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 The Bane: PART 2 (Excerpt #6)- Chapter 16

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Tue Aug 31, 2010 6:42 pm
      So I just wrote this nice thank you intro...
    And Write It decided to refuse it into it's systems, and then I accidentally refreshed it and destroyed it.
    So, look for a post on the general discusion boards for that!
   For now, I just want to let you guys know that I'm really grateful that I joined this community. Without you guys, none of the books I'm writing now would exist. You guys have made the past 7 months of my life AWESOME!
    So, without further ado...CHAPTER 16! (the second to last chapter in the book...NO I'M NOT POSTING THE LAST CHAPTER!!!:smileytongue:)

 When they returned to their New Jersey home, they were greeted with Molly’s great concern and worry.
 “Oh, is everyone alright? Tam, honey, tuck your shirt in, it’s not proper to have it hanging out like that.”
 When she reached Sarah, she asked, “Oh, who’s this?” As though Sarah weren’t there and couldn’t answer the question herself.
 “This is Sarah.” Peter announced before Sarah managed to say anything. “She’s a human. She knows everything…she saved Teresa’s life earlier.”
 Molly gasped. “A human? Save Teresa?” She bent down to Sarah and shook her hand. “It’s amazing to meet a human worth meeting. It’s an honor. My name’s Molly, Teresa’s mother.”
 “My adopted mother.” Teresa corrected her.
 “You…you know?” Molly asked.
 “Yeah…but it’s okay, I guess…” she smiled. “Good thing I started to call you Molly after everything.”
 Molly laughed, and she embraced Teresa in a hug. “C’mere, you…”
 She quickly let go, and everyone made their way inside of the house. “So, tell me what happened! All of it, I mean…every little detail.”
 Teresa spent nearly an hour explaining everything that had happened since she had met Molly last. Molly sat quietly, her hands folded, her legs crossed. Her lips were pursed, and her face expression changed slightly with every detail.
 At the end, Molly stood up and cracked her knuckles. “Sounds like you’ve had a busy couple of days. Why don’t you kids go out and have some fun?” she told them. “I’ll call you in for lunch in a couple of hours.”
 Everyone nodded, and Teresa headed outside. Sarah followed her, and she took her hand. “Are you okay?” she asked.
 Teresa turned around, surprised. “Of course! Why wouldn’t I be?”
 Sarah shrugged. “I dunno, you just seemed kind of down…”
 “By the way, if you don’t mind me saying…your mom doesn’t have a very high opinion for humans, does she?” Sarah asked.
 Teresa chuckled. “Not really. But I think she likes you. But I bet you can’t beat dad…My old human one, I mean…Molly loved him maybe even more than she loves Peter.”
 Sarah’s eyes lit up. “Why don’t you ever talk more about your dad? I’d love to hear stories about him.”
 Teresa looked away. “Sarah…my dad died when I was nine years old. Talking about him…that just brings the bad memories back.”
 Sarah moved closer. “But it brings good ones back, too…you don’t have to go through this alone, Teresa.”
 Sarah placed her hand on Teresa’s shoulder, but she quickly shrugged it off. “I…I want to be alone.”
 Teresa ran away from Sarah and onto a white, sandy beach. There were a few rocks popping out from the surface of the sand, and Teresa sat on one of them. She sighed lightly, and she murmured, “Why can’t things go back to the way they were before dad died?”
 “I dunno…I wish I had met him. He sounds like he was an awesome guy.” A voice came from behind her. Teresa turned around quickly, startled by the voice. She realized quickly that it was Tam.
 Tam sat down beside her. “How are you feeling?” he asked.
 “Fine…Sarah told you to talk to me, didn’t she?” Teresa replied.
 “Yeah…” Tam sighed. “She’s right, you know…you don’t need to face this alone. You’ve got me and Peter and Molly…heck, you’ve even got The Bane and Sarah behind you!”
 “I know…” Teresa murmured. “but it just feels like he made a big old hole in my heart when he left…and none of you can replace that hole…I guess the reason I like you so much is because you remind me of my dad. You’re funny, you’re sweet…and you look so much like him.”
 Teresa stopped. Tears were choking in her throat, but she managed to push them back down.
 “He wouldn’t want you to be hurting like this, Teresa…think about it for a while.” Tam told her, and he walked off, back to the house.
 Teresa sighed, and she listened closely to the waves. They crashed against the seashore, against the white sand, and the water quickly reached up to her toes. The cool water lapped against her feet, and it once more retreated, only to return moments later.
 Waves were the same. Waves weren’t different…waves didn’t have to experience too much change. Sure, sometimes they got bigger or smaller, maybe more force, but they never had something so heart-strapping that they just stopped. Could you imagine a world without waves?
