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 The OC fun facts/behind the scenes thread!!!

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Mon Aug 15, 2011 10:03 am
So, I was thinking... so many people have OCs (Original Characters, characters you create, not J.K.Rowling) and all the information we know about them, well, we take it from the fanfics they appear in. But there's always more, isn't it? Every OC has something behind him/her. A special reason for their names, a history behind them... this is the place where we share facts about our characters. What you write? Anything we might not know about them and you want to tell us. Go ahead, it'll be fun, I promise!

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 Re: The OC fun facts/behind the scenes thread!!!

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Wed Aug 17, 2011 8:25 pm
Sure why not?
Okay, let's start with Indina Peirce :)
    Indina's first name came from my FAVORITE Broadway actor, Indina Menzel, who was the original role for Elphaba (The Wicked Witch of the West) in the musical Wicked. Indina has this dark side, so does Elphaba, so the name fit. (It also helps that Elphaba is a witch, and a green one. Green = Slytherin). Indina's original last name was Piceses. (The little fish constellation) But her name was always mispelled in different ways when I wrote, so I made her name Peirce. Much easier to spell. Indina doesn't have a middle name. It never came across.
     As for her backstory. Indina is a pureblood who lived in an isolated Scottish town. Before I go on about her family, you must know all their first names are also after Wicked stars, Joel Gray, Leo Norbert Butz, Kristen Chenowith, Christopher Fitzlegard, and Carolle Shelly.
    She lives with her mother Carolle Peirce, who is divorced, and 25-year-old brother Leo. Her 28-year-old sister Kristen married a muggle man Joel and they live in the Phillipenes (where Joel is from). Her father Christopher left them when Indina was only a few years old, but he regularly sends checks and always sends a gift to Indina on her birthday. Which makes Indina the youngest. Even if she is, she has never been the center of attention, it was always the older two.  
   Indina was friends with the neighboor girl, Ellia Vanagough, who is a Halfblood. They stopped talking to eachother after they were sorted into different houses (Indina- Slytherin Ellia- Ravenclaw).
   Starting in her first year, she made friends with a girl named Jenna Flicer, a not so bright, but still a good friend, Slytherin. She also met a boy named Evan Potter (Pronouced Ev-AHN). When you fast forward to her 7th year, she and Evan are together in a serious relationship.
Now for Evan Potter!
    Evan's name is a long story. In my first HORRIBLE rough draft of a story with them, he was the bad guy. His name was also Lucifer Potter. It became obvious that it was too cheesy, and I had named his father Iven Potter, so I took his father's name and changed it up a bit to Evan. It's pronouced with a Brittish accent (EV-AHN). Potter is well... because he is a desendent of Harry Potter. Only recently did I realize that his name is both suranames of Harry's parents (Lily Evans, James Potter). I seriously did not noticed that until I searched Evan Potter on a fanfiction site.
   Also in the first draft. He was a 6th year when Indina was a 1st year, and a horrid bully. But overtime I kept lowering his age until he was the same age as Indina. He and Indina were never originally intended to be together.
   As for his backstory. Evan lives in England in an lavish home. His parents are wealthy. I never did name his parents, they never seemed important. Evan is an only child.
Now for Ellia Vanagough!
   Ellia's name was original Ellia Verm. Verm ment cunning in French, and Ellia was originally a Slytherin, but I changed her into a Ravenclaw and the name had to go. So I choose Vanagough. It was poetic, and it is much like Vangough the crazy, but genius artist.
  More on Ellia in the first draft. Ellia was friends with a girl named Malixia Letro, but I dropped her after awhile since she didn't do much to the plot.
  I never did make any parents or siblings for Ellia. She's an only child and her parents were never important. She lives in the same town as Indina.
  Ellia was sorted into Ravenclaw, and became friends with just about everyone. She is a big smart alec, but she never seems to pick up the hint. She is friends with the socially awkward Ravenclaw genius, Julius Vector. Some people might think Julius and Ellia would be a cute couple. I do to, but I have never written them that way.
Now for Julius Vector!
   Julius's name was not that hard to figure out. Julius is a name I choose, because I thought it sounded smart. It could be refering to the clever Roman Emporer, Julius Ceaser. His last name, was based off of the little known about Arithmacy Professor, Professor Vector. Her class seems to fit Julius's personality (Arithmacy, is just magical math). The deffinition of vector, is a quantity that has both direction and magnitude, e.g. force or velocity, usually represented by an arrow. Which seems very mathy and scientific and smart like Julius.
   Julius himself has one of those minor cases of autism where he finds it hard to relate to other people, but it makes him really smart. Julius is the smartest 7th at Hogwarts, he got a 123% score on his Aritmacy N.E.W.T. and almost perfect scores on about everything else.
   Julius has never had a backstory, and I never intend on giving him one. His home is merely Hogwarts, and his love and passion is learning.
   Julius is also the Harry Potter personality of my The Hunger Games fanfiction character Mercury Weten, who has the same appearance, personality, blah blah blah.

