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 Robin Hood: Scene One

Joined: Thu Aug 20, 2009 5:40 pm
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Tue Oct 12, 2010 2:25 pm

Act I

Scene I

(The curtains are down. Alina Dale enters from offstage right. At stage right, downstage, she starts strumming her lute.)

Alina Dale: Listen to me and I’ll tell you anon Of a notable king that was called Prince John. He ruled over England with main and with might But he did great wrong and maintained little right.

(Curtain rises, revealing a clearing in a forest. Alina Dale heads for stage center.)

Alina Dale: In Sherwood Forest, bright and green, Many outlaws can be seen. Fear not, for they are brave and good, Like their leader Robin Hood!

(Little Jen and Jill Scarlet enter stage left.)

Little Jen: What ho, Alina!

Alina Dale: Not much, Jen!

Jill Scarlet: Ah, ‘tis a bright and sunny day! What more could a girl ask, excitement, adventure, good weather…

Little Jen: The chance you might be killed at any moment…

Alina Dale: Insects, mantraps, the Sheriff and Guy of Gisborne breathing down your necks…

Jill Scarlet: Killjoys.

(From offstage right) Robin: What ho, Merry Men? (Robin enters)

Merry Men: What ho, Robin?

Robin: Have you been cavorting and making merry?

Alina Dale: I didn’t call us Merry Men for nothing.

Jill Scarlet: Cavort, cavort, cavort, cavort, cavort, cavort… (Cavorting)

Little Jen: (facepalm) Why did I ever join these ragtag girls?

Robin: Because you were a ragbag girl yourself.

Alina Dale: Oh, very clever, Robin!

Little Jen: Things have not been going so well lately. Guy of Gisborne is a far sharper opponent than Nottingham.

Robin: Then we shall have an equal test of strength and wits!

Alina Dale: Indeed, and I, for one, shall be all the gladder of it. I am galled no end by having to make the Sheriff a formidable foe in the ballads.

Jill Scarlet: Yes, but still, ‘tis better to have an advantage.

Little Jen: For once, I agree with Jill. I’d rather have the Sheriff than Guy of Gisborne any day.

Robin: Oh, who cares? Jen, you could go back to freezing your back end off in the village, Alina, Jill, you could go back to your boring old lives. What do I care? No, I wouldn’t care a whit.

Alina Dale: Yes, and I’d have to tell the tale of how Robin Hood, abandoned by his cowardly Merry Men, was cruelly slain by Guy of Gisborne. And Alan-A-Dale would have a ruined reputation! No, I’ll never let that happen!

Jill Scarlet: Robin, you’re my cousin. I couldn’t leave you alone! You’re exaggerating. We’re worried, yes, but not chicken!

Little Jen: Even three more weeks of this life is better than years and years of village life! We’re with you ‘til the end, Robin.

Alina: Yes, robbin’ from the rich and giving to the poor, that’s the job.

All: (groan)

Robin: Alina, why dost thou make puns upon my name?

Alina: Methinks the lady doth protest too much!

Jen: Alina, thou doth flaunt thy Shakespeare!

Jill: Yeah, he hasn’t even been born yet!

Robin: Jill, shush! The play’s the thing…

Alina: Wherein we catch the conscience of the king?

Robin: No, where we are caught. Mock not the Bard of Avon!

Jill: But he hasn’t.

Jen: Again, I’m with Scarlet here.

Robin: It’s impolite. How would you feel if somebody mocked you before you were born?

Jen: I wouldn’t know.

Robin: Point taken… Unwillingly.

(Jingle in the distance)

Alina: ‘Tis a cart… Richly equipped, I’d bet.

Jill: Let us take up arms!

Jen: Robin?

Robin: Let us take to the trees, Merry Men!

Merry Men: Take to the trees!



End of Scene I

 Re: Robin Hood: Scene One

Joined: Sun Oct 25, 2009 9:09 am
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Fri Oct 22, 2010 7:38 pm
Well, thats pretty good. I liked it, but got a little confused. It's good, and I think that if you keep writing it, it'll get better.tongue smiley  If you keep writing, I'll try to keep reading!!!

 Re: Robin Hood: Scene One

Joined: Sat Oct 17, 2009 3:27 pm
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Fri Jan 07, 2011 1:36 pm
Vaaaaaary amusing!:)
I love the whole Shakespeare banter their, keep going!

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