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 School for the Gifted & Talented RP.

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Sat Jan 28, 2017 7:36 pm


//School for the Gifted & Talented RP;//





School for the Gifted & Talented / GAP Students


A gifted student is someone who excells exponentially above others of their age, experience, or environment. They may exhibit a high performance capability and potential within an intellectual, creative, artistic, leadership, and/or academic field. 

Such as within the following examples [including Computers & Technology or Athletics];

-Artistic prodigy; Art, Instrumental/Visual Music, Drama/Theatre, Dance, Media Studies, Film

-Literary prodigy; Writing/Creative Writing, Literature, Language, or Languages

-Intellectual prodigy; Intelligence, IQ, Memory


The students attending the Academy [for this RP] are within the ages of 10-14 or 6th-8th grades. They are eligible to take higher level classes such as high school level courses, if they wish. Students taking another language for all three years within the school have two years of a foreign language completed before entering high school; however, they should continue taking a language upon entering high school. 


The school runs on a trimester schedule unlike the majority of most middle and junior high schools within the area. This is to not only maintain student progress; but, to allow for extra opportunity to take certain classes of interest and/or electives of choice. Core academic courses are required each semester. While usually middle schools would include a required Gifted class for gifted students; the curriculum is specifically for GAP students. Although, there are Regular and Advanced or in the case of high school level courses, Honors placement level classes for the main core academic courses. 


Usually, the school is highly selective with only 100 to 200 students per grade and up to 600 students at maximum capacity. Unlike the majority of most middle or junior high school, the school doesn't necessarily have a uniform; but, a dress code which is more or less lenient. Students may also board at the school; however, it isn't mandatory.






Students attending the Academy attend the following classes;

English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, 

1 Semester of PE, 1 Semester of Health, and 1 Elective of their choice

Choose a Language Other Than English course [Year]

Choose an Arts course [Semester 6-8 to Year 8]

Choose a Technology & Design course [Semester 6-8 to Year 8]

Choose one to three additional electives of their choice.

6th & 7th graders typically take semester level electives while 8th graders are available to taking a class for a Year. 8th graders are also available to take certain higher level classes as well; sometimes, these classes are available to 7th graders as well.





As this is for an RP and the Academy will run on a trimester system, the scheduling of the school needs to be addressed. 

The school runs on an A/B Day Schedule.

A Days - Odd Numbers + Homeroom; 1, 3, 5, 7, 9

B Days - Even Numbers + Homeroom; 2, 4, 5, 6, 8 





7:00 AM - 8:40 AM: 1st/2nd Period/Morning Announcements/Morning Homeroom


8:45 AM - 10:15 AM: 3rd/4th Period

10:20 AM - 11:50 AM: 5th Period/Early Lunch/Mid-day Homeroom/

11:55 AM - 1:25 PM: 6th/7th Period/Late Lunch

1:30 PM - 4:00 PM: 8th/9th Period/Afternoon Announcements



The students' Schedules can be broken down further into the reasons of which classes go where;

1st/2nd - Other classes

3rd/4th - Other classes

5th -  The students worst subject area, or their weakest area.

6th/7th - Other classes

8th/9th - The top two gifted areas, student's best subject areas.





English/Language Arts - English Language & Literature 6-8 or English Second Language & Literature 6-8

Mathematics - Math 6, Math 7, Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Honors Algebra I, Geometry, Honors Geometry

Social Studies; Covers Contemporary Society & Environment, Ethics, World Cultures, World Geography, World History, Civics, US History, Economics, Career Planning

District Requirements + including Contemporary Society & Environment and Ethics lessons

6th- World Cultures, World Geography & History, Career Planning

7th- Civics, World History & Geography, Career Planning

8th- US History & Geography, Economics, Career Planning

Science - Accelerated Comprehensive Integrated Sciences covering; Physical Science, Life Science, Earth Science or Earth/Space Science Honors, Biology Honors

Languages Other Than English; [Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced]

Spanish for Spanish Speakers

6th - 8th; Spanish, French, German

7th - 8th; Latin [Classical Languages - Elective]

By availability/8th; Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Korean, Hindi, Portuguese


