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 The Love Life of Luna and Neville

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Mon Feb 06, 2017 1:42 am

I always loved this couple and I think there was more to them than met the average eye at Hogwarts, here I show a wonderful romance in the eyes of a chubby herbology geek- Neville:


Neville felt a pang of despair as he ran through the hall of the train. All of them were full. Or so they said. Neville knew perfectly well that there couldn’t very well be 15 students visiting the lavatories at once, but then again, in his two years of being there, Neville had never really been the most popular of students at Hogwarts.

He had thought it looked as though he would have to sit in the hallway by himself, when a compartment door next to him slid open. It was a Ginny. “You sitting anywhere Neville?”  She asked.
He shook his head.

“Come on in, it’s just Luna and me.”  Neville was so relieved, he did not even ask who this Luna was.

He sat down, and found himself face to face with what appeared to be craziness in human form. Girl form to be more precise. Neville felt an odd lump in his throat.

Ginny smiled, “Neville, this is Luna. She’s my year but in Ravenclaw.” Neville mumbled a strangled, “How do you do?” Luna’s misty protuberant eyes narrowed, and she said, “Sorry, waxpurts are clouding my eyes.” She waved a hand in front of her face and stared at Neville with no explanation.

Ginny let out a giggle. Neville turned bright red and determinedly stared at Ginny. “So Neville…” but he didn’t hear a word. He only felt the burn of Luna’s eyes burning into the back of his neck. He inadvertently smiled.

And that was only the beginning…


As Neville grew older, he began to be around Luna more and more…


Neville practiced again in his head, “Okay, just say, ‘Luna, would you like to go to the ball with me?’” He sighed. “I just can’t do this!” He fretted aloud.

He saw Luna talking to Ginny at the library. “Okay, you can do this, she’s right there, ask her. Just ask her!” He walked over, “Canyougottotheballwithme?”

Ginny turned around to face Neville- “What Neville?”

“I- I said...”

“He just asked you to go to the ball with him I think.” Came a dreamy voice. “Oh you are so lucky! I would give my radish earrings to go to that ball!”

“Is that right Neville? Thank you so much! Oh, I can’t wait to tell the others!”

Poor Neville. He had to see Luna beam at Ginny even though she could have been beaming at him. He hustled away, quite frazzled.


In their fifth year they were in the DA together…


“Good one Neville!” Harry said. He had finally accomplished his first stunning spell. He felt the back of his neck burn with Luna’s dreamy gaze. “Fantastic Neville! That was simply splendid!” Her fairy voice floated around him. He smiled.


And when it all went down in the Department of  Mysteries, she was right there with him.


In his sixth year he knew he would have to say something soon. He was beginning to worry someone else would ask her before he did. Sure enough, Harry asked her to go with him to Slughorn’s party.


“Isn’t it wonderful Neville? I think I’ll wear the new dress Daddy got me for the occasion!”

“That’s great Luna.” Neville said, not hiding his jealousy well.

But she was already running to the Ravenclaw tower to try on her dress.


At the funeral, Neville had found Luna in the greenhouses.


Neville saw a curtain of wavy blonde hair by the bubotubers. “Luna?”

Tears were welling up around her red eyes, her voice was soft and scratchy, “Whenever I feel upset I always find that the plants are wonderful friends. They are so understanding.”

Neville nodded, he knew exactly what she meant. She embraced him and cried softly into his robes. He stood there in shock, then hugged her back, stroking her tangled blonde hair.


After that moment there seemed to be a friendship nothing could break. The two were in correspondence over the summer, and Neville was always cheered by her quirky letters, no matter how desperate the times.


When they were back at school, they realised that they would have to lead the DA


Neville scanned the traincar corridor, looking for her mop of tangled blonde hair. Suddenly bright blue robes came into view.  “Luna!” He had never been so happy to see anyone.

“Neville!” They embraced like old friends.

They took a car with Ginny and swapped summer stories. The times were dark, “Ron, Harry, and Hermione left to find Voldemort. I guess we’ll have to lead the DA now huh?”


Things were so much worse than they thought. They attempted a good many things to foil Snape’s plans, and to protect the school they so cherished. One day Neville saw Alecto torturing Luna.


“NO! NOT HER!” He screamed. He ran like a madman in front of her to protect her.

Pain shot through his nerves like fire.

He fell to the floor, “Luna? Are you alright?”

She was shivering and pale, “I’m fine. How about you?”

He took her back to her tower.

“We’re not safe here anymore,” she whispered.

“I don’t think we ever were.”

“No, I mean- Hogwarts, it’s always been like a safe haven, but now...” she looked away.

“You’re right Luna,” Neville said. Suddenly he knew what he had to do. He walked down the tower stairs with purpose.

“Where are you going?” Luna called after him.

“Somewhere we can be safe again.”

She did not say, “Where?” or “good luck with that!” but she said, “Can I help?”


Later that year Neville had to say goodbye to Luna for the Winter break.


Both of them knew that in these times, they couldn’t be sure when they would see each other again. Neville’s eyes were red, and Luna’s face drooped, “I’ll miss you Neville.” They hugged, “Stay safe,” he whispered.


When winter break was over, Luna did not return to Hogwarts. Neville knew he had to stay strong for the DA, but he was truly sick with worry. He tried not to think about it. But he knew she had been taken by snatchers at best, and at worst, he didn’t want to think about it…


“Hey man, what’s up?” Dean whispered from his hammock.

Neville hastily tried to wipe his nose and eyes. He had been thinking about Luna again. Where could she be? “It’s just-” his voice faltered. “The others- I just hope they’re alright.”

“Yeah,” Dean sighed, “I miss Seamus.”

Neville nodded, “Seamus,” and he drifted off into a troubled sleep.


But he was to see her again…


“Luna!” He saw her beautiful blue eyes, and his heart leaped, “Luna!”

   She ran to him, train of blonde hair flying behind her, “Neville! Me and Mr. Ollivander were kidnapped by death eaters but Harry saved us!”

He hugged her tight to him. But his heart dropped again. Harry- the battle.

“We have to go Luna. We have to help Harry.”

Determination glowed in her eyes, “You’re right. It’s time.”


During the battle they got split up. Neville began to panic, and he realised that she would likely die.


He saw bodies lying strewn about him. He choked. He saw Harry running past people. He ran to see him, “Have you seen Luna?” Panic etched in his voice.

Harry shook his head, “Why?”

Neville’s stomach clenched, “I need to tell her something!”

Desperation clouded his mind.

He ran about, desperately looking for the stray sight of dirty-blonde hair, or the flash of protuberant blue eyes. An iron fist clenched his stomach.

Again he thought, Where was she?


Neville’s heart leaped. He whipped around.

“Luna!” He ran to her. She had a bad bruise forming under her eye. And her lip was bleeding.

“Luna, I don’t know what is going to happen to us next, but I wanted to say- I wanted to tell you- I-”

“I love you too Neville Longbottom.”

Neville hugged her tight, tears slipping down his face. A storm of spells shattering around them.

So, how is it? It's pretty rough and I am open to suggestions. Shuld I continue or is it good there?

 Re: The Love Life of Luna and Neville

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Wed Feb 08, 2017 12:45 am

Continue it! It is so good.yes But also sad. crying

 Re: The Love Life of Luna and Neville

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Sat Feb 11, 2017 12:22 am

So sweet. Best love story ever.

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