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 Robin Hood Cast

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Sat Sep 11, 2010 11:26 am

Robin Hood



Robin Hood (Also Maid Marian): A young teenager, born Maid Marian, who decided to lead a secret rebellion against Prince John of girls who tired of their lives preparing for marriage. She is stubborn, a crack archer, a skilled thief, and leads a double life as Maid Marian of Locksley, the demure girl she was expected to be.

Alina Dale (Also Lady Greensleeves): The first girl to follow Robin/Marian. A minstrel with a sword and a mean right hook. Coined the term ‘Merry Men’ to circulate the belief they were men, to prevent anyone from suspecting their counterparts. She always wears green and never speaks when masquerading as a proper young girl, so leading to her being called ‘Lady Greensleeves’.

Little Jen (Also Jennifer Fitzwilliam): Born a commoner, William the Miller’s daughter, she met Robin crossing a stream. Robin claimed the right to cross first, as the elder. Jen refused, saying she was the elder and had the greatest need. In the end, the two fought with staffs, and Robin fell into the stream. Robin later invited Jen into the Merry Men, and she has become a stalwart addition. Rather tall, she claimed her nickname, as she felt ‘Jen’ was too plain for an outlaw. As Jennifer Fitzwilliam, she is extremely witty and tends to borrow Alina’s rhymes.

Jill Scarlet (Also Maid Marigold): Robin’s cousin, who Alina constantly teases, and tends toward slight incompetence. As Maid Marigold, she pretends to be younger than she is, and is therefore excused for her serious incompetence. Though often incompetent, she is extremely lucky and almost as good a shot as Robin. She always wears scarlet, the Locksley family color. (Note: The Locksley crest is a scarlet robin with a marigold, ushering in the names Robin and Marigold.) She is a master at tongue-in-cheek, and the Sheriff’s main annoyance.

The Sheriff Of Nottingham (Also Nottingham): The man Prince John set in charge of Sherwood Forest. Though an occasional enemy, for the most part, the Sheriff is a nuisance.

Sit Guy Of Gisborne: An ex-bounty hunter, appointed to capture Robin Hood and ‘his’ Merry Men. Dangerous and cunning, he bosses Nottingham around. He is noted by the horse skin he always wears.

Prince John: Though only in one scene, he weaves together the whole plot.

The Henchmen: The Sheriff’s henchmen. What more needs to be said?

 Re: Robin Hood Cast

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Wed Sep 22, 2010 8:41 am
That is very confusing. Is it casting calls or what? I do not understand. Txt me back too tell me what it is.:smileytongue:

 Re: Robin Hood Cast

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Tue Dec 07, 2010 9:27 pm
Lol, hilarious. Oh, by the way, I didn't mean to steal your idea for this writing it as a story. I had seriously NO IDEA this was your idea. I decided not to do it as a story.

 Re: Robin Hood Cast

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Tue Mar 22, 2011 5:33 pm
I don't think that you can txt on here!  But if you can I did not know anything about it!  :smileywink:

 Re: Robin Hood Cast

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Wed Jun 29, 2011 7:35 pm
Well, I'm no Moderator or anything special....but, this is pretty much texting. I mean....the poor Mod has to read everyone's messages and it takes a little while for her to read everyone's posts.  But I may be wrong.            
Sorry to rain on your parade.                                                                                                    supergalrules108 is out the house.                                                            

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