Physical & Health Education;

Comprehensive PE 6-8/Health 6-8 [Personal, Social, Health & Economic Education]

Team Sports, 

Gymnastics, Dance, Dance Team, Swimming, Archery, Cross Country, Track & Field, Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer, Tennis, Golf, Cheerleading, Badminton, Lacrosse, Martial Arts 8



Visual Arts; Art History, Creative Photography & Digital Photography, Digital/Graphical Art & Design, 2D Studio Art, 3D Studio Art, Drawing & Painting, Ceramics & Sculpture

Drama; Theatre, Technical Theatre, Theatre Ensemble

Dance; [Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Tap, Contemporary, Hip Hop] Dance Techniques [Ballet/Modern], Dance Ensemble [Other]

Music; General Music, Vocal Music, Instrumental Music

Vocal Music; Chorus, Vocal Ensemble [Solo Voice, Show Choir, Gospel Choir, R&B Vocal, Rock Vocal]

Instrumental Music; Band, Guitar, Piano, Orchestra, Jazz Band

General Music; Music History, Music Theory, Music Technology
Creative Writing


Technology & Design;
Fashion Design & Textiles
Modeling, Prototypes, & Products
Environment & Student Government
Digital Design [Yearbook]
Engineering Technology
Web Design & Web Programming
Video Game Design
TV Production
Culinary Arts
Computer Science
Intro to Informational Technology/Computer Applications


Other Electives;
AVID & Career Planning
Research Lab
Career Research & Decision Making
Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, & Learning Strategies
Study Hall
Speech & Debate
Intensive Reading
Intensive Mathematics
Law Studies
Astronomy & Space Science
Library/Media Aide
Office/Guidance Aide
Teacher Assistant
Agricultural Science
Health Science
Criminal Justice
International Relations/Model United Nations
Peer Counseling

Some High School Level Courses
Algebra I 
Honors Algebra I
Honors Geometry
Honors Earth/Space Science 
Honors Biology
Spanish I
Honors Spanish II
French I
Honors French II
German I
Honors German II
Latin I
Honors Latin II
Intro to Informational Technology/Computer Applications
Medical Skills & Services
Physical Education 9
Agricultural Science Foundations



//Character Joining Form;//


Character Application/Joining Form;
Character Name;
Character Age/Year[10-14/6-8];
Languages Character Speaks [Fluently and Non-fluently + English];
Optional History/Background;
Associates & Relationships[Family, Pets, Friends, Enemies, Crush/Love Interest]; 
Optional list of interests/hobbies;
Dormroom/Dormmate Request;
Best Subjects[Academic and Elective];
Worst Subjects[Academic and Elective];
Electives of Choice[Language Other Than English choice, Arts choice, Technology & Design choice, and 10 other electives];
Afterschool Activities[Clubs, Teams, Arts];
Reason for Attending the School;





 Re: School for the Gifted & Talented RP.

Joined: Wed Jan 25, 2017 2:49 am
Posts: 14
Wed Feb 08, 2017 12:56 am

Name: Lilac Bloom

age: your choice

Talents: artistic prodigy

Languges: English and japanese

Looks: very long haselnut hair, tanish skin, and blue eyes

Personality: very nise and when not on stage is shy

Gender: feamail

Backround: comes from ritch family

clothing:: often fancy but sweet and sometimes girly.

Relationships: Is part of the popular group but wishes she wasent, has a kitten, has 1 sister and a mom and a dad, cruh is your choice!

Likes: the enviorment, books, and all things nise

Detests: gossips, bullies,litterers, and polutors

Dormmate: your choise

Best subject: all arts

worst subject: social studies

Electives: all arts

After shool activities: your choice

Reason for atending: her parents being ritch say how talented she was and made hef


 Re: School for the Gifted & Talented RP.

Joined: Sat Aug 11, 2012 7:15 am
Posts: 849
Wed Feb 08, 2017 9:05 pm






//A Further Elaboration on Entrance to the Academy.//






While the elaboration in itself was brief, here's a more elaborative stance on how students would be accepted into the Academy. Not just every student who wishes to enter their doors are allowed, only a certain fortunate few are. Even the most wealthiest students are passed over. 



