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 the Monsters of the unknown -plz read and write feedback!

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Sun Apr 10, 2016 7:28 pm

(i couldn't really think of a name 4 the story, so if u have any Ideas, plz tell. also, i still have a lot more 2 write)

The Monsters of the unknown



I fingered the necklace gently wrapping my hand over its smooth surface; my grandmother gave it to me two years ago a few days before she disappeared. My grandma has always been an explorer searching for faraway lands. She always was gone for a few weeks; month’s maybe but never ever was she gone for more than six months. I traced my fingers over the heart locket, the one that grandma made me promise to wear until she came back. I turned it around to see the short poem carved into the back that I knew by heart since I’ve read it about a million times a day:

A dragon’s tear

Hidden beneath the vines

Will show you a world if you follow the mines

            Trapped in the stones the biggest one turn right

            Even if they seem angry DON’T put up a fight

Just take the purple stone from under the bridge,

and come to Valley Falls, where you’ll find me, midge



It was always a mystery to me what this meant, but it sort of ran in my family, not to be confused, but I mean, to love poems. Everyone seemed to love poems as much as I love presents and boy, do I love presents!! But honestly to tell you the truth I never really liked poems much. When I once told my sister she stared at me like I grew a pair of large bright pink antlers on top of my head! So I decided if my sister looked that upset I better not mention it to anybody else. I don’t get how they write it though. All those words and words bunched up together making a lovely harmony, I could never do that.

I lay in my bed there staring into the lime green colored ceiling letting my thoughts drift away. “Sweet heart, come down stairs the guests have arrived!” my mother called up the stairs. I jumped up and straightened out my green colored skirt that matched my green eyes and my blue t-shirt that had a picture of the royal palace in the capital city in Enchantsia, which is the city of Magic. I unfurled my wings and flew down stairs to the awaiting guests.










                It’s been a two years since the meeting, the meeting that destroyed my family’s reputation. It happened to be that my grandmother who I was supposedly proud of and admired happened to be a criminal, a wanted criminal. I remember the meeting like it just happened, I remember feeling hatred, well not really hatred at first, first confusion and then hatred towards my grandmother as soon as the words came out of the fairies mouth.

            Basically my grandmother borrowed millions of dollars from the bank and she was supposed to pay it over five years ago and then when the bank sent her warnings she fled, and no one in my family knew that the new place the was “exploring” was really her horrible hide away.


            Nobody knew where she went, everyone looked everywhere, but she seemed to have…disappeared.


To this day nobody knows where my grandmother went nobody has a clue where she went… nobody except me, well sort of. On the day she left on her “trip” she gave me the necklace and right before she left she made me promise to wear it everyday until she came back. After I promised, she whispered into my ear “the poem will show you were I am.” I laughed childishly, “You’re right here grandma!” I said giggling. She just smiled and whispered “one day you’ll know” After a few more goodbyes she left leaving me pondering.

Don’t ask why I didn’t tell the police about the stuff I knew about my grandmother, I just didn’t. I’m not really sure myself why I didn’t tattle. Maybe because I don’t really hate my grandmother, I just hate what she did to us, or maybe because if I told the police they would be angry at me for not saying anything earlier. Or because If I did tell the police maybe they would take away the necklace and then I would break my promise… to a grandmother I don’t really like. Now that I think about it, I think it’s a bit of all of them. I mean I still do love my grandmother, just what my grandmother did I hate. My whole family is now hated by the government, and by almost everyone else who knows that my grandmother is a wanted criminal.


That night at dinner I was sitting next to my nine-year-old annoying -obsessed with unicorns-sister, - (she only saw two before at the zoo, and after that day, she became a monster obsessed with unicorns) Rosebella Amelia, and my two-year-old brother Eric next to him was my one year older than me, fourteen-year-old older sister Charlene, who pretty much got along with me when she wasn’t bossing me around. The only thing she was really obsessed with was poems, she was always scribbling down an idea on a piece of paper and during dinner if she had a great idea she would write it down on a napkin. “pass the ketchup Siren!” Rosebella whined. I sighed passing her the ketchup. When annoying Rosebella learned that my name wasn’t just Sky it was Sky Sirena, I gained a new nickname, Sky Sirena also known as The Siren. When I asked my mom why she named me Sky Sirena her eyes glazed and she smiled as if looking back at a wonderful time, but then she would just smile at me and say suspiciously “your father and I love the name” but that was before we knew about my grandmother, when I asked her a few days ago she looked angry, and just said what she always said “your father and I love the name.” I think it had to do with my grandmother but my parents never told so, I don’t know. I dismiss the thought when Eric dumps his bowl of spaghetti on top of his head, and then pours ketchup, on our dog- doggy- laughing hysterically.  








Chapter 2


            It happened three days ago, the night of my birthday. Eric and Rosabella Amelia were already sleeping and Charlene was at a friend’s house, studying for her wanding test (you learn to control and activate your wand. Once you reach eighth grade, you start learning the basics of wands, and spells. Although you never learn more that, only the Elf’s do.) and I was in my room brushing my hair. Mom and dad were in the hallway whispering quietly, but loud enough so I could hear them.

“I think we should tell her, we told Charlene on her birthday last year” Dad argued.

 I froze my hand on my brush mid-air.

            “True, but Sky is more sensitive, and she was closer to my mom than Charlene.” Mom returned

            “Your right, but I think we should tell her soon, she should know the secret about grandma.” Dad sighed. I could hear the beat of their wings as they flew past my room and down the stairs. I finally let out the breath I didn’t realize I was holding in and dropped my hand, the brush clattering to the floor. The door opened and Charlene peaked her head in “everything ok in here?” An idea formed in my head.

And then I pounced.



Chapter 3


I got it all out of Charlene as soon as she stepped foot into my room. Though I wished I never asked. The truth about grandma is worse that I imagined.

When Charlene came into the room, I corned her, put on my best grim, angry, strong war face. And asked it was so simple when she said it, she didn’t even grimace, or hesitate, that grandma, our grandma, was a greater thief than I imagined, not only did she never return the millions she borrowed from the bank, but she ventured into the unknown, every part of our world may be ventured in. No one can travel into the unknown, a world filled with monsters, murder lovers and fairy catchers. Dragon hunters, and unicorn trappers. An illegal world, illegal to venture in, illegal to have anything to do with. But grandma did just that. she not only visited it, but stole proof to show to the monsters of the unknown, now, I hate grandma because what she did was so not cool.

 Re: the Monsters of the unknown -plz read and write feedback

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Mon Apr 25, 2016 11:45 pm

cool story, I like it

 Re: the Monsters of the unknown -plz read and write feedback

Joined: Wed May 11, 2016 8:01 pm
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Fri May 20, 2016 3:18 pm

I kinda like it too. Quite a good storyline, and a good descriptive manner.

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