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 The consequences of stealing a journal.

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Sat Aug 06, 2011 10:23 pm
Ahh.Stealing a journal.We've been there.We all had a time when we took someone's journal.We knew it wasn't right but we all did it anyway.We all wanted to know but it's for the person to know and for you to figure out.Better think before you get in trouble cuz stealing a journal is a very serious policy or shall I say a very serious matter.Let me show you what I mean. Bridgette and Joyce have been BFF's since the 1st grade and well Bridgitte always had a journal but Joyce didn't.Now they are in 5'th grade.One day at indoor recess Joyce see's Bridgitte writing in her journal.Then Joyce hatches a plan to get the journal to read what it says.Then when it's time for lunch Joyce pretends she has to go to the bathroom inside her classroom and lies to Mrs.Johansson and then she leaves her.Then she goes to Bridgette's backpack and snatches the journal.Then she put's it in her backpack.Then with a mischevious look on her face she skips happily to lunch.Then when everybody get's their lunch boxes and put's it their bacpack Bridgette realizes that her journal is not there then cries.Soon Joyce offers to take her out for a big Banna Split on the way home.Then her Mother begs for her not to go anywhere unless she says so.Then Bridgette promises.Then Bridgette tells her Mom all about the thief.Then her Mother says:For the last time.Stop making all your stories so fictional.Then Bridgette says:But Mom.....No buts.Homework.Then she stomps to her bedroom then starts crying and tears land on her paper.And then when night comes Joyce stays up with a blanket covered on her then she opens her flashlight and reads every single page.Here's what she read:Dear diary.Hi today was the best day ever!I

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