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 This Is My Life Now: Scene 1, Scene 2 part 1/4

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Sat Apr 14, 2012 2:24 am

OK so please forgive me for any bad writing or not very good quality because I've been working on this on and off for a while and so I haven't really gotten a good solid period of time to work on it. So if you have any comments, I'm listening, and I'm bracing myself for them. 

Here we go:

PS this is for my portfolio for a writing contest so I really need feedback and advice, anything you want to say about it. Literally.  


This Is My Life Now




KIERA - tall, long brown hair, sparkling gray eyes, tanned, freckles, has a slight Chinese accent, skeptical and always suspicious

LUMI - an average teen with blond hair styled in a bob cut, green eyes, funny and outgoing

SOFIA - pixie cut black hair, blonde and red highlights, 5’7”, fair-skinned, almond-shaped brown eyes, always the optimist, “fair and square”

ZOE - small (only 10 years old), shoulder-length red hair, strangely colored hazel eyes, sweet and sensible and innocently childish

CATHERYNNE - dark blonde hair that reaches down to her back, dyed purple except for her bangs, huge earrings, tall and slim, light tan from the summer sun, popular and sophisticated

VALERIE - ragged black hair (she cut it herself), blue eyes, pale skin that sunburns easily, flawless features and high cheekbones, medium height, rebellious and daring

OLIVER - shaggy brown hair that reaches his shoulders, warm gray eyes, not very tall for his age, doesn’t really take things seriously, the only boy in a family of 6 girls

RHEA - tall, elegant, long curly black hair that spills down her back, olive skinned, green eyes, sharp nose, unwelcoming

MAYA - a plump middle-aged woman, short blond hair and blue eyes, sweet and motherly,  LUMI’s mother, soon to be OLIVER and his 6 sisters’ mother, too

ROSE - fair-skinned, average height, dark turquoise eyes, freckled nose, LUMI’s friend, funny and sweet



Scene 1 - LUMI’s house LUMI, MOM, DAD

Scene 2 - Cupertino (ROSE’s photo shoot) ROSE, LUMI

SCENE 1 – LUMI’s house

Enter LUMI, talking to someone on the phone

Yeah, sure, you can come tomorrow! Sure, thanks, Cecelia! (sighs) OK, now that that’s done, time to eat!

Enter MOM

Oh, hi Mom!
(a wave in her direction, then LUMI’s mother begins chopping carrots for dinner)
What’s for dinner?

Vegetable soup, honey, now can you leave me alone?

LUMI (taken aback)
Oh. Oh sure, Mom.

The audience can hear her climbing the steps to her room. Some sort of stomping is implied; possibly someone stomping in place backstage.

Enter DAD, smiling widely

Hey, honey, how was work?

Fine. I’m making dinner, can you leave me alone? I’m getting a migraine.

Sure, I’m leaving right now! (Sweeps a hand around the kitchen, accidentally turning the oven knob)
Oh, my God, I’m so sorry!

It’s fine, look. (Turns the oven back off)
See? Good as new!

Oh. Okay. I’ll just turn on the ball game, if you’re fine.

Enter LUMI, running down the stairs.

Hey, Mom! Rose is going to Cupertino today for a photo shoot and asked if I could go! I’ll be back before midnight!

Fine. Go. But make sure you’re back tonight, honey!

Thanks! (pulls open the front door)

I don’t know what’s gotten into that girl sometimes!

Scene 2 - Cupertino (ROSE’s photo shoot)

Enter ROSE and LUMI, laughing and joking

And did you see when he told me to turn around, and I started spinning to annoy him, and his face actually turned purple?

Yeah, I saw that...

I guess I should probably get my agent and we should be heading home, huh?

LUMI (downcast)
Yeah. (phone rings) Hold on a second, let me get that.
(Talking into the phone) Hello? Who is this?
(Putting a hand to her mouth) Yes, yes, I’m coming home soon. Bye.

What’s wrong?

My dad got in a car accident on the way to the grocery store. He’s in the hospital now, and Mom told me I should come home now.

Well, yeah, of course! Get in the car, let me get Dad. Just get in and I’ll be right out, OK?

LUMI (crying)
Sure. Thanks, Rose.


 Re: This Is My Life Now: Scene 1, Scene 2 part 1/4

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Wed Dec 25, 2013 5:43 pm
it is Ok but I would really consider having it be a role play

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