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 SSWW Click here!

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Hello and welcome to,The Stacks School of Witchcraft and Wizardry!!! Here,we have all the classes of the Harry Potter series,including virtual places like....

The Common Rooms

Quiditch Court

DA(which is still held in the same room*winkwink*)


A Exclusive Harry Potter Library,with the Textbooks and HP Books

So? Are you ready to join SSWW? If you are,fill out this form!


Name you'll be called:



Wand:(you do NOT need to put length)


Here's mine:


Name you'll be called:ET or  E

Year:Technically Im head master/mistress

House:Im a ravenclaw

Wand:Oak wth unicorn tail


If you ever need me,just ask. To answer some hypothetical questions,First years and second years can do the extra classes the third years and up normally do in the series,you can meet some virtual carachters,wether they're next generation or not,you can bring stuff,you can be a prefect we'll vote for which ones,the triwizard tournament WILL BE TAKING PLACE!!! The age limits are the same from the book! Also,the chamber of secrets has been transformed into a new class I WILL BE TEACHING. Its a surprise on what its about.



 Re: SSWW Click here!

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User: Tigerdragon2735

Name: Luna

Year: 3

House: Ravenclaw

Wand: Mahogany with dragon heart string

Patronus: Lemur

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