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 Robin Hood: Scene Two

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Thu Dec 02, 2010 5:34 pm

Scene II


(Merry Men enter, stage right. They are laughing and cavorting with bags of gold in their hands. Jill Scarlet has a white sheet around her shoulders.)

Robin: Oh… Ha. Wasn’t that a great robbery?

Jen: Ooooh… Bring no gold across my shores… Or dooooooom! (In a ghostly voice)

Alina: This is one for the ballads! ‘The Ghost of Sherwood Shores’?

Jill: Indeed! (All laugh it up)

Alina: A tale I’ll tell you of Robin Hood! Oh, an outlaw, brave and good- no, no, no! I’m sick of rhyming brave and good with Robin Hood! The outlaw of forest Sherwood! Yes, I like that! A tale I’ll tell you of Robin Hood! The outlaw of forest Sherwood. (Keeps singing nonsensical rhymes, exits stage right)

Jill: Was I a good ghost?

Jen: A right wraith! A perfect presence! A fabulous phantom! A spooky spirit!

Robin: An alliterative apparition, eh?

Jill: Spoilsport.

Robin: What?

Jill: Robin, she was on a roll!

Jen: No, I wasn’t. I couldn’t think of another word for ghost!

Robin: Hmm, not a ghost of an idea, eh?

(A poor man enters from upstage)

Poor Man: Hum diddly dee, I ain’t got a thing! Nothing to do in the world but sing, so all day sing shall I… Til the day I die!

Robin: Here, Old One. (hands bag of gold)

Poor Man: Thankee kindly, Lady.

Robin: They call me Robin Hood.

Poor Man: Robin Hood? A young girl? Why, what a surprise! (Scuttles off)

Jill: Why are they always so surprised?

Jen: Culture, culture, Scarlet.

Robin: Ah, that’s why we came here! That’s why Robin was born. We’re beyond the pitiful culture of modern England. And that’s why Alina is so annoying!

Jill: How?

Robin: Because she has actual culture! The arts and all that!

Jen: Hmm. The only art we need is the art of thievery!

Jill: Eh, Jen, other arts have come in handy. Disguise, acting… Don’t begrudge Alina her singing. It might just save our lives!

Robin: Not to mention the art of distraction, the art of archery, the art of swords, and all the other arts abandoned by modern culture!

(Alina enters from upstage center)

Alina: Lunchtime! Let’s distribute that gold, cook the deer, and then we can eat!

Jill: I’ll get the firewood! (Dashes offstage left)

Robin: I’ll get the venison! (Dashes off upstage right)

Jen: I’ll take the gold! (Dashes offstage right)

(Curtains close, with Alina Dale exiting with a wink to the audience)


End of Scene II


 Re: Robin Hood: Scene Two

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Wed Dec 29, 2010 3:30 pm
LOL! "I'll take the gold!" :D


Happy Holidays!! :D

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