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 The Peacock Saga: A Story Of Survival In A Changing World

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Mon Jan 23, 2017 5:33 pm

Character Profile: Beatrice

Character Age: Old enough to hunt cobras (laugh track)

Setup: Beatrice is a young peacock. She hunts cobras with her dad to help feed her family. During special occasions, she and her mother make recipes with these cobras. Peacocks are hunted for their feathers, the rainforest in which she and her family lives in is being cut down, and peacocks are being eaten by humans. There are also tigers, tapirs, orangutans, and gorillas in this forest.

Description: Beatrice looks like her mother except she is four inches shorter and her beak is sharper.

Mood: Worried about her family.

Faves: The strong gorillas, the healer orangutans, month-long cobra hunts, rare amesyth geodes found in the jungle caves, and her family.

Detests: Deforestation, bad advice, mean tigers, and lazy tapirs.

Story Setting: Rainforest

Action: Somebody is sneaking up on Beatrice and her they move their nest (again). Beatrice and her dad leave to go on a cobra hunt. 

Your turn!


 Re: The Peacock Saga: A Story Of Survival In A Changing Worl

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Sun Feb 05, 2017 7:24 pm

Beatrice and her dad went to hunt for cobras and while looking for cobras, they saw two grups of people aruging. One group was against deforestation, the other was for it. 

"Look, I'm not a treehugger, but we need to preserve this. We can't take away the trees." a concerned voice said. One of the people for the deforestation looked at the person.

"Listen, kid, our project is much more important than some stinking trees and animal life." the other voice said. Another person against it spoke up.

"If you want to eliminate all of forest life along with people against you, you'd have to go through us first you creep." the voice said. "And we will call EPA as well as FBI or anyone that might be against what you're doing. We have enough proof to get everyone on our side." The person that disagreed with the protesters laughed.

"I'd like to see you try," the voice said. "I doubt it'll work." The two protesters looked at each other. 

"It won't be easy, but it'll be worth it," one of the protesters said. "Right, Carly?" one of them asked.

"Right, Kenzie," Carly said. "So, forget it. We're going to find legal ways to get people on our side to arrest you." The man laughed.

"Your plan will fail," he said. "And I'll make sure of it." Carly and Mackenzie rolled their eyes. 

"And we will make sure your plan fails." Carly said, starting to get agitated. Mackenzie and the others nodded.

"Right," Mackenzie said. "So you can call off your workers." The man still laughed and then left. 

Beatrice and her father walked up to the group and seemed to be surprised that this group was against what was happening, but grateful to know that there were people that cared about the ecosystem, and they all introduced themselves.

"So, uh, Beatrice, do you and your dad need help finding cobras?" asked Alex. "We can help, if you want." Beatrice nodded.

"That would be great," Beatrice said. "And how can you all understand us animals?" Carly, River, Mackenzie and Vance showed their inventions.

"It's kind of like a translating device in a way," Carly said. "And we use them a lot, so that's how we can communicate with aliens from outerspace and all that." Everyone nodded in agreement, and went to look for the cobras, while trying to figure out how to stop the demolishing of the ecosystem. 

 Re: The Peacock Saga: A Story Of Survival In A Changing Worl

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Sat May 27, 2017 12:52 am


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