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 The Choice (The Bane sequel!): Chapter 4

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Sun Dec 05, 2010 8:00 pm
         Okay! This is the only book I can write now, so expect to see more of this soon! I'll probably be able to write chapter 5 tonight as well, so get ready! :smileyhappy:
           This chapter is pretty short, but it was the perfect place to stop, so...Yup.
         READ THIS NOWWWWWWWW....:smileytongue:
 Flashes of memory flew before her- times with Peter, with Tam. Laughing, talking, eating- they were times she was happy.
 A particular memory stood out her. She, Peter, The Bane, Sarah and Tam were sitting at a picnic table- this happened shortly after they had defeated Seron for the second time.
 Teresa chuckled. “You know, Tam, you don’t need that much ketchup!”
 On Tam’s plate, a hotdog was barely shining through the globs of ketchup that her drowning the meat. He smiled. “Yeah, I do!” he cried. “I need this ketchup to replenish my energy! Without the ketchup, I’d just have this bit of meat to eat!”
 Teresa stifled a snort. “The meat is the main course!”
 Tam smacked his head. “I thought the meat was a side! The ketchup is the real meal!”
 They laughed, joy erupting from them. Teresa flashed one of her rare, genuine smiles at Tam. Tam returned the gesture, his eyes glowing in the light.
 Suddenly, the sun disappeared, replaced by a sky of darkness. Teresa began to hear screams as the smiled disappeared from her friend’s faces. The memory was being altered!
 Suddenly, nothingness soldiers came out from nowhere, grabbing them. They only ignored Teresa, as though she weren’t there.
 Tam tried to wave his hand, trying to use his powers to have the soldiers let go. But to no avail, as he began to scream, and his screams were forever filled in her mind, ringing her ears.
 Then, her friends were covered in nothingness, and their screams were muffled. The blackness reached from outside, in, and they were slowly eaten away as Teresa watched in horror.
 The nothingness soldiers let go of her family, and her friends fell out of the nothingness bodies, crippled and weak, their bodies hanging at obscure angles.
 Teresa leaned over to Tam to check for his pulse. There was none.
 Then, the nothingness soldiers decided that her time was over. They grabbed her, and immediately, the nothingness began to reach inside of her, grabbing her soul.
 She attempted to fight back, throwing her arms around in anger, trying to get them away. But they only restrained her more, stopping her from moving.
 Then, she felt her warmth leave her, and it was replaced by a cold feeling- so numb, so cold…
 The nothingness soldiers let her go, and she fell onto the ground, spreading out as though she were a rag doll.
 She opened her eyes quickly, and received her last look at the world, and she breathed her last…
 Teresa woke up with a start. She gasped, fear still clinging her to her bed. Beads of sweat poured down her forehead.
 She sighed. Why are all of these nightmares coming instead of memories? She wondered. Maybe something’s wrong…
 She quickly dismissed the thought and went downstairs for breakfast. She was hoping that somehow, Molly and Peter could prove their worth and show her that they weren’t prejudice or mean- that they wouldn’t murder anyone innocent. Thinking of them even as murderers was tough for Teresa- these were people she thought she could trust.
 Building up trust with Teresa was important. Teresa’s human dad had died when she was very young, and she later learned that he was also her Keeper father. Ever since then, Teresa had refused to become close with anyone else. She was very slow to trust anyone- they had to build it very slowly and carefully- one misstep would cause her to think that they were not her friends anymore, that they were just there to hurt her, and she would never speak with them again.
 Molly and Peter had nearly made a misstep. They were this close to making Teresa think that they would betray her, that they would really murder their own baby- and Teresa wasn’t quite ready.
 Teresa then went downstairs and was met by Tam. “I want to show you something after breakfast.” He told Teresa. Teresa nodded- she knew she could trust him.
 Breakfast was quick- no talk was needed at the table. Teresa and Tam were the only ones awake, and Tam had already eaten his breakfast.
 After Teresa finished eating, she ran off to find Tam. Whatever he had planned was obviously a surprise- not telling her what it was was the first clue.
 Tam led her through the castle, going through to the second to last floor. Then, they approached a large, wooden door. Teresa’s eyebrows furrowed- usually, the castle was made of expensive, new things- like crystal, or gold. This was something obviously old- it seemed as though no one had been there in a long time.
 Then, Tam opened the doors, and they creaked, louder than any door had ever creaked before. This door was old- way old.
 Tam cautiously stepped through the doorway, and Teresa followed him. The room they had walked into was pitch black, and Teresa groped around for a light switch. Then, she rolled her eyes, remembering about wishing.
 Teresa wished silently for a light, and, lo and behold, a flashlight appeared in her hands. She flicked it on and shone the beam around the room, attempting to catch details.
 The room must have been a library, for there were several shelves of books in the room. The floor, walls, and ceiling were made of concrete, which had long, diagonal cracks running throughout it. Cobwebs were littered throughout the room, and Teresa swore that she had seen a rat scurry across the floor.
 A small pack of bats flew from the ceiling out of the room, surprising Teresa. She covered her face with her hands as the bats passed by, coughing and spluttering at the dust they brought into her mouth. She dropped the flashlight, and it rolled onto the floor until it hit a bookcase. The bookcase wobbled, and Teresa immediately used her telekinesis to control the bookcase, to let it not fall.
 “Well?” Tam asked. “Do you like it?”
 “It could use a little work…” Teresa told him, smirking. She picked up the flashlight and grinned.
 “Well, it’s the only thing in this place that hasn’t changed- ever. I thought you might like it.” Tam explained.
 Teresa threw her arms around him and hugged him. “I sure do, Tam. Thanks.”
 Tam blushed, wrapping his arms around Teresa. Teresa smiled as well- ever since Teresa had saved Tam, they had been pronounced a couple. Although neither one of them wanted to admit it- they were much too proud- they both would risk their lived for the other. They would refuse to live in a world without each other.
 Unfortunately, that horrible fact might turn out to be true…

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