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 The Bane - Chapter 24

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Mon Jul 19, 2010 8:59 pm
   I just finished the first part of The Bane (there are two parts, by the way...) so now I'm posting these last two chapters! The last chapter is pretty short, only two pages...But here it goes! This is the second to last chapter for the first we go!!!

 The Bane looked at Seron. “I think, ah…you can kill them, sir.” He responded.
 Seron gave The Bane a cold, hard stare. “I ordered you to kill them.” He whispered.
 The Bane looked uncomfortably at him. “Well, you see-“ he began. Then, a bright light interrupted them. It was about the size of a person, and slowly, the light faded. It left Peter standing in it’s place.
 “Peter!” Teresa shouted from the corner. She had now begun to stand up, the energy joining with her once again.
 “Teresa! Fall back! I can take care of him!” he shouted.
 Peter threw a blue energy out of his fingers at Seron, but Seron waved his hand and a black force field surrounded him. “Nice try.” Seron told him. “But you can’t defeat me.”
 Seron threw a great big glob of black energy out of his fingers, and his eyes turned black. The energy hit Peter in the gut, and he fell backwards onto the ground. “Peter!” Teresa shouted. She ran over to his limp body, and shook him. “Wake up, Peter, wake up!”
 Please…you must wake up. The children need you.
 “Now…face your doom!” Seron shouted.
 Seron threw globs of black energy at Teresa, and fear entered her eyes. She wasn’t going to stop him…She couldn’t destroy him. The world was lost.
 Molly sat on the bed, thinking. The children only have two minutes left…how are they ever going to make it? She thought.
 She turned to the window and watched the sunset. The array of colors mixed together in harmony, creating a light and beautiful picture.
 Molly sighed. Why couldn’t the world be like a sunset?
 “Stop!” The Bane shouted.
 He extended his arm, and the black energy dissolved into nothing.
 “Why you little…” Seron muttered angrily. Then, he smiled, but only for a second.
 “So…things are going as planned?” he asked.
 “What are you talking about?” The Bane asked. “I’m disobeying you. Doesn’t that make you furious!?”
 “Not in the slightest.” Seron replied. “Now, be gone!”
 Seron waved his arm, and the black energy returned and hit The Bane in the chest. He groaned on the floor, and fell uneasily into unconsciousness.
 “I always knew that one would betray me.” Seron replied. “Never had the right feel for the job.”
 Seron threw black globs of energy at Tam and Teresa, both which they dodged. “Teresa, the satellite!” Tam cried.
 Teresa ran over to the satellite controls, but Seron beat her to it. “Get away, child!” he shouted. He threw her onto the floor, and she laid on the ground, weak.
 Tam ran over to Teresa. “Teresa!” he shouted.
 There was no response.
 Tam’s eyes turned a bright blue in anger, and his fingers glowed blue. Teresa’s eyes slowly opened, and they turned blue in effect as well.
 Teresa stood up, her hands and eyes glowing blue as Tam. They stood next to each other, their arms and eyes in parallel.
 They each let the energy go, nearing Seron’s body. Seron jumped to the side, and it hit the satellite controls. The satellite controls slowly blew apart into little pieces, disintegrating.
 It…it was over. They had done it in time. They had just stopped him.
 But Seron only smiled.
 “What’s so funny?” Tam shouted. “We just did it! We just destroyed the satellite! You can’t do anything anymore! Only The Bane can force the disease! Face it! You’re done!”
 Seron ran over and grabbed a box, a brown wooden box with many carvings on it. “Go on, then!” Seron shouted. “Why don’t you finish the job and destroy me?’
 They fired another blue energy bolt, and Seron held the box out to the beam. The box didn’t disintegrate like the satellite controls did. No, the energy just kept going but not coming out the other end, as though it were floating into another world in the box.
 Tam and Teresa stopped, and the blue glow in their eyes and fingers disappeared.
 “Thank you! I’ll be on my way!” Seron laughed.