 Re: The OC fun facts/behind the scenes thread!!!

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Wed Aug 17, 2011 11:00 pm
I'll confess... *takes deep breath* Most names for my OC's are inspired from other stories and books, even a video game or two since I'm either way too lazy to invent my own or when I do give an OC a name I come up with it's just... not unique. I know plenty of good everyday names, but it just rubs me the wrong way most of the time. I don't know why, they just do. So, sorry if that's a bit of a shocker for you guys, and not in a very good way.
I guess I can send out a few details out there, however...
Some facts about my first OC "Morrigan Amell" who I think I screwed up big time (if you've read my HUNTED fanfic you'd know why there are quotation marks):
- I was surfing on the Internet one day and came across a certain article that said "Morrigan" meant in Irish (I think) "great queen." Now that I look back it would've been interesting if I wrote her like that; a good, smart leader but uncompromising and blunt. And possibly short-tempered. But if you read the real thing... I could've done better. That's my opinion, of course. Each to his/her own.
- It's not as if she met and became good friends with Rose Weasley since their first year on the train to Hogwarts; Rose had to find a partner to pair up with for a Defense Against the Dark Arts project and spotted her playing wizard chess with Hugo during their fourth year. Although "Morrigan" was a little rude at first ("Shut up. Let me see this through, Weasley, because I've got his king cornered and I'm not losing to him again!") but after getting too frustrated and thus, losing, she apologised, agreed to help Rose since she didn't have a partner herself, and there you go.
- There's rumours that she's secretly obsessed with ice cream. Just rumours, though. They only started because people reported to have seen her wolfing down a reasonably large ice cream sundae in a restaurant and yelling at her friends about how they keep taking spoonfuls when she's not looking (she might've punched James for taking a large spoonful). Again, only rumours and I'm not evilly scheming to make this an actual part of her personality just so other characters can poke fun at her if I want to do another fanfic with her. :D
"Morrigan": You wouldn't. And wipe that stupid grin off your face!
Me: You don't know that, and I can grin whenever I want to. Now go back to wherever you came from. You kinda just... Apparated in so I can't exactly tell if you're back from another run-in with Death Eaters or ah, "time with James."
"Morrigan": ...
(note to Hippolyte: Yes, it's very nice to share stuff like this with others! I feel better now that I've let this out. Maybe when I'm in the mood I'll post here some more facts about other OC's of mine, too.)

 Re: The OC fun facts/behind the scenes thread!!!

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Fri Aug 19, 2011 6:49 pm
Cool idea! I'll do one on my main character in my fanfic The Dark Shadow Chronicles!
Heather Lehigh is the daughter of Lavender Brown.
Since Lavender is named for a herb, so is Heather.
Heather looks a lot like Lavender.

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 Re: The OC fun facts/behind the scenes thread!!!

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Sat Aug 20, 2011 11:51 am
Well, Magenta grew up in a little town by the Weasley's. She grew up being really good friends with them. Her name is Magenta because when she was born, Andromeda was a painter. Her middle name is Tedmeda, A mix of Andromeda and Ted. She went to Muggle school until age 11. The sorting hat wanted to put her in Hufflepuff, but Magenta retorted.
Um, that's all I think about right now.

 Re: The OC fun facts/behind the scenes thread!!!

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Mon Aug 22, 2011 9:41 am
*sigh* Two words: Hippolyte Key. Enough said.

Seriously, what can I say about her first? There's so much...

I created Hippolyte when I was 12. (I'm 14 now) I had just finished the series, and I was wondering what I would have done if I was in the series. I decided to become a Next Generation kid, the same year as Albus. My name wasn't Hippolyte Key from the begging- in fact, I was just keeping my own name and created scenarios and scenarios, in which I and my friends well... there was a whole story behind it, with a second Voldermort and new Death Eaters and... now that I reread the old scripts, the actual story was interesting.