This is because, it is based upon the students ability and performance - not due to their family's financial status. 



Typically, the simplest way to achieve entrance to the Academy is if your student is actually Gifted. This means that they were tested while in Primary School or before entering the Academy to see if they are actually Gifted by passing an IQ test and scoring higher than students who are of their age, experience, and environment. The IQ test is easier for a student to pass if they aren't all that wealthy as the range is different for them. If they score high enough to pass the IQ test by the range they scored within, the student is Gifted and on a path of required Advanced Academics. These students are known as the Intellectual Prodigies.



They could also be Intellectual Prodigies if they have a good memory, which highly aided them on the IQ test or if they were typically made great marks for their entire Primary Education. These students tend to be highly intelligent individuals. A fictional example of an Intellectual Prodigy could potentially be Olive from ANT Farm or Hermione Granger from Harry Potter. 



Another way to be seen as Gifted & Talented is to be creative. Now, for the Gifted students who took the IQ tests, it helps to pass the test if they are highly creative as well. Maybe, they're capable of seeing problems differently, crafting new worlds while writing, or illustrating a new world by their art work. Either way, creativity runs through their brains. An example could be the painter Salvador Dali, for he must have been highly creative due to his artwork.



Another way to be seen as Gifted & Talented is to be artistic. Art and creativity coincide together. You cannot have one without the other. An Artistic Prodigy could be skilled with Art, Instrumental/Visual Music, Drama/Theatre, Dance, Media Studies, Film, this could cross into being a Literary Prodigy by Playwriting as it pairs with Creative Writing. A fictional example could be Chyna from ANT Farm. 



Students who are natural leaders or possess a natural sense of leadership are also seen as Gifted & Talented. If they are a natural born leader, they possess one of many Gifted skills. A student who takes charge or leads in the classroom may potentially be a Gifted student. Someone could also say that one who is skilled in Athletics shows leadership through their perseverance, dedication, and supreme discipline. A student who may be the future President, a Class President, or is Most Likely to Succeed could also be grouped here as well, depending on what they succeed in. Through their natural use of dedication and ambition, they too could be seen as having a well-developed sense of leadership.



Students who are academically inclined are Academically gifted. They may be talented with Literary Prodigy by having a natural skill with Writing/Creative Writing, reading/understanding Literature, having a highly developed sense of Language higher than that of their counterparts, or skilled with Languages such as knowing more than three or being able to learn a lot of languages. Someone who is a polyglot could be seen as also being a Literary Prodigy due to their wide knowledge of Languages.



They could also be Academically gifted by having an above average Math ability. Or a natural ability to excel in Science. An interest in Social Studies, which leads them to absorbing the information similar to a sponge due to high scores and repetitive studying.



Or a high ability with Computers & Technology by either knowing how to fix computers, being able to take a computer apart and put it back together, building computers, coding, or being highly technologically savvy. A student with high marks could also be seen as one who is also Academically gifted. 






 Re: School for the Gifted & Talented RP.

Joined: Sat Aug 11, 2012 7:15 am
Posts: 849
Wed Feb 08, 2017 9:31 pm

//@bookishmermaid106Thanks for applying your character to the Academy. There are some errors within your character application form, including spelling errors; but, they will be addressed shortly. Once again, thank you for applying your character to the Academy and also for being patient during the inconvenience.//



//Abridged Application Feedback;


Initial Impression - My first concern is of how you didn't use the form provided; although, it is quite alright for you to abridge it as needed it, in itself, is still bothersome, nevertheless. Also, you may have not finished all of the Reason for Attending portion.


Arts particular field - I have an issue with the //Your choice// listed several times and of how Lilac is an Artistic Prodigy and yet you never bothered to elaborate of what field of the Arts she is best suited towards. Is she best with visual arts such as drawing and painting? Or is she better with acting and theatre or Drama such as reciting lines from a play and portraying a character in a play or musical, such as Belle from Beauty & the Beast or a member of the Chorus who doesn't have a major part of the play; but, still has a huge part in the telling of the story? [As everyone in a play or musical adds to the performance of that play or musical despite of how the Chorus is not one of the main parts, it is still just as much a part of the story as the Main/Major Role of Belle or Gaston for instance.] Or is she best with music? Is she more talented with singing or playing an instrument? Or is she better with dancing? Is she a triple threat and good with acting, singing, and dancing with the tendency of auditioning for the musicals at the school? Or does Lilac have the talent for crafting stories? Also note that it is your character and you can make the character any age from 10 to 14 or year between 6th grade to 8th grade. Remember that the higher the year, the more academic opportunities available.


