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 Robin Hood: Scene Five

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Wed Jan 05, 2011 1:07 pm

Scene V

(Curtains open to the Merry Men preparing a cart. All have bows and quivers- Alina Dale alone has a sword.)

Jill Scarlet: Tell the little one that she dropped a box on my toe.

Robin: Jen, you dropped a box on Jill’s toe.

Little Jen: Tell Scarlet that she can pick it up- I have a box.

Alina: Jill, Jen’s busy right now, so you should pick it up.

Jill Scarlet: Fine.

Little Jen: Fine!

Alina Dale and Robin Hood: Not so fine.

Jill Scarlet: What’s not so fine?

Robin: Start talking to each other! You’re holding back the play!

Little Jen and Jill Scarlet: No.

Alina: No, you’re not holding back the play, or no, you’re not going to start talking to each other?


Robin: Urgh. (puts on disguise) Recognize me?

Jill Scarlet: Why should I? I’ve never seen you before in my life!

Alina: Jill, it’s Robin.

Jill: Oh… Spoilsport!

Little Jen: Tell the red one she’s stupid.

Alina: Jill, Jen said to tell you you’re a genius.

Little Jen: Did not.

Jill Scarlet: Alina, tell Jen that she is a spoilsport and a killjoy.

Alina: Jen, Jill said her catchphrase.

Jen: Tell her that her catchphrase is silly.

Alina: Jill, you have a great catchphrase.

Robin: So, do I look dashing?

Alina: Positively swashbuckling.

Jen: Perfect.

Jill: Even if you don’t win, you get a ten out of ten for pure… er… what’s the word… What’d you call a picture of an archer that just looked so perfect and you could just feel?

Alina: No idea, but I know what you mean.

Jill: No can mean such different things… noKnow

Alina: Homophones.

Robin: Like red, color, read, book, meet, person, meat, eat.

Alina: Well, you can meet meat, but it’d be strange.

Jill: Who wants to eat their dinner—I mean meet their dinner!

Jen: You’re hungry. We’ll get food in town.

Alina: Some traveling music… (strums lute, string breaks) What a plang! Bloody lute…

Robin: Watch your language.

Alina: They’re Americans. In America, it’s not that bad of a swear word.

Robin: Well, say something else.

Alina: Something else.

Robin: Alina…

Alina: You said to.

Robin: Alina…

Jill: Time to go!



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