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 Short Bigfoot Story

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Mon Jul 12, 2010 8:10 pm
It was a normal day at the same old boring school. Same boring creme walls, same boring creme floor. Same boring teachers and the same boring classes. The fieldtrips were totally lame and today we were going on another one.
I reached my classroom to find a big sign on the chalkboard. " Bigfoot Expedition: TODAY!" I rolled my eyes. Great, another lame, fictional, unproductive fieldtrip. I can't believe Mrs. Robin expects us to go look for BIGFOOT. I sat down at my dest next to some weirdo kid Jango.
" Hey there, Sara!" said Jango. " How's ya doin?" " Learn how to speak you moron. And even if you do, don't speak to me. And NO I don't need my brain smashed to a pulp." I say. He started to say something but I cut him off, " NO! I still don't want pulp brain even if I can't feel it. Now leave me alone Jango!" I say. He smiles and turns to the front on the class. Mrs. Robin just walked in.
Mrs. Robin is CRAZY. I mean it. She believes in Faries, Trolls, and her latest, Bigfoot. When she discovers another mythical creature she gets all obsessed with it. " Good morning class 109!" she said. " Today we're going on a hunting expedition to find the one and only... BIGFOOT! Please listen to the following precautionaries as they will protect you if you come in range of the wrath of.... BIGFOOT!" See what I mean? She's obsessed and crazy.
She told us how to "protect" ourselves from " Bigfoot" and then we were out the door. We got the forest and hiked up this large grassy hill. Jango started complaining. " My feet hurt! I need to go potty! I want applesauce!" He whined. I told you he was deranged!
Some class clown decided to play a joke. " Look! I think I see Bigfoot's butt!" some jerk said. " Where?!" screamed Mrs Robin as she spun around. " Oh... sorry, Mrs Robin." Aparantly he thought he was going to get in trouble cause he hesitated and looked like he was about to cry. " I saw.... you... and thought... you were.... bigfoots butt." he stuttered. " Do I LOOK like a giant butt?! THAT'S IT! Because of this little outburst we're going straight back to school!" Everyone started shouting, YAY! " Yay? Yay is not a word. And what are you celebrating about?! We're LEAVING! This is a BAD thing!" she screeched. " Whatever you say, Mrs. Robin." our class replied. " Very well. BACK TO THE BUS!"
We all trudged into the bus and took our ride back to the school. I have to remember to thank that kid. Not only did he insult Mrs. CRAZY he also saved me from pretended I saw bigfoot and then pretending that he got hit by a car before anyone could see and that we had to leave. THAT would've been complicated. If all I had to do was make Mrs. Robin mad though... that will come in handy.

 Re: Short Bigfoot Story

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Mon Jan 24, 2011 7:25 pm

 Re: Short Bigfoot Story

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Sat May 21, 2011 9:06 am
Ha ha that was really good you should right more! Is this true? no, right?

 Re: Short Bigfoot Story

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Tue Oct 04, 2011 8:02 pm

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