Languages.... Native Languages? - I have another issue with the lack of elaboration of how English and Japanese as the languages she knows. Which one is her first language? As in the language her parents know that she learned from them initially? Is it English or Japanese? It is one thing to be an English language learner; but, another to be an English native studying Japanese. It is also another thing to be entirely bilingual and know both English and Japanese due to her parents or another situation such as being adopted or having other parents than her biological or at-birth parents.


Personality? - The reason of why the Personality section in my typical RPs is so broad is because, either the response section is lackluster or there's not any flaws anywhere in sight. Please give Lilac a more broad personality. You do not have to provide all of her quirks or traits; but, please provide more depth to her personality and other flaws than being nice and shy offstage. Is she intelligent or with a high IQ for her age group? This would tie directly into being accepted at the school as the explanation on being Gifted was elaborated in the originating post. You listed that she likes books? Is Lilac a bookworm? If so, even that could add to her personality. [Would that mean she has a focus in Drama? Like she's best with acting? She could also be a triple threat, you know, good at acting, singing, and dancing. However, please do not say she's the best in the school as it sort of makes her seem like a Mary Sue or an overly perfect character with zero flaws whatsoever.] I admit, I really do not care whatsoever about the appearance of characters as long as they are realistic to the character's nature. A character can have violet or gray eyes; but, they cannot have yellow or white eyes. It's unrealistic. Even though some would say that the violet eyed character actually has blue eyes or that the gray eyed character is the same way, gray eyes are actually an actual eye color in my opinion as some can have dark gray eyes naturally. Both are rare traits, on the other hand than the usual Blue, Green, Hazel, or Brown that you're probably used to.


Background & Relationships? - I would say that her background is rather plain. Sure, she's rich; but, that doesn't mean everything about her. How are her parents? What are their jobs? Does she have any siblings, stepsiblings, or cousins? How large or small is her family? How well does she get along with her family? When did she discover that she was gifted and talented? Any other details such as how she would often stay with her grandparents during the summer while her father managed the clockmaking business passed down from her grandparents as both are retired? One worked and managed funds while the other was a secretary and also managed the business? Of course, it is best that you do not adopt my random idea; but, it would be nice to have something other than that she's wealthy as being rich isn't everything. And I'm sure, her life must involve something other than of just being rich or from a rich background. Once again, being popular isn't everything. Actually, the love interest is your choice as she's your character - not mine. Did she name the kitten? How did she find the kitten? Actually, I would love almost any other details you could include that doesn't make her the artistic, nice popular rich girl and instead a very established and unique character. 


Curriculum - Is she really fantastic at all of the arts? She possibly cannot take all arts classes.//



//Expanded Feedback;//


Name: Lilac Bloom //Acceptable.//

age: your choice //Actually, as she's your character, it's not my choice; but, yours. Her age and year determines which Academics and Electives are available for her.//

Talents: artistic prodigy //Does Lilac specialize in any particular artistic field? Visual Arts - Drawing, Painting, Photography, etc. Music - Band, Chorus, Guitar, Orchestra, Piano, etc. Dance - Ballet, Modern, Contemporary, etc. Drama - Acting without having to dance or sing, Acting singing & dancing, or designing the stage, props, costumes, using audio/visual technology such as sound and lighting? Or would she specialize in Film?//

Languges: English and japanese //Please elaborate here. Which one is she near fluent in due to learning at home or around schooling age and which one is she learning or wishing to learn. Typically, Spanish, French, and German are offered to 6th and 7th graders. Japanese would be allowed to 8th or maybe even earlier years if interest allows. After all, a class cannot be made by having only a small number of students interested in learning the language.//

