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 The Choice (the bane sequel!!!): Chapter 14 part 1

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Sun Jan 16, 2011 9:46 pm

            Teresa laid silently on the bright white bed. The trained healers, who were like doctors, wanted to check on Teresa before letting her go. They wanted to make sure that in the fall, she didn’t receive any brain damage. Three healers crowded around her and laid their hands on her body, and a white light rippled through her chest.

            “She’s fine.” One of them announced. “I think we should keep her here for the night anyway- just in case something happens.”

            Peter nodded sternly. “Alright. We’d best be going, then.” He then leaned down to meet Teresa’s eyes, as she was laying down. “We’ll be back in the morning, okay, sweetheart?” he whispered.

            Teresa nodded. She felt like a small child, like she was dependent on everyone around her. She felt as though Peter were her actual father- the support he had been giving her was great, and he seemed as though he cared about her much more than he had before.

            “Hurry back.” She whispered.

            “I’ll try.” Peter murmured, stroking her hair delicately. Then, he turned around, nodding to the healers, and left the building- leaving Teresa alone, unprotected, where just around the corner, a man snickered in the shadows. It was time.

            Teresa tossed and turned in the hospital bed. There were too many lumps, she decided. She had been told to go to bed nearly an hour ago, yet there was not a spot in this room that would make her feel at home. She would never feel at home.

            A swift shadow glided across the room. Teresa turned her head, trying to see the shadow. Then, after gazing across the room, she quickly decided that she must have imagined it. She turned over again and sighed. Finally, a spot that worked…She closed her eyes and allowed dreams to take over her mind.

            But they wouldn’t, the shadow decided. She would have nightmares tonight…images that would be painstakingly real…perhaps enough to take their plan to the next step. Within the next few months, their plan would be complete…this was only a roadblock along the way.

            The shadow glided across the room to Teresa’s bed. The shadow held out its’ arm towards her, inching closer and closer, nearly going to send something through her body…

            Teresa’s eyes snapped open, and she gasped. She looked around, and slowly looked upwards. A great, looming, shadowy figure was staring down at her.

            Teresa opened her mouth to scream, but the figure angrily shoved its’ hand onto her chest, and she feel into a deep sleep, where she would dream things that were unmistakably real…

            Teresa opened her eyes and looked around. Where was she? All she could see was the hanging pitch black darkness, looming in front of her like a fog, making her movements slow and snail-like.

            She groped in front of her, hoping to find some sort of light source. Then, she felt her mind spinning, and she fell onto the floor- or what she thought was the floor. It disappeared underneath of her, and she began to fall through the air, through the heavy blackness that doomed her like forever night…

            Then, she opened her eyes again and was surprised to see colors dance in front of her. She saw a light beach, with small children chasing each other. The waves crashed along the shore, and Teresa felt herself walk along the shore, without even realizing- as though something were telling her where to go.

            She gazed out along the beach and saw herself as a little girl, playing with her father- her real father. Again, her hatred for Peter bubbled along in her stomach, and everything kind about him felt erased.

            Teresa fought back tears as memories of her father were brought back into her mind. When she sang with him…when they stargazed…everything that they had done together was swarming through her mind, and she felt tears threaten to spill over. She closed her eyes, shaking her head back and forth, murmuring, “Just make it stop…make it stop…”

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