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 The Bane - Chapter 19

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Tue Jun 22, 2010 9:17 pm
 Okay, here we go! We're reaching the halfway point of the book, so get ready!

 “I can’t go without him…” Teresa murmured. “He’s my dad! He’s my main man! I can’t just give up on him!” Then, she looked at Ruth and begged, “Five more minutes.”
 Ruth looked at her sternly, and replied. “No.”
 “But it’s FIVE MINUTES!” Teresa shouted. “You’re not going to give me FIVE MINUTES to try and wake up my dad!?”
 “They would be five minutes you wish you have kept for your journey at the rate you’re going.” Ruth explained. “Get Chris and Liam. I’ll see if I can transport you guys to Seron’s dark corridor.”
 Teresa’s face fell, and she looked at Ruth sadly. Seeing as she was not going to budge, she gave up for the moment. “Fine…You win. I’ll go get-“
 She was cut off by the entrance of a little boy. It was the boy with the bright blue light, and he was staring at Teresa. He uttered four simple words, that’s all, four simple words that let them know that he was no joke. Four simple words that changed their lives.
 “The darkness is coming.”
 “Seron…” The Bane said suddenly. The words were like a knife to the silence, destroying it and cutting through Seron’s ears, whilst he was in the delicate stage of Darkening.
 “Seron, the boy. The boy is back.” It was very broad, but Seron knew exactly what The Bane meant. He knew exactly which boy, the boy that he thought was gone. He thought that boy had disappeared into those two men a long time ago.
 “Tam. So we meet again.”
 “What did you just say?” Ruth asked.
 “The darkness is coming.” The boy repeated.
 Ruth reached for the bed beneath her. She sat down slowly, inching her way down. “Why do you say so?” she inquired.
 “My heart says so.” He replied, choosing his words carefully, yet not missing a beat.
 Ruth sighed and ruffled her hair. She looked worried, yet, as Teresa thought, he was talking nonsense. If only she knew how wrong she was.
 “What is your name?” Ruth asked, trying to get off of the subject.
 “Tam.” He replied nonchalantly. He swung around the door frame, and sat down on another bed. “Teresa should remember.”
 Teresa nearly stopped breathing. Her? Know him? As if. But something in the back of her mind told her not to doubt this just yet. Maybe, just maybe…he was telling the truth.
 “What do you mean, Teresa should remember?” Ruth asked. This was getting stranger by the minute!
 “I’m her brother.” He answered quickly, as thought they were not to believe him. But those words were like stoppers. Teresa and Ruth stopped moving, and not a muscle moved in that room. Brother? Nothing in the prophecy said anything about a brother.
 But prophecies can change.
 “What is he doing there?” Seron murmured. “I thought he was trapped within the two others!”
 “He must have released somehow.” The Bane suggested. “Maybe someone let him out?”
 “Maybe his father…Maybe his father has been calling him.” Seron wondered. “But still, how could he escape? It seems near impossible to combine two souls…”
 “I’m not sure…” The Bane replied. “But I suppose we’ll have to squash this little kid, huh?”
 Seron looked at him gravely. “No, it’s much more than that. You see…”
 “Brother?” Teresa asked quizzically. She stepped back and sat on the bed as well. “I don’t have a brother…”
 “It’s me, Teresa. Don’t you remember?” Tam murmured. He looked at her blank face, and watched her shake her head.
 “No…No, I don’t remember you.” Teresa answered, looking at Tam directly. His face did resemble hers, and his eyes were so bright…the same brightness of Teresa’s eyes. Maybe he was telling the truth…
 “Figures…I suppose, if you wouldn’t remember Dad, then you wouldn’t remember me…” Tam’s voice slowly wisped away, until it was a quiet hum.
 “Where is dad, anyway?” Tam asked.
 Teresa looked at him angrily. “What do you mean, dad?”
 “Our dad. You know, Peter.” Tam explained.
 Teresa looked at him as though he had slapped her. Boiling, she replied, “Look, he’s my dad, okay? I don’t remember you, and I don’t even care! Just go home to your own mom and dad!”
 Tam looked at her sadly. He walked over to her and rested his hand on her shoulder. “I know this is tough, but you have to accept that I’m your brother. You don’t remember me like the way you didn’t remember dad. But you’ve got to tell me what’s happened to him.”
 Teresa turned around at looked at him in the eye. His eyes were filled with a sense of something, something that made Teresa soften up, and her anger died down. “Over there,” she answered, pointing to the bed Peter was sleeping in.
 “No…” Tam murmured, and he rushed over to him. He knelt beside him and felt his forehead. “No…why did this have to happen now?”
 “He’s asleep. We have no idea when he’ll wake up.” Ruth chimed in.
 “He’s not just asleep. He’s inside of a dark corridor, trapped inside of his mind…until someone lets him out.” Tam told them gravely. “And that someone…is Mom.”

I should really count and see how many of my chapters end with cliffhangers. BRB!
About 17 chapters end in cliffhangers, and the rest are sort of hints, but not exactly cliffies...I'm obsessed with cliffies. :smileytongue:
              Everyone deserves to cry.

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