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 Using Pandora to see which song belongs to which couple.

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Harry/ Hermione: I see Fire - Ed Sheeran (Woah dude, this is totally the scene in the first book, where Harry has the sorcerer's stone.  More like the scene in the movie tho. Maybe it's a good thing these 2 didn't work out.

Draco/ Hermione Sinner. Andy Grammer. THIS SONG IS SO PERFECT FOR THESE 2!!! Just read the lyrics. If one of them sang this song, it would be Draco. This is how Draco feels when Hermione gets together w/ Ron. JUST READ THE LYRICS!

Ginny/  Harry:Nothing Left To Say / Rocks - Imagine Dragons. Woah. This is after a BIG fight between the two, I hope the kids are ok. frown Harry must be fighting another inner battle. Is that bit of Voldemort still left inside him? Like in that creepy scene in Movie 5? Wow, this is a complex song, u should listen to it sometime. It's like a double song. wow. 

Harry/ Cho:Hello - Adele. Maybe, Cho thought about what happened with Harry and her years later after a nasty break-up with another one of her x's. Then, tried to get Harry back. 

Cho/ Cedric All of me- John Legend - Performed by Glee Cast. Woah. This totally proves it people. Cho is MEANT for Cedric and Cedric is MEANT for Cho. "Even when I lose, I'm winning" (line from song). Poor Cedric, he lost the quidditch game, but he comes back to Cho and instantly he feels better. laugh

Pansy/ Draco:Wake me up - Avicci - Woah. Clearly they don't know what they're doing. They want to enjoy all of life. This is confusing. Did somethig happen with Pansy and Draco that we don't know about? oooh... 

Luna/ Neville:Stay with me - Sam Smith Yes, they're perfect for eachother. Told you so. How are they not perfect  for eachother. 

BTW: I used the OneRepublic Radio I put together. 

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