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 The Awful Day

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Sat Mar 31, 2012 8:25 pm


                                   A Day in the Hospital

       “Where am I,” I thought to myself,” oh, yeah I at my neighbors house because mom and dad are in the hospital with Grandy.”

            “Leslie, your dads here,” Mrs. Kyndra yelled.

      “One second let me get my stuff. Hi dad.”

“Leslie and Maggie, lets go home.”

When we got home I went straight to my bed and even though I had just gotten up I felt like I could go to sleep for days. Along with being so tried I had horrible headache a got dizzy when I stood up. Side was hurting real bad on the left side and that does not normal happen.

My dad came into the and said, “Lets go into the living room.” When we got there he said, “Leslie and Maggie, Grandy died early this morning.”

“Ok” I said. Even though I said like I didn’t care I did I was just to tried to let it sink in.

“Leslie are you ok?” my dad asked.  Since he was so concerned he let me take a nap. When I awoke I had a temperature so Dad asked, “ Should I take you to the doctor? “

“ I don’t care,” I said in a small voice.

So we hopped in the car and went to the walk in here in Maryville. The doctor did finger prick and some other stuff, but couldn’t find out what was wrong.   Finally the doctor told to go us to an Emergency room. My dad, Maggie and I picked up Mom so she could go with us.

At Children’s Hospital’s Emergency room we checked in and were took back. About five minutes later a young female doctor came back and ask about how I felt. After that they left for ten minutes, then someone came back and prick my arm. She could do with even hurting me she said.

“How do you know, do you prick your self?” I asked wondering how she could know.

“Yeas, actually I do when there is no one else to and I have to, I do, ” She told me.

When she did it, wow, she was right it didn’t hurt much at all. After they took blood they said they were going to do an x-ray. Then they left us for about thirty minutes to an hour.

“Have you been taken back yet?” she inquired.

“No” we answered.

“ They’ll be right here to take you back.”

             As she said just a few minutes later they came and took me to the x-ray room.  A little while later they told us that the x-ray was normal, so they decided to do a ct scan to see if they cold find anything. They left us alone again for a good while, they came and got me.

             The ct looked like a giant donut. There was a recorded voice of a young boy saying breath in and hold it. Then he would tell you when you could let your breath go. You would bed and it would move forward and back. When it got to a certain place it would stop and make a wiring sound as it took the scans.

         They still didn’t find anything in the ct and they said that they would let us go home soon. When we where about to leave the doctor burst into the room and clapped her hands and said we know what is wrong with you, mono! She went on to say that they had added mono on the things to look for in the blood and it came back positive.

         Finally we could go home. The only restrictions they gave me was no gym till the doctor said we could. Wow, what an event full day I had. At least it was over.

 Re: The Awful Day

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