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 The Choice (The Bane sequel!): Chapter 10 part 1

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Thu Dec 30, 2010 9:49 pm

     LOL, I got bored of here's more of this!!! :)         

             Teresa frowned as she stood at the top of the tower. The tower was the highest place in the castle, and it also had the best view. Towering to one hundred feet, it was the highest building in the entire universe. Made of crystal, like the rest of the palace, it reflected the sunshine and radiated the entire world.

            Teresa sighed and leaned against the tower’s short railing, made of a darker crystal. It was now only a short month away from when Molly’s baby was due, and she still had not found a way to be friendlier with the others. Her emotions were mixed up and confused- she was angry at her family for their attitude against the servants, upset at Tam for not understanding and helping her, having a feeling of dread for when the baby would come, at how soon it would be killed, and also not seeing Lance for the past few months had put a fog over the entire thing, making her feel as though nothing she could do would help.

            She clenched her head, wishing for everything to just blow over and be done with, to have her old family back and to be happy. The nightmares of nothingness had persisted, and she was still frightened at what would happen to her little brother or sister. She only wished for her birthday to come, so she could fix everything and repair the damage that had been done.

            The past months had been slow and uneventful. Teresa had spent most of her days lying around, dreading the baby’s birth and the events to come. Tam had tried to show Teresa that he had changed several times, but none of it convinced her, for she would only be convinced for a few hours, maybe even minutes before she saw Tam shouting at the servants, or acting with his new, horrible personality of being prejudice towards the servants.

            “Teresa?” a soft voice called from behind her. Teresa whirled around to see Molly standing in a doorway, clutching her swelled belly that held a small baby.

            Teresa’s face broke into a slight smile. She hadn’t yet seen proof of Molly being prejudice towards the servants- only Peter and Tam. She was nicer to her, as she clung onto the hope that she was kind towards the servants.

            “Hey, Molly.” Teresa called out softly. Molly smiled as well, and then walked up to Teresa, putting her arm on her shoulder.

            “What’s up, honey? You don’t seem as…connected to us as you were before we came here. Is something wrong?” Molly asked, her tone obviously concerned.

            Teresa shook her head, angling her face so it would seem as though she were staring off into space, although she was really trying to hide her discontent at everything that Peter and Tam had done.

            Molly leaned in closer to her, placing her hand on top of Teresa’s shoulder. “Teresa…I raised you since you were a baby. I know when something’s up.” She told me, frowning and showing her own displeasure.

            There it was. The same line that Peter had used. As usual, it made anger bubble inside of Teresa, and she had to bite her lip to stop herself from shouting at her.

            Teresa shook her head again. “I’ve had this conversation with Peter already. I don’t want to have it again.”

            Molly looked genuinely confused at this revelation. “What do you mean?”

            “I mean, you didn’t raise me. My real parents did. You know that my father looked after me until he died. You especially should know that.” She retorted, her anger finally escaping.

            Molly frowned, and then stayed silent for a moment. “But, Teresa…I was with you. I was with him. We raised you together, even if I wasn’t there when you were an infant.”

            “Then why didn’t you save him!?” Teresa shouted, tears streaming down her cheeks. “Why didn’t you? That’s all I want to know.”

            “I…I didn’t even know he died until the deed was done, sweetheart…” Molly whispered, attempting to stroke Teresa’s hair, longing to be her true mother. “There was no way I could have helped…”

            “You could have been there for him! I was the only one there- the only one who saw it! You don’t even care, do you?” Teresa retaliated.

            Molly seemed shocked, and she backed away silently. “Teresa…I loved your father…I didn’t love him as much as Peter, but…I still loved him, very, very much…”

            Teresa backed away just as silently, sitting down on a bench to the side. She wept bitterly, tears filled with love for her father dripping down her face.

            Molly sat beside her and began to speak again. “Did I ever tell you how I met your father? I was working at the Earth hospital, and he came in with you, telling me that you had an accident. I recognized you at once, but I didn’t know who your father was. His eyes, oh, his eyes…”

            Tears began to fill Molly’s eyes, but she quickly wiped them away. “You have your father’s eyes…Bright blue, as bright as the sun. They attracted me to him, and we got to know each other. It was slow at first, but then…we fell in love...”

            “We got married after a while- your father was the handsomest man I had ever seen besides Peter. They were both…magnificent. You simply couldn’t compare Peter and your father…They were both wonderful men, with wonderful minds…Your father was the most remarkable man I’ve seen in the whole wide world…”

            And then, Molly began to weep, tears streaming down her cheeks. Teresa was weeping as well- all of her frustration, anger, disappointment, and especially sadness at the loss of her father was being released, and Molly embraced her in a tight hug, and they wept the whole night long.

 Re: The Choice (The Bane sequel!): Chapter 10 part 1

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Fri Jan 14, 2011 12:03 pm
I jumped to the last paragraph to see what the chapter was about and I liked it. :robothappy:

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