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 The ROYGBIV Chapter One

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Mon Aug 02, 2010 10:20 am
The main characters you will meet . . .

Name: Princess Yanna Yvette Yelhiya
Outer world name: Yanna Yearspan
Superhero name: Yellowglow

Power/Talent: Electricity

Normal look: Long and black straight hair with two yellow streaks or stripes in her hair. Sky blue eyes.
Outer world look: Not really long black hair with no yellow streaks in her hair. Everything else is the same.
Superhero look: The same with her normal look.

 Princess Yanna Yvette Yelhiya is the princess of Yellowsville in the ROYGBIV Towns. People there have superpowers.

Name: Prince Owenor Ohardo
Outer world name: Owen O'hara
Superhero name: Orangeburst

Power/Talent: Dust

Normal look: Short dark brown hair. And dark brown eyes.
Outer world look: The same as his normal look.
Superhero look: The same as above.

  Prince Owenor Ohardo, the Prince of Orangeville in the ROYGBIV Towns.

Name: Robert
Outer world name: Robert Robinsons
Superhero name: Red Fire

Power/Talent: Fire

Normal look: Red hair and gray eyes.
Outer world and superhero looks: The same.

    Robert is the son of Regent Robin of Redsville of ROYGBIV Towns.

Name: Gloria
Outer world name: Gloria Gonzalez
Superhero name: Greengirl

Power/Talent: Plants

Normal look: Long black hair. Light green eyes.

  Gloria, the daughter of Regent Gladewoltz of Greensville from ROYGBIV Towns.

Name: Blaine
Outer world name: Blaine Beadnell
Superhero name: Blue Water

Power/Talent: Water

Look: Black hair. Dark blue eyes.

  The son of Regent Bruce of Blue Town of ROYGBIV Towns.

Name: Isaac
Outer world name: Isaac Ivanhoe
Superhero name: Indigo Animal

Power/Talent: Animal shift-shaper

Look: Chestnut brown hair. Indigo eyes.

  Also, the son of Regent Ian of Indigo Town from ROYGBIV Towns.

Name: Vivian
Outer world name: Vivian Velasquez
Superhero name: Violet Magnet

Power/Talent: Magnet

Look: Reddish brown hair. Violet eyes.

  Like the others, she is the daughter of Regent Vernon of Violet Town of ROYGBIV Towns.
                                                Chapter One

   Boooooom! The sound of explosions is everywhere. Princess Yanna gazed down from her window. The war against the Darks is getting worse. Even though the battle place is far from the town, the sounds still could be heard clearly. Then Yanna heard footsteps coming toward her room.
  " Princess Yanna, Mr. Wallace has come with a message for you," said Sir Yeildson, my trusted knight.
  " Come in!"
  " Your highness, Queen Belle wishes to see you in the throne room," Mr. Wallace bowed.
   Princess Yanna immediately went to the royal throne room, and saw her Mother waiting for her alone.
  Yanna curtseyed then politely asked, " Mother, you wished to see me?"
  " Yes, Yanna. Please, sit down. Your father and I have decided that you should leave ROYGBIV Towns tomorrow. I already have prepared everything for tomorrow," Queen Belle calmly said.
  " Why do I have to leave?" Yanna's face became worried.
  " Yanna, the war is getting really worse. Your father needs stay here with the people and so do I," said the Queen.
  " But Mother-"
  " You may leave now,darling," the Queen spoke.
   Princess Yanna knew that how she spoke was very serious so she left the throne room and flew to her room as fast as she could. Once she arrived in her room, she dashed to her golden bed and cried. Oh, could you just imagine how hard it is to leave her family?
   The next morning came, and Princess Yanna went gracefully to the throne room where King Yezekiah, Queen Belle, Mr. Yearspan, and Mrs. Yearspan are waiting.
  " Good morning, Father and Mother!" Yanna curtseyed.
  " Good morning, Yanna," they both answered at the same time.
  " Good morning, your highness," bowed Mr. Yearspan and his wife.
  " Yanna, Mr. Yearspan and Mrs. Yearspan will take care of you in the outer world. And always remember, Yanna, to be strong in the Lord," Father came to Yanna and embraced me tightly.
  " Yanna,dear, never forget that you are the princess of Yellowsville no matter where you are. And you will not need that crown there, but I will give you this necklace instead. I love you, my daughter," Mother kissed Yanna in the forhead.
   Yanna almost cried, but,no, it would be disrespectful to cry in front of the Highnesses. She hugged her Mother tightly that she almost couldn't let her hands off.
  " Your Majesty, we must hurry before the Darks will find that we will escape," Mr. Yearspan interrupted.
  " Yes, you all must hurry. May the Lord be with you," the King said.
  When Princess Yanna and the Yearspans were on their way out of the palace gate, the King and Queen waved good-bye to their daughter.
 < I love you! > the King said.
  Yanna took the last glimpse to see her parents. The Yearpans are the family who found the speed gate from the outer world. So there they were on their way to the speed guarded with four knights. At last! they arrived to the speed gate.
  The speed gate is a gate connecting to the outer world. The outer world is the world where people do not have superpowers like the people in ROYGBIV Towns and Color Towns.
  " Are you ready, your highness?" asked Mr. Yearspan.
  " Yes," Yanna answered, confidently.
  And so the three Yearspans and Princess Yanna went in the speed gate. While they are inside the speed gate, Mr. Yearspan spoke, " Princess Yanna, in the outer world we do not have any superpowers like yours. So do not ever use your superpowers unless you need them."
  " We will be your parents there, and Yasmin will be your older sister. You must call us from now on Mom and Dad," added Mrs. Yearspan.
  So Princess Yanna changed her look into a normal outer world eight-year-old girl. Her two yellow hair streaks became black. She felt different; she looked different. And from that time on she acted like an outer world girl.

  I hoped you liked it. Chapter Two will soon be out. Thank you for reading!!! ~Yellowglow~ 

 Re: The ROYGBIV Chapter One

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Thu Aug 19, 2010 9:36 pm
awesome chapter, and, good luck on your part in my story. Also, if ya want it from Yanna's POV don't switch POV'S, k?
  Just saying, and, good luck w/ chapter 2!

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