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 Stormy Waters Ep.1 Part 1

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Fri Jun 27, 2014 7:51 pm


Scene 1


Setting:Dock extremely busy, giant boat called the S.S StormyWaters the camera is focused on one group in particular


Robin:Hurry,hurry,we're gonna be late!

Yasmin:Calm down,when I said I'd chaperone,I didn't mean I was gonna chaperone 5 yr. olds!

Lisa:(looks emo)(sighs)Why do I even have to go.

Yasmin:Because your mothers to busy, and your fathers half-way around the world by now.

Jessica:I think were extremely lucky to be going on this cruise, dontcha think Josh?

Josh:(looks up)Huh?Oh.Right.

Lisa:(whispers to Jessica)What is it that you see in him?

Jessica:Hmph.(walks faster)

(The group reaches the boat.)

Yasmin:Alright!Everyone in! Hurry now.

(a ship attendent approaches them)

Leo:Hi! I'm Leo! Tickets please?

Yasmin:(hands over tickets) There you go!(smiles)

Leo:Thank you!(looks at tickets) Okay! Follow me to your cabin.

Jesse:(whispers to Josh)I wish he would shut up.

Josh:(laughs and starts moving his mouth as if he's talking)

Lisa:(sees them and stomps on Jesse's foot)


Yasmin:(turns around)Shhhh!

Setting:(They are walking down a long hallway. When they get to their room there is a brass sign that says room 202)

Jessica:(opens door)Wow!(mouth hangs open)



Setting:(The cabin is shiny oak all around with potholes looking under the ocean.Has Blue curtain devider separating the boys side from the girls side.Two mediam sized shiny oak closets are on both sides of the room.Has a pretty modern kitchen and two clean bathrooms)

Lisa:It's to pretty. And Shiny.

Jesse:Are you kidding me? It's freakin' awesome!

Robin:Don't say freakin'.

Jesse:Why not? It's not a freakin' bad word.(smiles)

Robin:Ugh.Their are so many things you wouldn't understand,Jesse.That is one of them.

Yasmin:Okay guys!Unpack, then you have freetime to do what ever.Just a,don't go swimming and b,meet back here in half an hour.

(all the kids rush to unpack)

Hope u like! If I get 10 comments i will do ep.1 part 2! 






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