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 Short story,maybe more?

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Sat Sep 06, 2014 8:14 pm

Life isnt great. No matter what they tell you. I know your thinking,Wow,this girl is a depressed freak!"Sadly,yes I am. The conspiracy is a joke,my family works for the WhiteOuts,the nutters,and the only way out is the Plain,a 300,000 mile deadly walk from here to the other side. Let me explain. After WorldWar 5,the government fell,and the other countries took over. It was mayhem,until finally our people and the new leaders reached an agreement. It wasnt safe over here for the new leaders,so the deal was if they left,we'd treat them like kings,and they could watch us from a safe distance. They accepted the deal,and a new government was established,called the WhiteOut. They promised us to keep the mayhem out. They dont. Well,they keep it at bay. The WhiteOut is straining though,and they finally resorted to things like murder and blackmail. Nice,huh? The conspiracy is a makeshift society of crazies that think that if they kill all the people in the world but a few,they can start all over,create a new world. Yep. I told you they were crazy. So,you have to crazy groups at each others throats and in the meantime the US is dying a cold hard death. The Plain is what links the US to Canada. After the major earthquake that split Canada and the US from each other we needed a way to trade. But now the Plain is full of muggers,theives,murderers,and who knows what else? So yeah,Im depressed. The worls is ending in front of my eyes. And I swear Im gonna see it end in Canada,the only place not affected by this madness. Yet. Im gonna go over the Plain and live in luxury,maybe marry and have kids! My name is Becca,Im 18,and Im gonna live.

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