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 Trying something new;

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My only good explanation in casse it stinks; I was booooooored.

Laine stuck her head around the corner,just to hear her brother hiss and pull her back by the collar. It hurt,and left a red mark where he had pulled it. She turned and shot daggers with her eyes at her brother Mark. He had on a leather vest over his pajamas(to our fright it was a teddy bear footie;shocking.) and was holding a giant bag,filled with their clothes,some belongings,and food. He was making frantic motions with his hands at Laine. Laine raised her eyebrows and mouthed,"what?". Mark sighed,slapped his hand over his mouth and finally decided on simply putting a finger to his mouth. Laine rolled her eyes and stuck her head around the corner again,this time being more cautious to stick to the shadows. What she saw was this; Her parents sitting at a table,and a man in a suit in tie,carrying a breifcase. But the man seemed to have no face. This alarmed Laine so to the fact that she pulled her head back a tad; just a tiny flinch,mind you. It was very offputting to us as well. Laine turned back to her brother and nodded,a signal that they were right. There was just a tiny sliver of fear on her face,which told Mark they neede to go. Mark took the note they had written and placed it on the table in the hallway next to the kitchen where their parents and the odd man sat. Then,the two children turned and crept into Marks room. The window was already open with the rope hanging out of it,as planned(as they are on the second floor; we are very bad at setting arent we?),and proceeded down the rope. Mark in his teddy-bear footie and leather vest,hefting the bag over his shoulder,Laine in her(we think rather skimpy;but it is a nightgown after all) nightgown,with several supplies strapped to the utility belt on her chest. "Do you think that they'll decline the offer? That we're doing this for nothing?" Mark said; well,not said. There was a reason The man was there. They speak to each other through their minds. "No...They would never turn down that kind of money...I hope they dont. They need it." Laine thought back. Bills had been tight lately,and while they were,exscuse me used to be fairly plentiful,their father had recently lost his job. Shame,shame. This society of yours is whacked. At least,thats what we think. Anyways,Laine,being Laine,decided to take one last look through the window at her parents. What she saw was enough to make a grown man cry. She saw her parents eagerly taking the money,and signing a purple,sort of misty contract. Then she watched as the odd man proceeded in smiling his,well,lipless smile as the only thing on his face was a mouth,and headed upstairs to the poor childrens rooms. That night Laine's heart broke into a million peices,and hearts are very delicate things. When they grow back,if they ever do,they harden. And while many people think they are strengthining their hearts,sadly that is not true. We know quite a bit about this sort of thing. After all,we are we. We are it,we are so. We are if? Maybe? So? Anything that is(we are that to) we are. So naturally,we took favor in Laine and Mark's peculiar adventure. This is the beginning of a rather sad,exciting,and beutiful story. So read reader. Read like your life depends on it. Because it may,if you and Laine or Mark share the same well,secrets. So read on reader! We will continue...


Haha...that was...weird...Meh. It was better than I thought. So yeah. Epic fail. Yep. Should I continue?

 Re: Trying something new;

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