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 The "Cool Kids"

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Sun Jan 10, 2016 1:08 pm

     "Shae!" called Kelli, hoping Shae would get up. Today was volunteer day. "Coming..." mumbled Shae, coming out with her hair unkept and tangled. Kelli giggled, and took a picture. "Hey..!" cried Shae. "C'mon, Shae," said Kelli. Shae sighed, and walked back to her room, and turned on the faucet. She began to comb through her midnight black hair, and then brushed her teeth.

     Kelli sat on the couch. Shae was taking forever. Suddenly Shae popped through the door in a pair of black stressed denim jeans. Tears in the knees made it inevitably noticable. She then wore a black tank top with ruffled sleeves, and a ruffled trim. Her flowing black hair was tied into a ponytail, completing the look, and complimenting her complexion.

     Kelli was amazed. Her blue jeans, blue t-shirt, and purple bracelets looked less cool compared to the amazing, beautiful outfit Shae wore. Shae sighed. She groaned, and mumbled," I still don't like this look, Kelli..." "It's gorgeous Shae," said Kelli, still dazed by her beauty.

     "Let's get going now," said Shae. She held open the door. This story isn't your average, friend betrays friend, horror story. It's more than (...)in the alley. It's a mystery, with one simple answer. Magic.


 Re: The "Cool Kids"

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Fri Mar 25, 2016 8:55 pm

Can you make one more? It's not because I like it, it's because I didn't understand where this was going. But I do think you excellent job on discribing the main characters. Good luck wink!!!!!!!!!!!

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