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 Secrets of the Ruby Scepter

Joined: Sat Jun 16, 2007 5:17 pm
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Tue Apr 26, 2016 2:28 am

Chapter 1-Family Secrets

I was getting ready for school with May when mom came up to us. I looked at her concerned. It must've been about dad. If it was, it must've been about the time when the dark wizards attacked. I swear, if they ever come near mom and May, I will kill them! I've already lost dad to them, and I am not going to lose my own mom or May, if I have anything to say about it. 

"Mom, what's going on?" I asked her, concerned. "Is it about dad and the dark wizards we dealt with? If it is, and they're going to attack us, they better get through me first, since I am not going to let anyone harm you or May." May looks at her and then me, wondering if there's a chance that we might deal with them again.

"I hope not," said May. "But it might." Mom looks at us and nods.

"It is," mom tells us. "And there's also a ruby scepter that might be powerful enough in order to stop them if in the right hands." I look at her in disbelief. A ruby scepter? Could dad have had it all this time and never told us about it?

Mom looks at me and holds out the ruby scepter. I take it and put in my backpack as well as my wand, hoping to use one of them just in case someone tries to harm May.  After breakfast, I get in my car with May and drive her to school, and tell her that, should she need any help in case any dark wizard comes and tries to kill her, I'll be there for her and do whatever I can to keep her safe. May nods, and then walks to school.

As I get to school, I tell Kent, Alex, Justin, Sam and the rest of my friends about the ruby scepter and show it to them. Kent looks impressed as well as Sam and the rest of my friends, but I start to wonder if there is a chance that the dark wizards could come back and try to kill anyone that I cared about. I swear, if anyone I cared about was harmed in any way, I willkill them.

"Hunter, if there is a chance that the dark wizards are going to come back, we need to be prepared, since they might come up with a plan in order to stop us," Selena says. "And we definietely need to be careful in case we end up, possibly screwing up." I nod, and start to wonder if there is a chance that we might have a pretty big battle on our hands, because we might end up dealing with someone that could be a danger to every magical human being as well as us. 

 Re: Secrets of the Ruby Scepter

Joined: Sat Jun 16, 2007 5:17 pm
Posts: 7691
Tue Apr 26, 2016 11:45 pm

Chapter 2- Mysteries and More Secrets

I look around and start to get suspicious about some of the people at school. They better not be dark wizards, because if they are and ever harm someone that I care about, I will kill them. I will. I am not going to stand by and watch someone I care about get murdered. I am very protective of those I care about. I remember the time when dad tried to protect me, mom and May but one of the dark wizards killed him and tried to kill both mom and May. I was already enraged by what happened to dad, but then they tried to get to mom and May, even though I was worried about their safety, and I got so enraged I not only killed dad's killer, I also turned them into dust. May was shocked as well as mom, since they've never seen that before. It was the first time I've actually killed someone and turned them into dust at the same time. I swear, if I see anyone I care about in danger, I will do anything I can to keep them safe, and if someone harms them, I'll kill them!

I notice Astrid and Seraphina, and wonder if Seraphina might be a dark wizard. Alex looks at me as well as Selena like they have the suspicion that Seraphina might be a dark wizard as well. I hope not, but if she is and goes after any of my friends, I'll kill her without hesitation. 

"Well, what do you know, it's Hunter and friends," Seraphina replied, cooly. "What's in your bag, Hunter?" I look at Seraphina and decide not to tell her about the ruby scepter or my wand, since there is a chance that she might steal one of them-especially the ruby scepter. 

"None of your business," I said. Sam looks at Seraphina and nods in agreement.

"Yeah, Seraphina, it's none of your business." Sam replied. "Back off."  Seraphina shakes her head, and digs into my bag, then looks at me.

"You have a ruby scepter and a wand," Seraphina said as she was finished looking through my backpack. "I have a wand too, and it's extremely powerful, though not as powerful as the ruby scepeter, especially when it's in my hands." I pulled out my wand and looked at her.

"I swear, if you ever harm my friends or family, I will kill you, Seraphina," I told her. "I mean it. If you ever harm someone I care about, I will kill you." Seraphina looks at me and laughs.

"And what if I kill you first?" she asked. "What will your friends and family do?" Sam looks at Seraphina then at me and back at Seraphina, wondering what they would do if I died.

"If Hunter dies, I'll kill you," Kent told her. "I may not be as powerful as him, but I will do it," said Kent. "And if I have to help out his family as well as my own, I'll do it." Sam looks at Kent and then at me like we're both nuts.

"I'll take care of May, too," Sam said. "And guys, you do realize that she comes from a long line of dark wizards, right?" Kent and I look at her and nod in agreement. She did come from a family of dark wizards, but I came from a family of powerful wizards who fought wizards like Seraphina as well as vampires and many more creatures that could be dangerous. 