Anyway, Hippolyte at the begging wasn't a character. She was me, a much more far-fetched and "magical" edition of me. She was born and raised in Wales, with 4 younger siblings that are all wizarding, although their parents are both Muggles. Well, anyway, Hippolyte didn't actually had any personality to talk about at the begging. She (or I, you name it) was supposed to be "like Hermione", a genius and excellent at every lesson, but also athletic (an amzing Chaser) and very popular among her classmates (mostly because of her well-known battles and duels she won against the dark side). Did I mention she become a Metamorphomagus during her 4th year? It was an accident, but it turned out to be a blessing. What a coincidience!

As I continued growing, she begun to change. I become more interest in character development and today, well, voila, here's your Hippolyte Emma Key! I think her version of today is well, veeeeeery different of the version of her just-created character. My charries change all the time, I can't help it, but Hippolyte is the one who has changed more. Plus, she is my first HP OC. I can't leave her. :)

Now, the real fun facts:

-Hippolyte is not named after me. This account is named after Hippolyte.
-I gave her an Ancient Greek name when trying to make her more like Hermione, who has an AG name that is very uncommon, but after her, it is rather popular among usernames and pennames all over the Internet :) Afterwards, I decided not to change it. It doesn't really suit her, but it makes her stand out- short of
-Her patronus is a seal
-She is in Hufflepuff. The Sorting Hat didn't considered any other houses for her. Her sorting didn't last long neither it was too short, it was of average time lenght
-If you replace the "e" of both her first and last name, you have Hippolyta Kay. Kay is a real English surname, while "Key" is just a word (key, duh), and Hippolyta is the feminie form of Hippolyte, which is mostly used as a masculine name, or at least in North Europe. Of course, when I firstly created her, I didn't knew that.
-On very early drafts, her first name was Ruth. Her second name, though, had always been Emma.
-I wansn't really planning to give her a second name, but when I read Dumbledore's Will, where everyone in the Golden Trio has a middle name (James, Bilius and Jean), I decided she "ought to have one"
-Hippolyte is not much of a Quidditch player. She can fly on a broomstick, but not play
-She is highly afraid of snakes. Any kind. Her Boggart is a Basilisk, showing both her fear of regection because of her blood status (Muggle born) and her fear of serpents
-Her favorite song is Accio Love by Ministry of Magic and her favorite band Harry and the Potters
-She is looking really forward for a Yule Ball
-If she ever read Harry Potter, she'd most likely be a Draco hater.
-She has a few close friends, but she's in good terms with most Hufflepuffs and, generally, students.
-She is very prejuidiced, and is a xenophobic
-I've never wrote a fanfic about her. I'm planning to write one, but not soon, anywayy
-Her current dream is to become a master duellist. However, in her future she'll be a Wizarding Historian, travel the wizarding world, get married to some old friend from Hogwarts and have three children. Basically, have a nice ending, unless she dies during the RP.
-Hippolyte used to be my favorite name at the time
-Key is just a random surname. I wanted it to begin with the letter "K", and it was the first and only thing that come to my mind
-Emma is, partly, a reference to Emma Watson, and therefore Hermione. Today, though, Hippolyte is not much like Hermione. In fact, she's quite silly and naive.
-Hippolyte was supposed to be white on the early scripts, but then changed her ethnicity and made her mother a South African and her father Welsh.

Uff, too many, aren't they? Gah, I think that's all...

 Re: The OC fun facts/behind the scenes thread!!!

