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 The Choice (The bane sequel!): Chapter 11 part 2

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Thu Jan 06, 2011 8:28 pm

            Then, part of the wall seemed to move, revealing a small cavern. The woman pulled Teresa into the cavern, and immediately, Teresa attempted to swim upward to see if there was any air. Unfortunately, this was not an air pocket, and none of the precious gas was to be found.

            The woman smiled kindly at Teresa’s efforts. “I can take you where you wish to go.” She told Teresa again. Teresa frowned, and pointed upwards. Where she wanted to go was the surface. Either that, or Earth…was she taking her to Earth?

            Then, as Teresa quickly realized what the woman was doing, she knew that she wasn’t going to Earth. The woman grabbed a sort of vine off of the wall and quickly tied it around Teresa’s hand. She continued wrapping her in the vine until both of Teresa’s arms and legs were both tied in the vines. Teresa was granted again with a small amount of air during the process, but she still felt a longing for air. As the woman let go of Teresa, she immediately began to struggle against the vines, hoping to escape to surface.

            The woman shook her head, and then said, “I am taking you where you wish to go. You wish to see your father, I can tell inside of your heart.”

            But…my father’s…dead… Teresa thought. Oh, no…she isn’t…

            She was going to kill Teresa.

            The woman smiled and nodded, as though she could hear her thoughts. “I wish you good luck on finding your parents.” She murmured as she exited the cavern. Teresa began to wildly shake her head- she wanted to get out, she didn’t want to die! The woman only smiled, and placed her hand against the wall. Then, the opening began to close, and Teresa was left there, alone, in the dark water, which she thought would soon become her watery grave.

            She fought and struggled against the vines, but they seemed to only bind tighter and tighter against her wrists. She felt her energy leaving her as her minutes ticked down. She could only survive for five minutes underwater, and she had already used up about two of those minutes. In three minutes, she would meet her end.

            She felt the air leave her as the seconds ticked down, seeming to last for hours. The vines only bound tighter and tighter around her, until she was certain that she had lost circulation. Two minutes left…

            Teresa felt a sudden calmness rise over her again, and she closed her eyes. Focus on the positives, she thought. You’re going to see mom and dad again. One minute.

            Then, Teresa’s eyes snapped open as she saw the opening return. She saw a hazy figure swim to her, and began to cut off her binds. Thirty seconds.

            Then, she was free, yet nearly unconscious. The figure held her in his arms, and she could feel it kicking up towards the surface. But he was too late. Ten seconds.

            She counted down the seconds while her rescuer desperately attempted to surface. Five…four…three…two…one…

            Teresa closed her eyes, and let the overwhelming idea of death pass over her, and she felt at peace.

            Suddenly, she felt something forced out of her. She was coughing up water, and her vision was hazy. Her rescuer was still only a black figure, and she attempted to close her eyes. “No, stay awake…You’ve got to stay awake.” Her rescuer told her. Her eyes seemed to pop back open. She…she knew that voice!

            Then, everything became clear. Lance stood in front of her, holding out his arm. “Are you alright?” he asked kindly, his green eyes filled with fear.

            “Yeah…” Teresa murmured, still coughing up a bit of water. “Fine…”

            “C’mon, let’s get you dry.” He told her, still extending his arm. This time, Teresa took it.

            Lance led her into the castle, dripping wet. Peter and Molly gasped as they saw her, running towards her. “Teresa!” they cried out.

            They ran towards her and embraced her in a hug, warming her more by the second. Then, Molly let her go and leaned down slightly to meet her eyes. “Are you alright? What happened?”

            “She nearly drowned.” Lance explained. “She was in the lake…I don’t think she meant to be there. I think the sea ghost got to her.”

            Molly gasped. “The sea ghost? I’ll have to talk to her…she won’t be killing anyone anytime soon!”

            “Who’s the sea ghost?” Teresa asked, her words slurred as her strength was still not fully returned.

            “She’s a ghost that lives on the bottom of the sea. She attacks people who have lost those they love, and tries to kill them. It’s a miracle this young man got you out in time! What’s your name, by the way?” she asked.

            “Lance.” He replied, smiling. “I’m glad that I could help.”

            Peter smiled. “We’ll be happy to have you help anytime. Teresa, honey, how about you go upstairs and take a nice hot bath?”

            Teresa nodded, already walking up the stairs. She left her family behind as she escalated upwards- that is, until she ran into Tam.

            Tam scanned her up and down. “What happened?” he asked incredulously.

            “Sea ghost.” Teresa replied bluntly. “I’ve got to go, Molly told me to take a bath.”

            And with that, Teresa left Tam alone again, alone to ponder about what truly had happened to the girl he had always loved.

            Downstairs, Lance made his farewells to the king and queen. “You’re welcome, your majesties. I hope to see you again sometime soon!” he told them, leaving the castle, waving his hand in farewell.

            As he left, Peter frowned. Molly, noticing his expression, asked, “What’s wrong, honey?”

            “There’s just something not right about him…” he murmured. “Something’s missing…”

            And with that, they left the subject, not knowing that it could cost them their lives.

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