Looks: very long haselnut hair, tanish skin, and blue eyes //Acceptable. Although, I'm sure her hair color is hazelnut.//

Personality: very nise and when not on stage is shy //Her personality isn't very elaborate. Sure, she may be nice and potentially either an introvert or ambivert; but, I'm sure she's much more than that.//

Gender: feamail //Okay, she's female.//

Backround: comes from ritch family //I'm sure there's more to her background than her just being from a rich family.//

clothing:: often fancy but sweet and sometimes girly. //Acceptable. Presumably, due to her rich background, I presume?//

Relationships: Is part of the popular group but wishes she wasent, has a kitten, has 1 sister and a mom and a dad, cruh is your choice! //Actually, as she's your character, it's literally your choice and not mine.//

Likes: the enviorment, books, and all things nise //Hmmm... Not many. Possibly helpful with which required courses she would pursue. Likes nice things and the environment.//

Detests: gossips, bullies,litterers, and polutors //Doesn't like pollution? Of course, she likes the environment.//

Dormmate: your choise //No preference in the matter of choice? That's fine.//

Best subject: all arts //Doesn't she specialize in one particular area of the arts?//

worst subject: social studies //Acceptable.//

Electives: all arts //Not possible due to how the semester system works.//

After shool activities: your choice //It's your choice due to how she's your character; but, if she's into the arts she may have to have afterschool rehearsals and practice in Dance, Drama, Chorus, Band, Orchestra, and in similar courses. Drama would be due to the plays and musicals or if she's in a competition.//

Reason for atending: her parents being ritch say how talented she was and made hef 



//I highly doubt her parents being rich would lead to her attending the school. This makes her seem more pretentious and pompous than I'm sure her character was originally intended to be. 



First things first, as I have discussed in the post of origin - this is not how a character could be seen as Gifted. Let me explain things to you again:



As she is gifted she excels highly above her peers. This is not just because she's from a rich background. It is due to either her natural talent, leadership abilities, creativity, academic skills, or just by being very intelligent and having an IQ higher than typically seen in her age group. This would mean that she has a higher IQ than students normally in her age and year and for her condition, it would be of a higher range. Students may be gifted and make average grades in academics. Or they may have an advanced natural talent.



It is not certainly due to rich parents parading their children and showing them off as being talented individuals. Typically, if they score higher on an IQ test than typical of their age group they are automatically seen as Gifted students and since she's rich the IQ range would be higher than if she wasn't.//




//Once again, thank you for applying your character to the RP; but, please edit your application form. After your character passes or is approved, we can then move onto arranging her schedule and when other characters are submitted, we can find Lilac's Dormmate. If you need any sort of clarification, questions, or suggestions: do not hesitate - unlike a vampire, I do not bite.//





 Re: School for the Gifted & Talented RP.

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Sun Feb 12, 2017 4:02 pm

Name: Lilac bloom

Age/year: 6th grade

Talents: singing, dansing and acting.

Languges: Fluent in english, knows some japanesse

Looks: very long hazelnut hair

Personality: her wish is to have a true friend, not just a pitty friend, not just becuse they want a share in her fortune or becuse she is talented. she is often to shy to make ones on her own becuse ofstage she is very shy, other than that she may seem like a Mary Sue, but underneth that perfect border are even more flaws. and she is a bookworm.

Gender: Female

Backround: ritch family, her mom is english and her dad is canaidien.

clothing: often fancy but sometimes sweet and girly.

Relation ships: every thing I said before exept she has no crush.

likes: same as before.

Detests: same as before

Best subject: drama

Electives: Most arts

After school activeties: Dance , Drama, and choris

Reson for atending: Her perents Made her take the Test




 Re: School for the Gifted & Talented RP.

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Sun Feb 12, 2017 9:18 pm



//List of Flaws.//




Some traits which could be considered Flaws include: 



- Stubborn, Unemotional, Sarcastic, Rebellious, Aloof, Indecisive, Lazy, Moody, Short tempered, Impulsive, Impatient, Materialistic, Pretentious, Domineering, Melodramatic, Vain/conceited, Skeptical, Fussy, Inflexible, Interferring, Unreliable, Suspicious, Unyielding, Manipulative, Dictatorial, Distrusting, Unimaginative.



