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 The Ice Enchantress's Plot chap 3 part 2

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Tue Jul 27, 2010 11:00 am

“To the pantry!” Adryon ordered, marching towards the bedroom door again.

“Careful, though!” Augusta insisted as she reached for the paper with the directions on it. “Ms. Webber is in the living room, knitting. We can’t let her know what we’re doing.”

“We’ll be like ninjas,” Adryon said, nodding. “It’s OK.”

They all went downstairs and snuck past Ms. Webber, into the kitchen, and to the pantry. Augusta opened the door and stared in at all the bags and cans there.

“So…” she whispered, “where does one find a secret door in here?”

Brendan shrugged. “The floor?”

Augusta leaned down and began pushing and pulling at the floorboards underneath the shelves. There was a click, and a small square, large enough for a typical sized adult, popped up. Underneath there was only darkness. Gaya gasped, and Augusta cast a nervous look back at the others. The boys’ eyes were gleaming.

“Let’s do this,” Adryon said, nodding.

So Augusta, taking a deep breath, pushed herself forward, letting her feet dangle through the hole. She looked down for a moment, then with a squeak, she slid down. Gaya followed right behind. There was a long drop, in which Augusta’s heart thudded crazily, her stomach twisting, and then girls both landed nimbly on their feet. Augusta let out a huff and looked around. From what she could see, they were standing in an empty dirt tunnel.

“It’s good, guys!“ she called up. Brendan and Adryon scrambled down immediately. They ended up entangled with each other and fell to the ground. Augusta shook her head at them, smiling, as they bounced back to their feet.

“What next?” asked Brendan, brushing dirt off of his jeans.

“‘Down the hall, face another door.’” They looked around.

“So we walk?” Adryon asked.

“We walk,” Augusta confirmed.

The four of them moved slowly through the darkness, feeling their way down the hall. The floor was devoid of rocks or any other obstacles, and the hall stayed empty the entire way they traveled. The silence of it deafened Augusta. She started to shake as her hand skirted down the door.

It’s so eerie in here…

Then Gaya‘s voice broke the silence. “There’s a door, Augusta.” Gaya’s face glowed just visible in the darkness, and Augusta could see that she was pointing. Augusta turned in that direction and squinted. A little ways down the hall a door stood, painted white. Augusta hurried towards it, the others following.

“Next!” Adryon hollered, stomping his foot on the ground for dramatic effect. Gaya laughed.

“‘Through the door into the swamp.’”

Adryon grabbed the heavy iron handle, pulling it down, and he and Brendan marched through. Gaya and Augusta followed more carefully. Just as the directions had specified, they stood in a swamp, a vine-filled, muddy, echoing swamp.

Brendan, almost knee-deep in sticky black mud, looked back at his sister, who was perched on a rock, a look of disgust on her face.

“What’s next?” he queried.

“‘Turn right and walk through the mud,’” Augusta gasped, struggling not to fall into the sludge.

Brendan turned right and strutted through the mud with a dignified air, Adryon right behind. Gaya stepped from her rock into the muck and followed. Augusta made a face, looked around for a moment and then, closing her eyes, slipped down. On tiptoe, she made her way through the mud, ducking under vines, following her brothers as the mist closed in around them.

“Wait a minute,” Adryon said, pausing. “Was the next line something about crocodiles?” he called back to Augusta.

“Yeah,” she grunted, pulling her left foot out of the mud. It made a squelching noise. In front of her, the mud was becoming more watery, turning into a pond.

“Huh,” Adryon said, peering into the water.

“Wait…” Augusta said, still struggling forward. “Why?”

“Oh,” Adryon said, stepping back a few paces. “Oh no.”

Gaya looked up, and her eyes locked onto a shape underneath the water. Brendan, his eyes focused through the mist, was still moving, and he was walking straight towards it.

“Brendan, watch out!” Gaya cried.

There was a terrible crunching noise, and Brendan, slipping down into the mud, screamed.

Lonely was the song I sang
Til the day
you came
Showing me another way

And all that my love can bring

 Re: The Ice Enchantress's Plot chap 3 part 2

Joined: Tue Dec 15, 2009 5:22 pm
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Tue Jul 27, 2010 7:27 pm
   Hah...that was scary! Crocodiles are evil...
  That was awesome!
       Everyone deserves to cry.

 Re: The Ice Enchantress's Plot chap 3 part 2

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Fri Jul 30, 2010 1:55 pm
Oh, WHOA. That was unexpected! :O
"Once upon a day,
I thought we'd find a way..."

 Re: The Ice Enchantress's Plot chap 3 part 2

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Mon Aug 02, 2010 7:25 pm
Ouch. A crunching noise? Way to be totally disgusting Kira. :P LOL
I love the whole "following the riddle" kind of writing. I don't know, it's always been something I liked. You're doing great with all of this!!!
 ~ Allie
Watch out - it's the return of the dancing leprechauns wearing sombreros invasion! (And they brought a whole army this time!!!)

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