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 Saving Hearts:my own Kingdom Hearts story

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Thu May 07, 2015 10:50 pm

Just so you know this is just the start, and you need to know about the Kingdom Hearts games. It might become a book. Here it is:

Choose a path. An omniscient voice said as a staff, a sword, and a sheild appear. I go up and touch the staff. Which will you give up in return? I touch the shield. The tile I’m on dissappears and I’m back in in the train to Twilight Town. I walk around the new city.


I see a girl with brown hair. “Hi I just moved here. Can you show me around?”


“Yeah. I’m Olette.”


“Xelle. Where are we going first?”


“To meet with my friends, Pence and Hayner. Follow me.” She said as she ran off.  I followed her until time suddenly stopped.


“I see you’re doing well.” A man with a black robe said.


“Who are you!” I say, with some type of wepon materializing in my hand. I grip it and thrust at the man, who takes of his hood . He smiles and attacks me. I don’t know why but I’m a natural with the wepon.


“You are really good with a keyblade, Xelle.”


“How do you know my name!”


“My name is Demyx, and we are part of Organization XIII.” I look at him, puzzled. I don’t even know what Organizaton XIII is. Creatures surround us and he just smiles.


“Maybe this will jog your memory.” He says as some type of wepon, like an instrument summons a load of strange creatures. I grip the wepon he called a Keyblade and start fighting. Demyx just smiles and laughs. I run up and try to attack him but it fails again. He grins and opens his mouth.


“Maybe coming with me will jog your memory.” He says as he grabs me and we dissappear. We reappear in a room full of white thrones. Demyx starts talking to a guy with red hair and gestures for me to come over. I walk over and start looking at the red haired guy’s eyes.

“Xelle, I can’t believe your back. I missed you little sister.” I stand, shocked. How can this guy be my older brother?I don’t even know his name. Demyx leans over and whispers. “You lost your memory. Just like Roxas.”

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