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 This is an honor of Lets write a story my own one.

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Sat Sep 14, 2013 6:58 pm
Lila looked out her window she saw smoke coming out a house.She focused on the house and then a man knocked on the door. She heard mom open the door then she slowly walked to see who it was he was a familiar face. Continue the story good luck.

 Re: This is an honor of Lets write a story my own one.

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Wed Sep 10, 2014 9:41 am

Lila gasped, "Drew?!!" "Hi, sis." Drew gave her a crooked smile. "What are you doing here?!! Don't you live in New York...?!" "Yea, um... I'm kinda in trouble with the law." Drew nervously glanced towards the door.


 Re: This is an honor of Lets write a story my own one.

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Fri Oct 03, 2014 10:39 pm

"DREW! You are what?! Get in here!" Lila said. Drew stumbled in nervously. He pulled something out of his pocket. A ticket to...Here... "You stole that ticket didnt you!!!" Lila yelled,nervously twisting her shirt. "You cant just steal a ticket!" Drew looked like he was about to cry. "I know! I dodnt come here to get yelled at! I came for help!" He yelled. Lila sighed and looked around. "Come on..." she said,storming up the stairs of their house to her room. Drew had made no effort to move. His eyes were open in awe and he was looking around. "Well?" said Lila. "Move it buster!" Drew nodded. "It's just it's-you know- benn a while..." He said,gesturing towards their used to be sloppy living room that was now fixed up and modern. Lila glared at the living room. "They moved the old couch out..." she said. Then she turned angrily and stomped up the stairs to her room. Drew followed behind her. When he arrived,a bg smile was plasterd on her face,as she threw open the door. "Behold...My life's work!" The wall,ceilings floor,and every other available space was filled with detective equipment,notebook paper and anything else like that. She smiled like a maniac. "So...Let me get this strait. Ever since he came you've been tracking him down?" said Drew. He looked skeptically at Lila's "life work". "You know this is what got me in trouble right? Trying to find him..." he said carefully. Lila looked him dead in the eye and saud,"What did you find Drew?!" Drew looked away. "I didnt find anything." Lila glared at him and said,"Tell me NOW Drew!!!" Drew sighed. "His nsme is Louis. That's all." Just then there was a knock on the door. "Again?" said Lila. As she started for the stairs Drew leaped in front and blocked her path. "No! This is exactly how they got me in NY!" Lila took a step back,her face pale. "How did they get here so fast?!" she whispered. Drew shrugged,and said "we can get out through the window. We'll be fine-"

Finish it my dear reader. Fill in the blanks.

 Re: This is an honor of Lets write a story my own one.

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Fri Jun 17, 2016 6:54 am

        Drew's face was pale. He had a pleading expression. What should I do? What should I do? If I opened the door, my life's work would be revealed to the police. Drew would be arrested. But if I didn't, they would do that and something even worse, like burn down the house. What in the world should I do?

        The knock came again, more louder and clearer. Beads of sweat were appearing on Drew's forehead. I decided to spare Drew the scenery. I held my breath and opened the door.

        But instead of a policeman, like I had expected, an FBI agent was standing there. Oh no! I thought. That could be even worse!!! But instead of asking who the strange pale man was, he held up a picture.

        "Do any of you recognize this?" I blinked. The picture was of a huge ruby somehow carved into a dragon. I shook my head. "No. I haven't seen it anywhere. I don't even know what it is."

        But as soon as I said that, something flashed into my brain. It was familiar. I was walking on my two toddler feet, walking away from my parents. I walked out of the small shack where they kept their tools, the door slamming behind me. I toddled on the bright meadow bordering our house from the road.

        And there I saw it. Red standing out from the bright green of the lawn.

        The ruby dragon.

        I slowly got on my hands and knees and crawled on the soft green grass, slowly nearing the carved gem. I touched  my little toddler hand to it...


        A deafening roar rattled in my young, delicate ears, shattering my will. I started to cry. As I looked behind me, the house and the shed were gone. Only a huge volley of flames stood belching smoke in the sky...

        Suddenly, the sight of my old shattered home was drawn on paper. I blinked. I wasn't at the door anymore, with the FBI agent staring at me, but I was at the table, a few drawn on papers scattered in front of me. The exploded house, the shed, the lawn, and even...

        The ruby dragon. Like I had seen it for the first time in my life. The carved ruby, laying on the green grass of the lawn. Drew was wearing quite an expression. My mother was completely confused and surprised at the same time. I got up from the table, grabbing the papers.

        "I'm really tired, mom. I'll go take a nap." I rushed upstairs, trying to process what had just happened. What was that ruby? How did I do that? And most importantly, Why did I remember the nightmare of my childhood?




        The FBI agent walked down an abandoned alley. He snuck a few peeks at the entrances. Once he concurred that he was not being watched, he pressed a button on a radio.

        "Alleycat over. Stage one completed."the agent said in the mouthpeice. After a few seconds, another voice issued on the radio.

        "And what of the host?" the voice crackled back. Alleycat pushed the button again.

        "The host is beginning to remember." Alleycat reported back. "Should we take care of the symptom first?" there were a few tense seconds, then the other voice crackled back.

        "No. It's the disease that's important. Proceed according to plan." Alleycat pushed the button again.

        "Yes. I understand." Alleycat finished. He tucked the radio into his coat pocket, then strode out of the alley and onto the street.




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