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 The Forsaken (Chapter 4)

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Sun Mar 06, 2016 2:18 am

Chapter Four


We anxiously wait on the velvet couch in the main room. Any moment, the Broadcast will come on.

Father anxiously taps his foot on the floor and Mother bites at her fingernails. I quickly glance over at Symphonia sitting at the other and at the couch. She nervously chews at her lip. We look like a nervous wreck.

We all know what the future will bring. That more sooner than later, the moment I’d been destined all my life.

After a few minutes of silently listening to the monotonous tapping of Father’s foot, a mechanic sound echos throughout the house. We all instantly look up as the large screen for the Broadcast to be displayed descends from the ceiling.
The Broadcast reporter, Avianna Fleur, flickers on the screen. As always, she looks completely polished. Her long, dark brown hair is pulled back into an intricate up-do and she’s wearing a black vest over a white collared shirt with a black skirt.   

“Good evening, Sector 7!” She pipes. She flashes a fake smile and straightens her shoulders. I can tell makeup is plastered all over her face. Avianna Fleur is one of the only woman able to wear makeup. “Today, we have some exciting news straight from The Order! How exciting!”I wonder if she’s this peppy in real life, it must be tiring just to do the Broadcast.

“Even I don’t know what’s happening!” She exclaims, picking up an envelope labeled ‘Broadcast’ . “In this envelope is the important news. Shall we open it?”

I don’t think anyone is buying your fake act, Avianna, so just open the stupid letter already. I scream in my head.

“Okay, let’s open it.” She smiles, carefully opening the envelope as if it would break if she made one wrong tear. She carefully pulls out a small slip of yellow paper.

“To all the Residents of Sector 7,” She pauses to look up. “The Order is pleased to announce the annual ceremony many people wait their whole lives for, The Matching Ceremony…”

It seems as if time stops, or at least my heart stops beating. I feel like the world is sinking out around me. The moment I thought would never come had just come. The moment that my life would completely shatter into a million peices. Yet, nothing had really changed, everything was still so, normal.

An uncertain amount of time passes and the screen retreats back into the slot in the ceiling. No one makes even the slightest sound.

It is nothing like what I had thought would happen, maybe we would all burst out crying or we would try to make an escape plan the moment the Broadcast ended, but no. We just sit there in silence, staring blankly at a point in the distance where a wide screen receded back into the ceiling long ago.

Soon, Father gets up, followed by Mother and Symphonia, but I stay in my spot in the far right corner of the velvety couch.

I had brought them into this mess, this was my fault, if I hadn’t been born, if Mother hadn’t been a Caregiver, if Mother and Father were not caring, maybe we wouldn’t be in this situation. Maybe they wouldn’t be in this situation.

I would without a doubt give up my life so they could live care-free. Then, Symphonia could live the normal life, twinless. I wonder if she would do that for me too.

“Mezzy, get up, you have to go to bed, lights go out in 10 min. You can’t just stare off into space forever. There are things to do, stuff to prepare for.” Mother barks at me, sounding jumpy and tense.

When I look up, it is  almost 8:00, 10 minutes until all the Residency’s lights automatically turn off and I have to slip back into my hiding spot for the night.

I lazily pull myself off of the couch and make my way towards my hiding spot. As I open up the hatch door, Symphonia calls out behind me. “I’m sorry I blurted out those things.” I turn around to look at her. She’s shamefully looking down at the sleeve of her nightgown, pulling at a loose thread. “I was angry, I hope you know that I could never picture a life without you. I don’t think I could live without you. It is like we are connected by a string, like you are a part of me. I can read your expressions, and you can read mine, because we are eachother. Not just because we are identical, because we are sisters.”

She looks up to look at me. She is right, it is like we are tied together. It is almost like we are one body, I can tell what she is thinking and how she feels. I can read her body language as if it is a book, mostly because we basically share a body, we share an identity. I intently look over at her and compare to mine, it is almost confusing to me how we look so much alike. We are mirror images.

“I know, I’m sorry. I was inconsiderate and I-I’m really the shame of this family. You are the star and I am just sitting in the shadows. Sometimes I wish I wasn’t born too.” I admit.

“No, no. I didn’t mean it like that…” She stutters.

“Then what did you mean, we are all thinking it, Symphonia! I am the mess of this family, if you’d have just gotten rid of me a long time ago, maybe you would be happy and could live a fulfilling life.” I interrupt. She stands there struck by my words and carefully thinking of something else to say.

“Mezzy, I just hope you know, I would give up my life in an instant so that you would be able to live the normal life you long for. I would never give you up to have what you think is a fulfilling life. You are family, Mezzy, you should think of yourself as part. If anything ever happened to you, I would fall apart. The lights are going to go out, so I have to go. Goodnight, Mezzy.” She calmly replied, turning towards the staircase. I let her go without another word. After she disappears from up the staircase, the lights switch off and I’m left in the darkness, still holding the hatch to the hidden spot open.


 Re: The Forsaken (Chapter 4)

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Thu May 12, 2016 7:19 pm

This series is incredible. You should definitely write more.

 Re: The Forsaken (Chapter 4)

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Mon May 30, 2016 2:57 am

Please write more. And when you become a famous author, dedicate something to us folks at the stacks *cough,me,cough*

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