 “Don’t even think about escaping!” Tam shouted. He flew over to where Seron was, but Seron flicked a switch and used a teleport. His molecules died away in the wind and took him away.
 Tam knelt down where Seron was and punched the ground.
 They had lost.
 Teresa, Tam, Peter and The Bane arrived at the hospital about a half an hour later. They were all tired, and everyone was cautious of The Bane. After all, he could just be tricking them.
 Ruth stopped and stared at them when they entered. “You did it!” she shouted. “Everyone is waking up now! As soon as you destroyed the satellite signal, you also stopped the disease from causing any further harm! Everyone with the disease is perfectly fine now…”
 Ruth looked behind them and gasped as she saw The Bane. “Teresa! Look behind you! It’s-“
 “We know.” Teresa cut her off. “He saved our lives. I think he means good. Just watch him for me, okay?”
 Teresa sat down on one of the beds and sighed. “Seron’s gone.” She blurted out. “He escaped.”
 “What do you mean?” Ruth asked. “I thought you finished him!”
 “I thought we had him, too! But he had this box, and it was like there was another world in it or something! All of our attacks just ended up in there! Then he used a transporter and got away.” Teresa explained.
 Ruth stiffened. “What did this box look like?” she asked.
 “It was wooden, and it looked old. Like, really old. It had a lot of carvings on it, and a word on the front.” Teresa told her.
 “I’ve never seen it before.” The Bane chimed in.
 “Quiet, you.” Ruth hissed. “What did this writing say?”
 “I’m not sure…it was in a different language.” Teresa murmured.
 Ruth looked at her desperately. “Do you remember at all? Anything about it?”
 “I think it started with a g…oh! I remember now!” Teresa answered.
 “What did it say?” Ruth asked. “What did it say?”
 “’Gouy hondournal se gomnec.’ Do you have any idea what that means?” Teresa asked.
 Ruth sat down on another bed and sighed. “I don’t know…That’s old Halbin language. The only person who can translate the Halbin language is a man that lives in Los Angeles, California. He lives in the Marriott Hotel there, and in a few weeks, he’s going to move to London and actually settle down. He’s been jumping around the USA for a while. He wants to start seeing the world now.”
 “So…we’re going to go there?” Teresa asked.
 “In a few days.” Ruth replied. “We don’t have any more transports, and it takes too much to make those dark portals. We can drive this time.”
 “Oh, yeah!” Tam cried out. “Road trip! I call shotgun!”
 “No way, mister high and mighty! I’m riding shotgun!” Teresa told him.
 “Hey, doesn’t anyone want to sit in the back with me?” The Bane asked.
 Truth be told, for a minute, they forgotten that he was there. Ruth had put him out during the conversation that he hadn’t said anything since.
 “Um…flip a coin, maybe?” Tam asked.
 “Sure.” Teresa agreed. She didn’t want to keep fighting over it. After all, she could tell that The Bane’s soul was coming back. Slowly, but still coming.
 It turned out that Teresa won the toss, so she earned shotgun. Peter would be driving, and Ruth would be staying at the hospital.
 “Wait!” Molly cried out. “What about me?”
 “You need some rest. We’ll pick you up after we figure out what this writing means.” Peter told her.
 “I don’t need any rest!” Molly argued. “I just want to be with you…”
 “You brought me back from a dark corridor. It’s going to take you a while to be back to your normal self again.” Peter explained.
 Molly eventually agreed after a few minutes of arguing, because she couldn’t really get mad at Peter. He was her husband, and she hadn’t been with him for the past twelve years. Really, getting mad at him now would be wrong.
 “So…now what?” Tam asked.
 “Get packed.” Peter told him. “We leave tomorrow.”
 Tomorrow? Teresa thought. But we just got back! I need to know how Amy’s doing and if she’s alive!
 Teresa opened her mouth to argue, but Peter knew what she was thinking. “The world comes before your friends, Teresa. You’ve got to do this. If we don’t figure this out soon enough, we could end up losing this…and the whole universe. You can find out after we get back home and settle down for good.” Peter promised.
 Teresa nodded. She had a big day ahead of her…

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