"I came from a long family of wizards that fought people like you, Seraphina," I told her. "And my first ancestor on my dad's side was the first to not only kill your ancestor on your mom's side, but turn her into dust." Everyone looked at me scared except for Seraphina, since she looked like she was determined to kill either me or those I cared about. 

"Yes, your ancestor was very powerful, and I believe that the ruby scepter was the thing that killed her," said Seraphina. "Since your father's first ancestor's wand was very pathetic." I nodded, but I was still not going to let Seraphina take the ruby scepter so she could use it to kill someone that I cared about. 

After the encounter with Seraphina, I went to class and started to wonder if there was a chance that there might be dark wizards at my school as well as May's. I need to know if she's safe. She's my little sister, after all. I have to look out for her and make sure that both May and mom are safe. 

I then took out my phone and texted May, hoping that she was alright, and that, if anyone was going to endanger her safety, that I'll be there and make sure that they didn't survive, since I am not going to lose someone that I cared about.  After I texted May, I looked at Sam, hoping that May would be alright, and that nothing bad was going to happen to her. Sam looked at me as well as the rest of my friends, and I then got a text from May, telling me that she was okay, but dealing with complete idiots in her class. I decided to tell her that she'll live through it, since I was pretty much in the same position, since there were a lot of idiots at my school. 

Before I know it, I notice that the teacher, Mr. Smith, looks around and notices someone coming in the class. Mackenzie, Justin, Kent and the rest of us look around as well, and notice that a dark wizard is in here, and we all get out our wands as I get out the ruby scepter and we all try our best to stop him, though it wasn't easy due to the fact that his magic was pretty powerful. I then remember the time when my first ancestor used the ruby scepter and decide to channel his magic into the ruby scepter so that I can get rid of the dark wizard once and for all, hoping to eliminate him for good so that no one gets hurt, especially my friends. Mackenzie tries to use her wand as well and notices that her spells aren't working so good, and looks at me like she's starting to wonder if there is a chance that the ruby scepter might be the only thing to defeat the dark wizard. I nod in agreement and decide to use it, hoping that it doesn't endanger any of my friends. I swear, if it did, I would probably feel responsible for what happened to them and most likely want to get rid of the scepter so that it doesn't endanger anyone ever again. 

Mackenzie and the rest of my friends look at me and give me the "go ahead" sign as they try to stop the dark wizard and notice some more dark wizards coming in. I nod, and try to stop all of the dark wizards with every single spell I throw at them, but it doesn't work. I was about to give up hope when they started to target my friends, especially the first one, which really got me infuriated, and I used every ounce of my inner strength to kill him and turn him into dust, which, not only worked, but I also saw a circle and somethinh else which looked like a skull with an arrow through it. It scared everyone, even me. I must've been that mad, probably mad enough to actually, surprisingly enough, murder him. I don't want to be a danger to my friends or family. If I am, I might have to work on my anger-management issues as well as my powers, since I don't want to kill them. If I do, I wouldn't forgive myself, since I feel like I have to keep them safe. 

After school, I went to pick up May and noticed that Gwen was there as well. I wondered if she has seen any dark wizards in her school, and hopefully stopped them. If so, she might be a great person to ally with. 

"Hey, Hunter, I just wanted to tell you that I did see some dark wizards, and so did Amelia. We stopped them before things got worse, but I think that things might get real bad later on." Gwen said. "Also, I heard that the ruby scepter also links to someone else named Misty Winters." I look at her in amazement. I should find Misty Winters. Maybe she can help me as well as my other friends.

I decided to send a group text to them and told them about what Gwen said and that we might need to look for Misty Winters and be careful for more dark wizards in case they were to come and try to come after us as well as our families. As I got home, I told mom everything I told May as she got in the car, and wondered if there was a chance that I might have to be more careful around May and mom, since I was told to look after them after dad died, even though I've been looking out for them for quite along time, even May ever since she was born. I remember that one time when May was a baby and one of the dark wizards came into our house, and almost killed her! I was enraged with fury and also worried about May's safety, but so was dad, and mom. Dad was going to stop the dark wizard, but his wand wasn't doing much good, which made me the only person that could save May, which I was able to do, since I wanted to get rid of the dark wizard so bad that I actually killed him. I looked at dad and he was impressed, since he had a feeling that he might've died, which he did, making me the person to look out for mom and May, which I am going to continue doing till the day I die. 


