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 Running Squared by Josh

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Sat Jan 21, 2012 8:13 pm

Running Squared

Two friends, two personalities, two runners, and two games



I guess we should start out with the day it all officially started.  It was a windy, blustery day in Orange County, and... Oh wait, that sounds a bit too like Winnie the Pooh.  Well, while we were eating dinner at my grandma's house that night, my mom started the topic of running.

            I am not a runner.  I am a singer, songwriter, pianist, and a writer, but I am most defiantly not a runner.  Of course, I'm not an athlete in general.  I am quite horrible at sports or anything that involves kicking, shooting, hitting, or whatever you want to call it.  The only big physical thing I have done is hike Half Dome.  The point is, no one was expecting me to do well on a 5k run.

             My grandma soon had her laptop sitting on the table and found out about a Disneyland 5k run called the "Tinker Bell Family Run."  It was three miles, no lie, and I didn't have any idea in my mind how I was going to do it with a bruised arm.  And to make matters worse, a rumor spreads.  My name is Josh, and I have a story for you…


            I could hardly believe that Josh had a 5k that Friday because of how slow he runs.  He said that we had to play this stupid game he made up that makes him run more, and since I'm supposed to be his "best friend" he expected me to play it.  Of course, Landon and Sharon didn't agree at all.  They wanted to play the training game we usually used that I made up.  At the time it seemed so much better than his. 

            But let me not go off track with my opinion, for I'm supposed to be writing about him, not me.  He looked extra happy that day as he walked out to lunch.  He ran through the crowd of the lunch line to sit next to me.  "I thought of this new..."  Josh started.  Everyone was staring at Josh's hair.  At first I thought that Josh's enemy Tucker the Sucker had said some insult about his hair but then I noticed it.  Josh's bushy, brown hair was purple.


            I should have known that eventually I would end up having this whole 'harry potter' incident where I discover I can change my hair color.  But this wasn't magic- someone had did this and that someone didn't know what was coming.  I thought of all the people it could be and I thought of Jordan, Daniel, or Tucker.  It could very well be, and it very well was, Jordan.

            Jordan is constantly torturing me with different antics.  It sometimes is untying my shoe, or other times it is stealing my pencil and replacing it with a pink one.  There are a whole lot of things he does, but that day he sprayed my hair purple.  It could have been worse.  I mean, what if he put a giant unicorn sticker on my back.  There could have been a lot of different possibilities...


            Josh went with it as if it was normal and ignored the staring.  We went out to the field to try out his game.  Sharon began to run as if the game had already started.  "Just practicing," she said.  Sharon's my little sister, and we usually agree on most everything.  But I could tell that she was trying to get closer to me and my friend Landon. 

            "Hey, Sharon!" I shouted through the uproar of a football game.  "I know you're trying to get us.  Move back.  The game hasn't started so you can't run."

            She persisted at first, but then began to move back.  Then I yelled, "Go!" and the game had started.


            I need to give some credit to my friend Christel for coming up with the game I made up.  She created a "Hunger Games," which is the same running-and-tapping concept.  This is where I came up with the base of the game, but a lot of things are different. 

            First off, we are on edges of a square when we start out, not all scattered about.  Second, we don't nickname ourselves names from the Hunger Games book.  And last, they play in an open area.  We play in the middle of the field.  But still, Christel did give me the idea. 

            So anyways, that was the day I not only got purple hair, but a purple arm too.  If Tinker Bell was purple, this story could be called "The Color Purple: The story."


            I started to run from my spot but I was too slow.  Sharon was a finger close to tagging me.  Just one finger is all it would take to get me out.  But she didn't do it, because she saw Josh running backwards.  And she saw a plan...

            Sharon ran behind Josh, ready to tag him while I distracted him to walk forward.  But Josh was forced to run backwards- and he has his purple arm to prove it.


            Now I know how Harry Potter felt when he had no bones.  I don't know why I didn't realize that a giant fence was behind me, but I can't change that now.  If only Tinker Bell could poof me an arm without a big, hurting, purple bruise.  If only.  Those words stayed with me as I thought about how the heck I was going to run three miles.


            So, Josh was all scared about his Tinker Bell run that Friday.  I now had proof he was running it: he had sent me a link to the RunDisney website to see what he had been talking about.  Anyways, all I did that weekend was be a dog: eat, sleep, and poop.  Pretty much.  That weekend I wondered if having purple hair is all that bad.  And on that Monday, I found out it is bad.  Very bad.


            I mean, it could be worse.  I’d been to an office before- but not the principal’s office.  Let me go back a bit and explain.  Afterschool I had to have a haircut, and when I took a shower afterwards, the purple stuff was still in it.  And you won’t believe how spiky- and how purple my hair is.   So now there I was in the principal’s office, waiting to be suspended- or expelled. 

            My principal has a mix of golden and brown hair that she often wears in a ponytail.   She soon walked in and asked me some questions, and I told her it was Jordan’s doing.  And since I am a good student, she believed me.

            “None of your records will hold this information,” Mrs. Dailey, the principal, said.  “Jordan’s will not either; otherwise I would have to change your records too, due to code sixteen of the district’s regulations.”

            “But I will talk to him,” Mrs. Dailey continued.  “You can go, but I need to give you this.”  She handed me a bottle of makeup removal cream. 

            “Take a shower when you get home and use this on your hair,” Mrs. Dailey said, as if using makeup removal on hair was as ordinary as a pencil.  And so I didn’t reply and left back to class.  Where I found quite a shock.  My desk had been painted purple.  And it wasn’t Jordan this time.


          I know what you are thinking- who paints desks purple, right?  Seriously.  And how could they have gotten away with it, hmm?  During P.E., someone came in and painted it.  Josh surely hates P.E. a whole lot, but he isn’t fond of having a purple desk.  Do you know who did it?  Well, as a matter of fact, it took just one person to pull it off.


            It was Kolin.  Kolin is a sport show-off who quite hates me.  He often doesn’t have the brains to realize that being incredibly smart is better than being incredibly stupid.  But yet in the midst of it all, the teacher had already punished Kolin.  She had seen him do it from the pod of four classrooms.  Kolin had no idea; but then she caught him.  The teacher, Mrs. Lester, did not know what to do and kept the purple desk, and let me have it.


            Okay, so that Tuesday something even worse happened.  Everyone kept saying that Josh liked a girl named Christel in our class.  I’m sure it’s was because of him using her game idea.  Of course, it’s a rumor.  And of course, I am his “best friend” and all.  And of course, I helped stop the rumor.  But it wasn’t easy…


Blue Monkey 182- Josh

 Re: Running Squared by Josh

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Sat Mar 03, 2012 12:29 am

Good. ;) I like it. Nice. :P



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