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 Sacred Heart Of The Ice

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Sat Dec 19, 2015 5:46 am


I am Cassandra Mildew and I am the Sacred Heart.As I walk toward Mr L.J he turns around with a look of worry on his face.I dont say anything about the heart, I dont want to make him even more worried."Enigma is missing!" he says slowly,Enigma is our giant eagle that we fly on. Just then I heard an ear-piercing cry, followed by a chorus of laughter.I look at the direction the sound came from, and whip my head back to Mr L.J and say "Please stay here My Long John."At first he refuses and stamps,then he gets one look at my fists and agrees. I swagger toward the brush and i hear" Be careful Cassie." I nod my head and get digested by the trees and shrubbery.

As soon as I break free i come face to face with a band of troll, taunting Enigma with cruel looking weapons. I think of a giant fist of ice, and I imagine i above me.I imagine it smashing down on the trolls. Moments later I hear the crack of ice an the bellow of trolls. A trolls yells something in Trolmathica, troll launguage, and turns to me. He looks behind me for a split second and grins a ugly toothy grin.I feel two strong hands clamp down on my shoulders, and I see the faces of ugliest trolls I've ever seen.Before i could imagine a dagger of ice they have their daggers at my neck.

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