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 THE CHALLENGE -Couple No. 2! :)

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Wed Apr 16, 2014 11:16 am
Thanks to everyone who took part in the first challenge! :D
This week's couple is.......
Arthur Weasley/Madam Maxime!! :D :D :D

Good Luck!!!!

 Re: THE CHALLENGE -Couple No. 2! :)

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Sun May 11, 2014 6:14 pm
Cool! :D This one is challenging...
-Arthur Weasley is a pretty accepting person, so I don't think he would mind that Madame Maxime is a half giantess. And this is the kind of support and acceptance that Madame Maxime needs, since we've seen how insecure she can be about her half-gianthood. (That is definitely not a word.)
-They are both very passionate people, I guess? And their passions are kind of directed, it's not like they're always super intense people... IDK.
-They are both supporters of the Order of the Phoenix...
That's all I can think of for now, but maybe I'll add some later!

 Re: THE CHALLENGE -Couple No. 2! :)

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Sun May 18, 2014 2:40 pm
YES! IT'S BACK! (at some point I'm going to admit these challenges give me life but not now def not now)

Pff Ok but it all goes for an AU where Arthur and Molly aren't married kay?
~Well Madame Maxime is a pretty good leader, isn't she? She manages her students all right, and they're all very polite and respectful with her. :D Arthur would like her and respect her for that (he sure likes Dumbledore, and M'me Maxime and he share these talents) also she is actually a tough character (that's what she shows during her and Hagrid's adventures up the mountains with the giants in OotP) and Mrs. Weasley sure is too, so maybe she's Arthur's "type"? (???)
~Also Arthur is a quiet, sometimes shy, well-meaning and well-mannered man, but he always says what he has to say, if not a bit hot-headed when provoked (think bookshop scene in CoS). These are all qualities he shares with Hagrid to a higher or lower scale (I'm sorry for comparing them to their canon love interests but Hagrid and Mrs. Weasley are the only people we see Maxime and Arthur be attracted to respectively)
~Sometimes Madame Maxime can come off as snobbish, while Mr. Arthur is on the other side... he's open-minded and ready to accept everyone on the lower ranks/social status(es?). It would be interesting to see them bond, and since both are very polite, they would get through their differences without much drama (that would be refreshing to see in a relationship)
~Mr. Arthur is actually very level-headed and unlike Molly who is a dynamo and shouts & puts everyone at their place in the Weasley household, he may not always take every situation in his hands, but he is good at reassuring and calming down people, being always a bit of reason's quiet voice, so he could work alright with someone with a louder voice and better people skills, like Maxime. (say, they'd make a good team)
~Last but not least, they have the same ideals, as they both support the Order. I think it's important that Madame Maxime helps Dumbledore and the Order even when she's not immediatelly affected by the war and has a lot more to lose than gain from getting involved (even her own life- and she doesn't even know if she'll gain anything) but she does it anyway because she sees it's the best to do. I think Arthur would endlessly respect her for that, and now think about it, the half-giantess Headmistress and the low-class poor Ministry worker going on Dumbledore's super secret missions and saving the world n' stuff :D

 Re: THE CHALLENGE -Couple No. 2! :)

Joined: Wed Aug 22, 2012 2:33 pm
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Sat May 24, 2014 11:34 am

Yay! Those are brilliant, guys! yes

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