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 Trapped please read!

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Fri Jun 27, 2014 7:09 pm


Scene 1


Two identical twins standing across from each other.It is dark,so you can't see their faces,you can only guess by their voices. They are both wearing identical silver rings.

Identical twin 1: (sighs)You know I can't let you do this Jon.

identical twin 2: Of course you can. You just have to close your eyes.(laughs warily)

Idenntical twin 1: You remembered.All those years ago.(his voice falters)Do you remember how happy we were-

Identical twin 2: HAPPY!!!(stomps foot)No one was happy then! I don't want to stay here!Repeating over,and over,and over again! I want to be free.Live my life!!! and I'm willing to do anything, anything!To make that dream come true.

Identical twin 1:Look at yourself. I know its hard Jon, it is for all of us. But what would father say? And mother? What about Rose?

Identical twin 2:(becomes deadly silent)Never.EVER. Speak their names again Liam.

Identical twin 1:I know.But we still have each other.And Roe.And Lucas.

Identical twin 2: I know.I know.But why.Why our world? Why our joy? Why our life?

Identical twin 1: I don't know. But we'll make it. We always have.


Scene 2:


A couple years earlier. Bright sunshiney day.Two young girls filling a bucket with water.Also twins, but not identical.The first one is really pretty,but the second one is plain.

Rose:It's only a couple days now.

Roe:I know.(sighs) I'm gonna miss you.(voice falters just a tad)

Rose:(starts to cry) I don't wanna leave you! I don't wanna die!

Roe:(hugs Rose)I don't want you to die either.

Rose:(kicks the bucket) It's not FAIR!

Roe:(shushes her)shh,now it will be alright.

Rose: But I'll never get to do so many things! Like kiss a boy! Get married! Have children!

Roe:Well, the first one is certaintly possible. Let's do it tomorrow!(acts excited)

Rose:(cheers up) yeah! but who will it be?

Roe:Why don't you sleep on it? We'll have a party in the morning!

Rose: With cake?

Roe: And ice-cream, and jelly-beans, and cupcakes!(starts laughing)

Rose: And my own personal entorage!!

Roe: Yes!(starts laughing so hard tears are streaming down her face)

Rose: I'm gonna have the BEST  party EVER!!

Roe:Yeah! With presents and everything!

Rose: And especially cake!

The two girls start laughing


Scene 3:


The next day. The young girl (Roe) is sitting in the identical twin 1(Jon's)lap.

They are both crying. It is very dark, like a stormy day.

Roe:(slams hand down)I hate it I hate it I hate it!(starts to cry)

Jon:I know.

Roe:This was gonna be her party!

Jon: I know.

Roe: She was gonna have fun! This was gonna be the best day of her life!!!

Jon: I know.

Roe:(screams in frustration) Is that all your gonna say!"I know"!

Jon:(sits quietly with his head down)

Roe: Ugh! (storms out of house)

Outside of the house. Identical twin 2(Liam) sits on a bench playing with a piece of grass.

Liam:Whats up with you?(tries to smile)

Liam:(looks into house) Oh. Give him a break ok? He was the one that got hit the hardest.I mean,he was their when it happened.

Roe:(looks guilty) I know but... it hurts. And it doesn't help that I wanna PUNCH the nearest person!!!

Liam:(scoots away a little) I know but, I mean, their not even really your parents.


Hope u like! Please comment on how I can improve!



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