 Then, once, when the water lapped at Teresa’s feet again, she saw the water as an even brighter blue. Just as bright as the blue she had seen in the lake that transported her to Halbin…
 “Hello, Teresa…it’s been a while, hasn’t it?” a soft voice said to her. Teresa wasn’t angry at this voice, she was only surprised. She knew this voice…so well…from the memories of her nine year old self.
 Her human father.
 “Dad…” Teresa whispered.
 The ghostly image of her father seemed too hard to process. The stubble on his chin was the same the day that he had died…his scruffly brown hair was the same as well. His blue striped shirt was ripped on one sleeve, and Teresa recognized the rip from the car crash.
 “Dad!” she shouted. She ran towards him, the water now up halfway to her knee.
 When she went to him for a bone-crushing hug, expecting a hug back, she ran right through him and tripped into the water. She spat up a bit of water and turned around.
 “I’m not real, Teresa…I’m not really here…but part of me was stored in that necklace that you’re wearing.”
 “My…” Teresa muttered, and then she looked down. The blue stone necklace that she had gotten at the beginning of her journey when Mr. Russell disappeared! It was still on her neck, and it was burning brightly. She had forgotten she was wearing it!
 “I’m in a better place now…but I can’t go down to visit you. I’m not really here…this is just a program, like a ghost. But that doesn’t mean I’m not always with you, baby girl…I’m always there when you need me.”
 “Then where have you been these past few weeks?” Teresa asked, trying her best not to scream.
 “I’ve been in here…” he pointed at Teresa’s heart, and she swore she felt his finger touch her heart.
 “Teresa, I’ve been watching you from the very beginning, even before you were four and you were given to Molly and I. Because there’s something I need to tell you…”
 “Teresa, I am your real father. I am a Keeper, too…my wife, Lily, gave birth to you seventeen years ago. The nothingness attacked us when you were only a couple of months old, because they had heard that you were a prophecy child, and that you were going to stop the nothingness one day, and so would your children.”
 “I assume this happened to Tam’s family as well. I never knew his family…but, anyway, I had to give you up, so I put you in the river, knowing that someone would find you and take care of you. After I discovered that Peter had lost you, I changed my looks to blend in with your new features, so I could pretend to be your human father. I watched over you…Seron was right to kill me, or he would have faced his fate a long time before he did.”
 “What happened to mom?” Teresa asked.
 Suddenly, another figure appeared out of thin air. It was a woman with white hair, reaching down just below her shoulders. She had bright blue eyes, and Teresa recognized her- just vaguely…
 “Mom?” she asked. “But…mom, how did you die?” she asked.
 Teresa’s mother smiled. “Yes, honey, it’s me. The nothingness soldiers killed me when they attacked us. Your father…your father and I have been watching over you. We’re so proud of you, sweetie…”
 Her mother and father hooked arms, and this was too much for Teresa. She began to break down and cry. She had no flesh and blood family left…She was all alone.
 “Teresa Anne Lockstone!” her mother cried.
 Teresa looked up, tears still wet on her face. “Is that…is that my name?” she asked, wiping the tears from her face.
 “Yes, dear…Don’t ever think that you’re alone! Your father and I are always with you.” She scolded her.
 “I…I’m sorry, mom…”
 Her mother’s face softened. “I’m proud of you, honey…never doubt that.”
 Her father looked at her, his smile never wavering. “Honey…do you see how the color of the water in the ocean is different right now?”
 “Yeah…why?” Teresa asked.
 “This is a portal to the Keeper universe…there’s something there that can save your people. You see, when everyone on the planet was defeated, bits and pieces of their souls were scattered as stars. Don’t worry, there will still be stars when this is over, just not as many.”
 Teresa’s face went white. “Wait…you want me to bring my people back?”
 “Exactly.” He told her, and his smile burned into Teresa’s mind. She would never forget him…
 Their ghostly figures began to fade away. “Teresa, we don’t have much time left. You’re got to swim through the sand on the bottom of the ocean and go through it to get to the Keeper universe. You’ve got to find the old castle and find a special artifact- the only thing in the world that has true colors left! Trust us from there.”
 As her mother and father’s images faded away, Teresa saw their smiles, and the bright blue coloring returned to her eyes once and for all.



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