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 Robin Hood: Scene Six: Part Two

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Wed Jan 05, 2011 1:08 pm

(the two exchange glances and remove their dresses, revealing beneath the costumes of Alina Dale and Jill Scarlet)

Alina: Fear not, Robin! (punches herself) (as aside, to audience) We were on a low budget, so we’re doubling as Merry Men and Henchmen. (speaking to self) Take that you Henchman! And that, you outlaw!

(Robin and Sheriff run from audience—Sheriff’s costume is half that of ostentatious purple velvet and half that of Little Jen.)

Little Jen: Watch out, Robin! (as Sheriff) I have you now!

Robin: Ah, I bet Guy of Gisborne set this one up! (is tossed half horse skin) Hello. (jumps around) Guy of Gisborne! Ghee, Ghee of Gisborne!

Jill Scarlet: Ghee Buttersnaps!

Alina: No, Guy Buttersnaps!

Robin: Ghee of Gisborne… Or Guy of Gisborne… Or Ghee Buttersnaps… Or Guy Buttersnaps… Whatever your name is, you’re going down! (snort) As if! Think you can take me, Robin Hood? Why, you’re only a girl…

Alina: So am I! (kicks Robin) (as whisper) Sorry, Robin.

Robin: (whisper) Don’t worry about it. Man, can you kick! (as Guy of Gisborne) You kick like a girl.

Alina: Really? What about hitting like four girls? Jill, Jen, here!

(All girls kick Robin, who then falls over)

Robin: Good, good! You’re just girls, you can’t get me!

Alina: (while being dragged off by imaginary henchmen) Help!

Robin: (struggling through doubled henchmen) Alina!

(Stage freezes)

Alina: In case it’s not clear, I was captured. (finishes being dragged off, returns in Henchman guise) Since we don’t have enough budget, I’m staying on as The Bad Guys. (removes half costumes from Merry Men and puts them on)

Little Jen: Come on, Robin, on your feet.

Robin: I can’t.

Little Jen: Why not?

Robin: You’re on them.

Little Jen: Oh. (hops off Robin’s feet)

(Merry Men hop of cart and ride offstage. At moment before exit-)

Robin: Alina…

(Exit Merry Men.)

The Bad Guys: (snaps both fingers and stamps both feet) Coises, foiled again!




(Author’s Note: Katie is Alina, and Annie is Jill.)



(End of Act I)

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