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Mon Aug 22, 2011 10:04 am
All right. Mostly history and fun facts. I figure I'll just go in alphabetical order...
Francine "Frankie" Elaine Bagman
Born in May of 1979 to Ludo and Tricia (nee Bankwell) Bagman, she was born into a middle-class home which quickly slid into poverty with her father's gambling. But always optimistic, she made the best of things. Living near London, she was able to enjoy day to day life with her best friend at the time--Polly Chetley, daughter of Alexander Chetley, a Muggle movie star. She attended Hogwarts from 1988-1995 and was sorted into Gryffindor despite her parents being a Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw respectively.
Frankie would work at Flourish and Blotts until getting a second job at the Weasley Wizard Wheezes. According to the "JK Rowling-approved" ending, she marries Mark Rolands and has a son named Felix and a daughter named Katrina. But according to the alternate ending, she marries George Weasley and has Fred II and Roxanne.
Frankie loves partaking in the occasional prank, reading, and watching Quidditch even if she never joined a team.
Gregoria Dolohov
The daughter of Death Eaters, Gregoria was steeped in pureblood ideals since the day she was born. Often neglected, she scavenged for food in her house. But after her parents' arrest, she was taken to her Aunt Tertia's to live until their escape. She was sorted into Slytherin house and made friends with Draco Malfoy, a fellow Death Eater second generation. She became a Death Eater as well on her sixteenth birthday in July of '96. But with her close relationship with her caretaker, Mr. Reid Booker, she realized her grave mistake and defected.
She would marry Paul Rolands and have three children: Anthony Reid, Sophie Susan, and Raphael Kennedy--all named after prominent people who suffered from the evils of purebloodism: her parents, and the Booker family.
She did enjoy burning dolls at the stake, but now enjoys traveling and photography.
Marsha Edwards
Born a Squib after the fall of Voldemort in Liverpool, Marsha never knew about magic until her younger siblings, Audrey and Emmett, were introduced to Hogwarts. She became quite bitter against her mother for with-holding magic and treating her as an inferior afterwards. But, she reconciled after helping her siblings ward off expulsion.
Marsha, though she didn't get to attend Hogwarts, would meet James Potter and they would begin going out. She would (most likely) marry the son of Harry Potter and live as a Muggle in a wizard world.
She enjoys black and white movies, jazz music, and sarcasm.
Wisteria "Wisty" Edwards
The self-proclaimed romantic is the daughter of Charles Edwards, a Muggle, and pureblood witch Aria Garrison. She was sorted into Hufflepuff upon arriving at Hogwarts. She became friends with rebellious Rion Lestrange, the son of Bellatrix and Rodolphus. She would later become his girlfriend.
Due to the anti-Muggle-born legistlation, Rion helped her escape to Paris, then America. In America, she would become Wisty Lestrange and they'd have three children: Amy Malin, Sirius Charles, and Remus Regulus. When Amy was old enough to attend Hogwarts, they moved back to England so she could attend Hogwarts.
She is a huge fan of Nicholas Sparks, romantic evenings, and vanilla candles.
More to come, perhaps...

 Re: The OC fun facts/behind the scenes thread!!!

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Mon Aug 22, 2011 4:02 pm
Here's all(and it's not many) of my OC's:
Alexandria Rose Saples:
Alexandria(Alex) was adopted by the Dursleys in Harry's second year. Her parents were very kind and sweet, but, unlike Harry, they were killed by Bellatrix, because they lived near the Potters. Bella was desperate for information about her Master, and killed them. Poor Bella.(that was sarcasm)
I gave Alexandria her name because I was watching something on Alexander the Great. So, Alex was originally a boy, but then I remembered that there were already two boys at the Dursleys, so I changed her to Alexandria. I randomly thought of her middle and last name, so, yeah... moving on.
Alex has long, wavy black hair and blue eyes. She's medium height for her age, and has a sweet, melodious voice that gets very quiet when she's angry. Don't make her angry.
Alex's family:
Valerie Saples:
Valerie was killed by Bellatrix in 1981, a year after her baby was born. She had brown hair and green eyes, and grew up with Lily Evans at Hogwarts. She was, before she was killed, an Auror, and had captured many of the Death-Eaters before she died. She had very pale skin, contrasting greatly with her dark brown hair. She was the girl Sirius Black had once hoped to have, only to lose her to Jonathan Saples.
Jonathan Saples:
Jonathan was married to Valerie White Saples for one and a half years, before Bellatrix killed and tortured them both. He had black hair and blue eyes, exactly like his daughter. He had loved Valerie form the minute he first saw her, till his dying breath. The Saples moved to Godric's Hollow about a month before the Potters lived there. They knew Lily and James were in hiding, so they didn't visit much, but their visits were enjoyed fully. Harry knew who they were, and called them "Jon'fin and Valwy."
So, do you guys feel like you know them now? If you do, great! If you don't, poo for me.
Please read Seldom Glimpse, and enjoy. Oh, and thank you to High_Tide for the name. It's perfect for this story.

 Re: The OC fun facts/behind the scenes thread!!!

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Thu Feb 11, 2016 6:53 pm

Oooooooh nostaligia hits because it's been 4 years but this is still a good thread to bump! 

Here, have this my children. I should start dumping useless info of the MDBI babes here. :P

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