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 The Condition#1 of a series of short stories

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Mon Nov 23, 2015 8:18 pm


Prairie sat with her head down in the hospital wait room. Mascara and tears streamed down her face. Her reddish/brown hair was tied up in a messy bun. She checked her watch. Two in the morning. She wiped her eyes before crying more. Doctors walked down the hall, giving her sympathetic looks as they passed. Prairie finally put earbuds in and dozed off to the tune of heavy metal.

   Chapter One

 "Miss. Miss wake up! Miss?" Prairie snapped awake, ripping her earbuds out frantically. Her phone was dead. The young female doctor stood in front of her. Prairie's eyes snapped wide open. "Is she okay? Is Sammy okay?" The doctor looked confused. Then she laughed. "Oh, Samantha! Yes, she's fine." Prairie sighed with releif. Thank you...Now I have to go kill my best friend for scaring me!!! Prairie thought. "What was wrong with her then?" Prairie asked. "Well...that's the thing. We don't know. we've never seen this before. She did have a weird mark on her back though." The doctor stared at Prairie suspiciously. Prairie searched her brain. Oh man...we took that shortcut and she got cut. Oh man. Oh man... "May I- May I see her?" Prairie asked innocently. The doctor nodded. "Right this way." The doctor-Prairie read her name tag- Ms.Oliver opened the door. Prairie stepped into the hospital room. 



 Re: The Condition#1 of a series of short stories

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My dear fellow students I am Ella (...) and I am going to tell you about the saving the earth thing.


-please pick up trash and throw it in the garbage









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