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 The Choice (The Bane sequel!): Chapter 8 part 1

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Sat Dec 18, 2010 4:57 pm

            It was a dark, dark night in the Keeper world- in all worlds. This was the day that everything changed. For this was the day that nothingness would begin its’ cloning- the day that the nothingness would begin their reign. All because of a girl who wanted to let one servant have a night of freedom.

            It started earlier in the day, when Teresa saw one servant, the one who had spoken to her the first day she was in the Keeper universe. She was also the servant that Tam was talking about- the one whose mother killed their parents.

            “S-sir, please…I beg for your forgiveness! I will never do it again…please…” she choked out through her sobs.

            “You broke the servant code. You stole food from the table and ate it. You are sentenced to death.” Peter told her in a thick, emotionless voice. One that Teresa had never heard before.

            Teresa hid behind one of the pillars and clutched her heart. A servant was going to be killed, just because she took a small bit of food from the table!

            “Sir…forgive me! We ran out of food, and haven’t had any for days! I was starving…I will do anything…but please, don’t kill me! You know what is waiting for me…please…” her last words were barely audible, but Teresa could still hear the woman’s plea.

            “I know.” Peter told her coldly. “It is punishment for all of the lives you have destroyed. If you had proven yourself worthy, you would have been accepted. But blood has been stained on your hands…the prince and princess’ parents were murdered by your mother! You will die, and your spirit will flow into the deathly grave, where you will rest forever in the cold and darkness, for all of those who have lost their way.”

            The servant was weeping bitterly, tears flowing down her cheeks and pouring onto the floor, a small puddle forming. The water seeped through the crystal floor, falling into the core. A single teardrop seeped entirely through the crystal, dropping through the angular crystal below the floor, until it reached the planet core and covered the yellowish substance, seeping into it, telling the core of the planet to make rain on the planet- for someone was weeping, someone who truly had no blood on their hands- only on their parents. They were so pure, that they allowed the planet to rain- just as Teresa had the past day.

            “Take her to the dungeon.” Peter ordered, and two Keepers appeared out of nowhere, holding onto her arms, dragging her away, as Teresa felt a large pain strike against her chest- against her heart. This servant would not die- she would make sure of it.

            Back to the night, Teresa crept out of her room, as silent as a mouse. She quickly decided that, just in case someone could hear her, she would fly. She hovered above the ground, speedily rushing through the air, towards the dungeon.

            The dungeon was on the lowest level, nearly pitch black. Teresa flew with her arms in front of her, to avoid crashing into anything. Then, Teresa got an idea. She quickly wished for matches and grabbed an unlit torch off of the wall. She lit the match and managed to force the fire onto the torch, allowing the flame to brighten the room.

            There were several different cells along the wall, a few occasionally filled. The walls were wet and grimy, made of a brown stone of sorts. A rat scurried across the floor, and Teresa cringed, resisting the urge to whack it with a brick until it rolled over and died.

            Teresa flew silently across the room, clutching her torch as though her life depended on it. She looked inside of each cell, hoping that the servant was in one of them. Her eyes darted around the room, begging her to turn around as all of the signs of evil became noticeable to her- spiders, shadows, and the occasional shadow that laid in the middle of the floor, even though nothing was creating it.

            Then, she found the servants’ cell. The servant was lying on the ground, weeping bitterly. She knew that everything in front of her would be horrific- death, and then an eternity of living in the dark and cold, where no hope could ever blossom.

            She rattled the bars slightly, just enough the cause the servant to raise her head. “Am I to die now?” the servant asked in a low voice, tears still streaming down her cheeks.

            “No, you’re not going to die. I’m going to get you out of here.” Teresa told her, and light filled the servants’ face.

            “Truly? You are to let me go?” she asked.

            Teresa nodded. “Yes. You’re going to escape. Go out into the mountains, and hide there. Live there, and find someone who you can trust. I’ll lead you to the mountains, but you’ve got to go on your own from there.”

            The servant now wept joyfully. “Thank you…thank you…” she murmured.

            Teresa grabbed keys that were hanging on the wall and quietly unlocked the servant’s cell. She hung the keys back onto the wall and the woman bolted out of her cage, hugging Teresa’s legs, tears falling freely from her eyes onto Teresa’s legs.

            Teresa gripped the woman’s hand and flew through the corridors, knowing now that if anyone caught them, the woman would be killed, and Teresa would be in a big, ginormous mess.

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