchman: (grabs Robin) John wants to see you.

(Exit Henchman, Robin)

Alina: Ah, I will call it Ringo. I don’t want anyone to think I named it after John.

Jen: Why name a bug?

Alina: Anachronism, Jen, anachronism.

Jen: Then name it Anne.

Alina: Anachronism means something belonging to the wrong time period.

Jen: Then this whole play is.

Alina: Yes, it is. Right, Ringo?








(End of Act II)

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