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 untitled realistic fiction, prologue

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Tue May 19, 2015 1:01 am

     Is a friend really your friend if they don't trust you enough to let you near some rediculous minecraft house in creative mode? Is a friend your friend if they constantly make fun of your crush? Are they your friend if they boss you around? Should a friend miss you when you walk off, or at least notice? These are the questions I ask myself. I am begining to wonder if these people are really my friends. To make thing worse, nobody cares how I feel, my crush is dating another girl, and I am struggling to discover what I am really good at. I have dozens of sides, but which one is really me? One hates minecraft, the other loves it. One loves my friends, one wishes I had never met them. One wants to sit alone, the other wants hundreds of friends. 

     At our school, we play on electronics during lunch. My friends took advantage of that. They don't even talk to me. When they do let me borrow their extra ipod, there are enough rules to drive a lawmaker insane. No building. Stay away from my house! It drives me crazy. One time, somebody set her house on fire and killed her dog in creative mode. She went around in this big hullaballoo placing water and being all stressed. I tried to give her a suggestion. She shushed me! Another girl told her she would help, and she said,"Stop it! This is way more important than you guys right now!" I felt as though I had been slapped. I slumped over and stared at the ground. "Ok" I said in such a quiet voice I'm sure she didn't hear me. I decided that the next day, I would sit with someone different.

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