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 The story I am working on! "An Extraodinary Family"

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Sun Jan 20, 2008 5:11 pm
Just so you know, Gness and Konto have a mermish child that a mermaid gave them to take care of because mermfolk are human until they turn thirteen, so they are taking care of a mermish girl named Thequara. :smileyhappy:

Chapter five

     Gness had a vision


    Gness had a vision that night. It was so vivid, and so real. It arose suspicion in her, though. Never had she imagined...


The vision


“Thequara?” asked Gness.

“What Gness?” Thequara replied, tears rolling down her face as her own words uttered Gness’ true name, and not “Mother”.

“I will miss you... and I hope that... Zerk, is good to you.”

“I love him, Mother- I mean... Gness...” Thequara looked at Gness.

Gness looked at Zerk.

He had red hair, exactly the colour of Bryn’s, and he had the same pointed nose, and light skin tone. All of his traits resembled Bryn, but not his green scales. He had two green, scaly, legs with flippers. Also his eyes. They were green, unlike Bryn’s blue eyes. They were like Johnna’s eyes. Striking dark green eyes. Yet they were in the same way bright. Dark and bright, together. Unlike anyone’s eyes in all the land. All except Johnna.

This arose suspicion in Gness.

“I have to go Gness...” Thequara said.

Thequara wore a white cloth around her torso. Pears were in her hair, and her hair was braided in random strands like her mother’s. Her real mother’s. Gness’ hair was in the special braid that all women wore, from age six, to age fifty.

Thequara was carried by two people that Gness didn’t know. They carried her to a board that she then sat on. The two people picked up the board and walked to Zerk. They sat the board that carried Thequara down beside Zerk.

Gness hugged Konto and cried...



Gness awoke with tears flowing down her cheeks, and sweat on her forehead. She breathed at a fast pace.

“What is it, dear?” Konto walked into the room, carrying a tray of tarts.

“I had a vision! I have to talk to Bryn and Johnna!” Gness replied.

Gness ran into the family room and got her cloak, and boots. She put them on, over her night clothes, and went out the door. Konto ran to the door and shouted from it.

“I made you these tarts!”

“I’ll eat them later!” Gness yelled from the stables.

Konto put the tarts down on the counter. Thequara snuck up behind him and reached up-

“Thequara, no. Those are for Mother!” Konto scolded.

Gness jumped on her horse, Qitte, and rode toward Bryn and Johnna’s house.

“Stay in your room until I get back.” demanded Konto to Thequara.

“Okay, Daddy.” Thequara skipped to her room and picked up a doll.

Konto went to the stables and jumped onto his horse, Nybrin, and followed Gness to Bryn and Johnna’s house.


I hope you like it so far! Will post the rest of the chapter!
Ps. This is from the middle of the story, so if you've got a question, you can ask it!

 Re: The story I am working on! "An Extraodinary Family"

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Sun Nov 18, 2012 9:50 pm
Awesome! I love mermaids! Keep on rightin'!

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