- Absent-minded, Brooding, Childish, Clumsy, Coward, Hot-Headed, Loner, Mean Spirited, Neurotic, Over-Emotional, Perfectionist, Shy, Snob, Socially Awkward, Gloomy, Jealous, Mean, Squeamish.



- Super bossy, Must be center of attention, Self-Centered, Selfish, Rude, Ignorant, Highly Judgmental, Dishonest, Snotty, Bratty, Spoiled, Depressed.



- Aimless, Anxious, Arrogant, Asocial, Audacious, Blunt, Bold, Capricious, Dubious, Egotistical, Envious, Erratic, Fickle, Fierce, Finicky, Gullible, Humorless, Hypocritical, Idealist, Intolerant, Meddlesome, Meek, Mercurial, Naive, Nervous, Nosy, Cantankerous, Ornery, Reckless, Shallow, Temperamental, Theatrical, Timid, Withdrawn.






 Re: School for the Gifted & Talented RP.

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Sun Feb 12, 2017 9:52 pm

//@bookishmermaid106Thanks for your Character Application Form for Lilac; however, there are some things of which I still need to address with you. Before I begin, some very important portions were left out of her Form.//



Name: Lilac bloom //This would be acceptable if her last initial was capitalized.//

Age/year: 6th grade //Surely, she's in the 6th grade. How old is she? 10? 11? 12?//

Talents: singing, dansing and acting. //I thought you originally had her as an Artistic Prodigy. Isn't she pursuing Drama though? You could put Artistic Prodigy - Drama/Musical Theatre, before also listing that she can sing, dance, and act. You could also list how skilled and experienced she is in each as well. For instance, if she's better with singing than dancing and acting than dancing.//

Languges: Fluent in english, knows some japanesse //Primary Schools wouldn't teach Japanese; some may teach Spanish. Not even Native speakers of English are fluent; therefore, she's not fluent. [Because, they can still make conventional errors such as grammatical ones.] She's in the 6th grade; so, how is she fluent in English? How does she know Japanese? Due to her year, she probably wouldn't be allowed to automatically take Japanese as she presumably has zero experience whatsoever with learning a Second Language. 8th graders, typically, are allowed to take Japanese. Is English her First/Native language?//

Looks: very long hazelnut hair //Not very descriptive.//

Personality: her wish is to have a true friend, not just a pitty friend, not just becuse they want a share in her fortune or becuse she is talented. she is often to shy to make ones on her own becuse ofstage she is very shy, other than that she may seem like a Mary Sue, but underneth that perfect border are even more flaws. and she is a bookworm. //Hmmm.... Not quite what I was looking for. So, basically, she's shy offstage, talented, rich, and a bookworm. There's not much depth to her here. I'm sure there's much more to her than this. What's more interesting is.... If she's not shy onstage, then, why is she shy offstage? She needs more traits and particularily, flaws. There's not much to her personality really. I'm sure there's more to her being just shy offstage as it's barely a trait for her here, in a way, as she's partially shy here and there.//

Gender: Female //Acceptable.//

Backround: ritch family, her mom is english and her dad is canaidien. //I'm sure there's more to her Background than her just being from a rich family.//

clothing: often fancy but sometimes sweet and girly. //Acceptable.//

Relation ships: every thing I said before exept she has no crush. //Then, why didn't you list it?//

likes: same as before. //Then, why didn't you list it?//

Detests: same as before //Then, why didn't you list it?//

Best subject: drama //Hmmm.... You forgot to state which Academic she excels in and which Academic and Elective she's not so good with.//

Electives: Most arts //Not quite. She has to take Physical Education, a Language, and a Technology & Design course.//

After school activeties: Dance , Drama, and choris //That's quite a lot.//

Reson for atending: Her perents Made her take the Test //Isn't she also going because, she's an Artistic Prodigy? Did she pass the Test?//



//Hmmm.... Not much of her form has changed I would say. I'm sure there's more to her than what you have at the moment. Please also re-read what I stated in her previous critique/review.//




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