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 Robin Hood: Scene Six: Part One

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Wed Jan 05, 2011 1:08 pm

Scene VI


(Two peasants stand onstage, both women.)

Katie: What a wonderful day for a contest!

Annie: Aye. Did ye hear that the Sheriff thinks of catching Robin Hood?

Katie: Never. Too smart, that one.

Annie: I’m not sure, Katie… Robin, I hear, loves the bow. Mayhap he can’t resist.

Katie: Mayhap, but I hope not.

Annie: Aye, but don’t the Sheriff look dashing?

Katie: Eh, I prefer that stranger. He has a gleam in his eye… I favor him as the winner!

Annie: Nay, Major Hench is favored, and never has a contest been farther from fair than this. Spoilsports, I call ‘em, spoiling good sport.

Katie: Aye, Annie, aye. Look! My Matthew steps up to shoot.

(Sound of three arrows, one after another)

Katie: Honorable, I’d say, fifteen points.

Annie: Aye, out of thirty, fifteen is hon’rable!

Katie: Now your brother David. You say he shot a sheep’s eye out?

Annie: Aye, he was casting them at a maid. (shakes head) Brains were never his strength, poor David.

(Sound of three arrows)

Katie: Well, a sheep’s eye he got, and one bullseye. But also, a who-knows-where and a wench’s dress.

Annie: Poor wench.

Katie: Aye. And now Major Hench. Man, for him to miss.

Annie: Aye, for then your stranger should win.

Katie: There is none worthier then that stranger, for my Matthew is strong but never a true bowman.

Annie: Aye, but Major Hench shall win, for cheating.

(Sound of three arrows)

Katie: Three edges, but nay—the roustabout moves them, three bullseyes.

Annie: Thirty of thirty—and aye! They are nay moving the arrows!

Katie: ‘Tis a challenge—if he hits one of the arrows, five extra points for each.

Annie: So they tease. None can do that.

Katie: Aye, but ‘tis a chance. Hit an arrow, brave stranger!

(tosses scarf into audience)

Annie: You give a stranger your favor?

Katie: To know one, at least, hopes for you is the greatest power one can have.

(Sound of three arrows)

Katie: Aye! He hits all three and splits them in twain from nock to tip!

Annie: Aye, your stranger is the winner, to be sure. And mark!  He ‘tis no man, but a girl!

Katie: And the Sheriff yells, “Robin Hood!”

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