 Re: Secrets of the Ruby Scepter

Joined: Sat Jun 16, 2007 5:17 pm
Posts: 7691
Sat Apr 30, 2016 3:51 pm

Chapter 3- Finding Misty Winters

The next day, I went with my friends, Astrid and May to find Misty Winters, since I had a feeling that she might be able to me deal with Seraphina and the rest of the dark wizards, since she is after all linked to the ruby scepter as well as my first ancestor. It must've belonged to one of her ancestors before they gave it to my dad's ancestor. I'll bet it'll be cool to find an ally that can help me stop Seraphina and the rest of the dark wizards before thngs get real bad and they go after someone that I cared about. 

While looking for Misty, I noticed that Astrid, Gwen and Amelia were looking at each other and noticed that one of the dark wizards was targeting May, which got me worried about her safety and enraged at the same time, because if she's ever harmed in any way, I'll kill the person responsible. I will. I am not going to stand by and watch someone I care about get murdered. 

"Let go of my sister," I told the dark wizard holding her hostage. "Or I will kill you. I mean it. Let her go, or I will kill you." The dark wizard laughed, and looked at me like I was joking. Gwen facepalmed herself as well as Mackenzie like he was being very stupid. 

"Dude, you better listen to him or he's going to carry out his threat," said Gwen. "He's serious. If May gets killed, so will you." The dark wizard still laughed, and I got out the ruby scepter which I used to eliminate the dark wizard, even though there was a chance that things might not be so easy due to the fact that there was going to be a bunch of dark wizards to fight. 

After a long walk, we decide to take a break since it was going to be a while to find Misty, and it might actually be hard to find her due to the fact that there was a chance that we might deal with a lot of dark wizards.

"Hey, uh, Hunter, there's a chance that we might not be able to find Misty," said Astrid. "I mean, I want to help you and your friends fight the dark wizards, since both of my parents ancestord fought them as well, but there is a chance that we might not find her." Gwen rolls her eyes and continues to look for Misty even though it wasn't going to be easy along with Amelia and notices her.

I then see Misty come to us and I pull out the ruby scepter and show it to her as I tell her about my family and wonder if she could be a good ally in my fight to stop the dark wizards.

"My mom's ancestor had this and gave it to your dad's ancestor," said Misty. "It was a trade. Gems for a ruby scepter, I think." I nodded in agreement and wondered if Misty would be a good ally as well as Astrid, Gwen and Amelia since they seem to know how to stop the dark wizards.

 Re: Secrets of the Ruby Scepter

Joined: Sat Jun 16, 2007 5:17 pm
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Tue May 03, 2016 10:31 pm

Chapter 4-More Secrets

I looked at Misty and wondered if there were some more things that she might know that could help me in my journey to stop more dark wizards, even though there was a chance that things might not go as planned due to the fact that Misty might not want to reveal too much information even though it might be helpful since I don't want to lose my friends, mom or May. 

Astrid looked at us and I wondered if there was anything that she knew as well that could help stop the rest of the dark wizards since there was a chance that this might turn into a full out war. 

"I think my ancestors fought alongside your ancestors and Misty's, Hunter," said Astrid. "And they might've figured that the ruby scepter was powerful enough and if used in the wrong hands, a lot of chaos would follow and that would mean destruction of a lot of innocent lives, including May's." I nodded but didn't want that to happen since May was my sister after all and my responsibility. I didn't want to lose her, so I would have to do what I could in order to keep her safe.

"You might be right, Astrid, but, still. There's a chance that Seraphina might get back at me for what happened to her mom's ancestor and might go after everyone that I care about," I said. "I don't want that to happen." Astrid nodded and looked at me.

"True, but there is a chance one of us might die, and we have to fight to survive, since there is a chance that it might be a fight for survival." Astrid pointed out. I nodded, but I still didn't want to lose everyone that I cared about, so I would have to do what I could in order to keep them safe. 

A few minutes later, another girl came out and looked at us, then looked at the ruby scepter. She asked some things about it, and Misty told her what she needed to know, and the girl looked back at us like she might have some stuff that could help us out. 

"I'm Misty's sister, Juliet," said Juliet. "I've seen the ruby scepter in a dream. In my dream, a girl named Crystal Summers had it, and looked at me. She was fighting someone named Pandora and was having a hard time fighting her, and gave the scepter to me, and told me that I could use it to stop her. I nodded, and used it to stop Pandora, and was somehow successful, because I believed that I could stop her." I looked at Juliet and thought that the dream was pretty cool, since, even though it's been in my family for a long time, I've never had a dream like that before. I wonder what it meant.

"That dream sounds pretty cool," I said. "What does it mean?" Juliet looked at me and shrugged.

"I don't know," she said. "But I know that I was fighting someone named Pandora and that the wand was given to me by Crystal." I looked at her and thought that maybe we should figure out what the dream meant. It could probably lead to some more adventures and secrets that we never knew, which would be helpful if we're going to stop the dark wizards together.

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