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Torn Worlds; New Hatred Preview (New! Poll)
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 Torn Worlds; New Hatred Preview(New!)

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Fri May 16, 2014 2:07 am
I didn't want this. A cold tear rolls down my cheek. I didn't want any of this! Yet here I am, sitting in the ruins. My name is Lilly Willcott and I have made a huge mistake. You think you know how love goes until it happens to you. Maybe you don't even see it coming. I sure didn't. It was like running into a wall. Everything is right in the world until you get slammed into that wall. The shock is enough to make you feel woozy, and as you stand back you come upon realization that you have been so blind this whole time. I lift one of my cold rigid fingers and wipe another stream of tears of my cheek. We felt like two birds, soaring free in the grey-blue sky. Caro never understood that metaphor, but I liked to think of us like that anyways. I guess it was because he was different, and that's what drove us apart. A girl of the Resistance is not supposed to fall in love with some silly boy on the Commandeering's side. Besides he was an alien, why should I out of all being love him? An unexpected sob overcomes me and I can only imagine how things would have been if our situation was different. (Kay so I'm New on this so sorry it's so crowded :D Should I continue? If so please comment or go to poll)

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