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 Title Needed

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Wed Jun 30, 2010 1:51 pm

Lupe runs through the hallway. Her pajamas are too big, and she trips. She gets right back up again.

“Mommy! Mommy!” she cries. Her mother, an imposing tall woman with black hair, appears from behind a wall of smoke.

“I’m here Lupe. Mommy’s here. Let’s go find Jazzy.” She picks Lupe up. Lupe, who takes after her mother immensely, snuggles up in her mother’s arms. Safe…

“Lupe, run!” her mother breaks in, putting Lupe down. Lupe sees the dark man, and runs for her room. She hears something loud, but her mother told her to run. She grabs her teddy bear, wakes of Jazzy, who grabs her wolf, and the two sisters escape out the window. Then the other man, the scary one who always smiles, picked up Jazzy and starts to run off with her.

“No!” Lupe yells. “Take me, but leave Jazzy!” Jazzy’s blue eyes quiver, her golden curls shake as the man puts her down and takes Lupe by the hand. Lupe drags her teddy bear. At least Jazzy was safe. Then Lupe heard the scream.




To be a hero, there are three material requirements.

A symbol of faith, a weapon, and a whole lot of underwear.”

The Book Of Twilight













Chapter 1


I woke up screaming. I’d had the Dream again.

“Come on Lupe. You’re eleven now, not a little girl of four.” I got out of the huge four-poster, smoothed out the quilt, and opened my closet. I grabbed the adamant armor. Then I looked through the bureau and grabbed a dark green linen tunic-leggings set. I slipped out of the silk nightgown and slipped on the tunic, leggings, and armor. Then I pulled my leather boots on, combed my long dark hair, and pulled it into the silver circlet.

“What the hey, it’s my birthday.” I said, and pulled on my silver torque. My name, as you’ve gathered, at its most basic form, is Lupe. But me full name is Her Royal Highness Princess Lupiella Yolanda Sarah Abigail Heather Jennifer Elizabeth Boudicca Victoria Mary Elaine Morgan le Fay of Darkness, heir to the Dark, Leader of the Dark Forces, and Prophesied One. Once somebody said my name was Her One. The next day they were used for target practice. I marched to the Banquet Hall.  I sat in my Banquet Throne.

“Your Majesty.” Said Gibraltar. Regent Gibraltar, as he eternally insisted. Hmmp. I was the real power of the Dark.

“Gibraltar.” I said coolly, with all the disdain as a man so weasally, unsavory, and disagreeable as Gibraltar deserved. I scorned Gibraltar. Most of the time, when HE came to visit, he left me to watch over the army, and Gibraltar to do whatever Gibraltar does. Gibraltar is the first change I’m making when I officially take charge. Gibraltar is one of my favorite imaginings. For example, if I were working on a dog theme, I’d think, ‘dog eat dog’; feed him to the dogs. Or louse, let him be eaten alive by insects. Such plans were the reason that I always wore false pointed nails with blood red edges. The edges weren’t mere intimidation—they were poisoned. I, of course, was immune to the specific type, but to everybody else- death. I smiled at Starbuck, my lieutenant. She smiled back, the nice smile, not the poison smile she was so skilled at. She had short dark hair, deep, deep black eyes, and a very conniving face. I was more elfin in comparison, and my eyes were cerulean.

“Gibraltar, get thyself to the other side of the table. Thy stink disgusteth us.” He crossed the table. Then he came back, and bowed.

“Whatever your will, Your Royal Highness.” I gestured him off. He crossed the table.

“If I were ye, I should hath telleth Gibraltar to get himself to a nunnery.” Starbuck quipped.

“If I should hath telleth Gibraltar to get himself to a nunnery, he would hath gotten himself to one. And that would hath ruined our pleasure.” I said. Starbuck smiled again.

“Ye art most clever, Lupiella.”

“Thou art as well, Starbuck. And please, call me Lupe.” I dropped the ‘we’ with Starbuck.

“Your Majesty! It beith the sun!” Gibraltar broke in.
“Nonsense.” I looked though the window. “’Tis but lanterloo. It beith the moon.”

“If I say it beith the sun, it beith the sun!”

“If it beith the moon, it beith the moon. Though, if it beith a bird it hath your brain, and if it beith a mouse, it hath your heart.” Starbuck laughed.

“Methinks the lady ist taming you, thou Gibraltar!”  She exclaimed.

“In my life, I hath been called many things, but never a shrew!”

“A shrew they could not call you, for thy nose ist too short for thy face. In fact, thou hath no chin, and thy eyes bulge, like a fish. Yes, ‘tis not shrew thou art. ‘Tis a mackerel!” I said. Starbuck was holding back laughter as hard as she could.

“If you were not the Princess…” Gibraltar fumed.

“Get thee to a nunnery!” I took Starbuck’s advice. He bowed.

“Whatever your wish, Your Royal Highness.” He bowed, and got himself to a nunnery. Starbuck laughed. I clapped my hands.

“Breakfast!” The servants opened the silver trays. The crepes were stuffed with jostaberries, noisettes, and nutella.  Not all together, of course. Starbuck helped herself to a noisettes crepe, while I took a jostaberry one. Starbuck tapped me on the shoulder, then pointed at my lap. A box wrapped in silk ribbons was right on it. That was Starbuck. I opened it. It was an old parchment with a Light royal seal.

“It’s a map of the Lights.” Starbuck said. “Happy birthday Lu-pe.” I smiled at her.

“Thank you so much Starbuck.” I grabbed my dagger and unceremoniously broke the seal. On the parchment was a sketch that combined the Four Worlds. It was covered in elaborately decorated Ls. Some were shining and some were dark as night.

“We got to the black ones, but we still have to get to the shining ones.” Starbuck said. I put my finger on a shining one. The label said ‘Romijula, Capital of Shakespearia’

“Starbuck, there’s a Light that has been Lit right under our noses!”



 Re: Title Needed

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Mon Jul 12, 2010 3:43 pm
Hmmm... not quite sure where this is going, but it's pretty good. However, you need to work on your grammar a bit. It's hard to follow.

 Re: Title Needed

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Sat Jul 24, 2010 7:22 am
   I like the story. I like stories about princesses so keep writing. Sometimes I think of the best titles I could think and write it down when my whole story is finished. I would love to know the story so please keep writing!


 Re: Title Needed

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Sun Aug 01, 2010 2:00 pm
It's sometimes hard to follow, but I like your styling and characters (and plot, so far!) The first prologue bit in particular was good.
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