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 Things Dreamed Of

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Wed Jun 29, 2016 11:41 pm

Have any of you heard of the book Things Hoped For by Andrew Clements? Well I read it and thought it needed a sequel so I decided I would write one. Ps. Andrew Clements wrote a sequel, but this is mine.                                                                                                                       Things Formerly Unknown

       I got into Juilliard School! They gave me the summer to prepare for going there, get a violin, bow, etc.. My dad offered for me to stay at our home in West Virginia. He said the family could use my help doing housework, and my family missed me. So, I said yes, and my father said today I could say goodbye to Robert, and walk around New York a little bit more.


Robert had heard that I was leaving and called to tell me that he wanted to meet at the cafe where we met after our summer in Tanglewood. We met there and I ordered some hot cocoa and some cake. I was waiting for Robert, thinking about leaving New York. Finally, Robert arrived and he found me. “So, Gwen, how’s it been?”, Robert asks. I replied, “It’s been good. I got into Juilliard.” “Wow! That’s great Gwen!,” Robert exclaims! “Yeah, I guess so,” I say. Why are you so dismal about it?”, Robert questions. “Oh, I’m just thinking,” I responded.


I had heard about problems in West Virginia. One of my brothers, James was sick with cancer. That was one of the main reasons I was going back home, to visit him. My dad had told me that after my audition, I remember his exact words. “Sorry to rain on your parade, honey, but one reason I came was to tell you that James has cancer, and that he wants to see you, the whole family does.” “Oh, I wish I could see him now, tell him I am so sorry.”, I had replied.


Robert said, “Gwen, Gwen, Earth to Gwen!” I snapped out of my flashback.

“Sorry Robert! I went into a flashback.” “About what?”, he replied. Should I tell him? Maybe not, or maybe I should? I had no idea, so I took a chance. “One of my brothers, James has cancer!”, I blurt out. “Oh, wow,” he says, “I’m so sorry.” “No, No,” I say, “It’s not your fault.” “No wonder you’re so dismal.”, he says.


He starts to walk out. “Wait,” I say, “Why are you leaving?” “I’ll be right back,” he replies mysteriously. Five minutes later he runs back in the cafe with a shopping bag. Robert hands the shopping bag to me. I take a peek inside. It’s a book with poems by Yeats. “Well, why don’t you take it out?”, he says. When I take the book out of his hands, a small envelope falls out.


I start to open the envelope, very carefully. “No, not here!”, Robert tells me, “On the train to West Virginia!” “Okay,” I say, severely wondering what was in the envelope. There was nothing on the front or the back. “You want to walk around New York some more?”, I ask. He replies, “Yeah, sure!”


The rest of the day went by fast. Robert walked around New York with me and we laughed and cried. I had so much fun. Now, I’m with my father in Grampa’s brownstone, saying goodbye to Uncle Hank. He and I are not on hugging terms, so we shook hands.


My dad and I said goodbye to Uncle Hank, and then we left the brownstone and went to the train. Just our luck, the train was right there when dad and I arrived. We got on the train really fast, hoping that would guarantee seats for us. Surprisingly, with the amount of people on the train, we got seats. I sat there thinking, wishing to look out the window, but the window was really dirty. Finally, my dad says, “Hey Gwen, what do you have in your pocket?” The envelope Robert gave me, I had forgotten about it!


I took the envelope out of my pocket. Opening it very carefully, an origami crane fell out and a little note, too. The note said:


Dear Gwen,

I wanted to tell you that, besides music and jazz, making origami is my secret hobby. Nobody knows and you won’t tell anyone. The book you got, I know it looks like a book with poems by Yeats, but it is actually a origami book. It has all the things you need to make origami cranes, frogs, swans, hats, and much more. Special paper to make the creations is included. Yours,

             Robert Phillips P.S.  I’m going to miss you. Whenever you come to New York, I’ll always be there.

I’m going to miss you too, Robert. Tears start falling from my eyes. I think about the time we spent together when Grampa wasn’t here. We became good friends. I always thought something was the hard part. Now, I think, this is the hard part. Saying goodbye to friends and family.

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