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 Valiantly Blooming Wildflower

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~Valiantly Blooming Wildflower~

Disclaimer- Harry Potter belongs to J. K. Rowling. Just thought I'd put that in. 


1. A Pitcher of Pumpkin Juice




A certain red-haired girl with emerald green eyes looked up from her toast in annoyance, recognizing the voice that usually promised her doom and misery, or at the very least, total humiliation.


This girl also happened to (understandably) really hate the owner of the voice that promised her total humiliation/doom/misery, etc.


Unluckily for her, her object of hate:

  • stalked her (Lily swore that it wasn’t normal for someone to know when she went to use the restroom, or where exactly she liked to study, and what she liked to do during her free time on the different days of the week. Even she herself didn’t know when she tended to go to the bathroom!)

  • sent her love poems (She had only one piece of advice for him: never become a poet. He'd probably go bankrupt.)

  • sent her songs about her via Howler (Lily had really wanted to curl up in a hole and die in embarrassment. Plus, the song and the singing wasn’t even that good.)

  • was in the same House as her (which meant she had to see him every. Single. Day.)

  • and spent his free time asking her out.

Sadly, James Potter seemed to have a lot of free time on his hands, making the near impossible task of avoiding him even harder, if possible.


“What, Potter?” snapped Lily, her friend Alice shooting her sympathetic and amused looks.


James smiled confidently/arrogantly, making Lily want to hex his face into oblivion. And maybe the rest of him, too.


All violent thoughts aside, Lily noted that James holding up a pitcher of pumpkin juice. What could he be up to this time?


“If I pour this pitcher of pumpkin juice on my head,” James said (Please do! Lily begged internally), “as a sign of my intense, passionate love and maybe obsession for you-“ (I take it back. Actually, don’t! Lily thought.) “- Will you go out with me?” James finished, his pitcher of juice poised over his head.


Lily could feel the students and the teachers of the Great Hall staring at her, their eyeballs burning into her back. Well, her twenty minutes of peace and stalker-free normality had been nice while it had lasted.


I can hear you giggling, Alice, thought Lily grumpily.


She smiled sweetly at James, making him perk up. “No.”


With that, she took the pitcher from his hands and dumped it over him.




Author's Note: I will be posting updates in this same topic.

 Re: Valiantly Blooming Wildflower

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Mon Jun 08, 2015 11:25 pm


2. The Bet is Made, and Cupid Appears!


“Priceless, Prongs, priceless!” howled Sirius. A dripping wet, orange James scowled. “Shut it, Sirius.”


Sirius ignored him. “Why don’t you just give up on her? I mean, there’s no way she would even so much as look at you!” He clutched at his stomach, barely wheezing the words out.


James shot Sirius a dirty glare. “Oh yeah? The only reason Lily isn't begging for a date is because I haven't turned on the Potter charm yet!" He paused to take a deep breath. "In fact, I bet I can get her to go with me to Hogsmeade by… next week, Monday! Seven days from now!”


Sirius stopped laughing with some effort. He grinned. “And if you can’t?”


“I… uh… er…” James stammered, realizing what a dilemma he was in, and not willing to admit that Sirius was probably right. Only a little, though.


“He’ll wear a pink tutu for a whole day on a school day in front of everyone!” piped in Peter, saving James’ pride. Sort of.


Okay, not really.


Thanks a lot, Peter, thought James.


He’d worry about the fine details, like how exactly he was going to get within ten feet of Evans without getting sent to the Hospital Wing, later. For now, he would concentrate on wiping that sneer off of Sirius' face.


“Yeah, Peter, just what I was thinking!” James said. He smirked at Sirius. “But if you lose, you have to wear a pink tutu in front of the entire school for a whole day. Deal?”


Sirius smirked back. “I’ve got it in the bag. Definitely. But don’t come crying to me when I take blackmail photos of you and distribute them out to everyone in the school!”


In that moment, James Potter realized that he was doomed, forever to be known as “that guy who wore a pink tutu back in my school days” starting next week, unless he got some outside help.


-Line Break-


“Moony, you’ve got to help me!” pleaded James. “Please!”


“Mm hmm,” replied Remus, unconcerned.


“Moony, if you don’t, I’ll… I’ll… I’ll-”


“Be doomed. I know,” finished Remus, still unconcerned. He flipped a page of his book.


Are all werewolves this heartless? James wondered.


He groaned. “Reeemus… Pretty please with a cherry on top?”


Remus shook his head. “No way, I hate cherries.” He finally looked up from his book. “Besides, unless you’ve made some monumental progress with Lily, there’s no way I could get her to go out with you, even in an alternate universe.”


Cruel, Remus.


“But I have made progress!” James said, his glazed eyes signaling that he had gone to Lily-land.


Remus raised an eyebrow. “Oh?”


James smiled dreamily. “She didn’t hex me when I asked her out. She just dumped a pitcher of pumpkin juice on me!” James’ glazing eyes were starting to worry Remus.  “She must be secretly in love with me!”


Remus pitied the poor, lovesick boy.


He didn’t have the heart to tell him that Lily hadn’t hexed him because she had forgotten her wand in her room.


“James,” Remus began gently, “Lily hates you. I’m sorry to crush your hopes and dreams at having a super-talented-at-Quidditch, green-eyed, black-haired son and daughter named Harry and Harriet, but…” He took a deep breath. “Prongs, Lily really hates you, and to be quite honest, you have a much better chance at taking the Giant Squid on a date than Lily Evans.”


James’ hazel eyes cleared, to Remus’ relief. “I know! That’s why I need your help!” said James in despair.


Remus shook his head. “Not even for a week’s supply of chocolate.”


James’ eyes glinted, making Remus worry once again.


Remus had learned to worry whenever James’ eyes either glazed over (James had almost gotten run over by a car once because he wasn’t paying attention) or glinted (in a fit of mysterious brilliance, James had figured out that something was deeply wrong with Remus in their second year. In a fit of equally mysterious stupidity, he had thought that Remus had a rabid pet rabbit that needed tending to every full moon.)


“What about,” said James slowly, “for a whole month’s supply of Honeydukes’? Would you do it then?”


Remus gaped in shock.


I knew it. He thought grimly. I’m going deaf.


He ignored the fact that, on the contrary, werewolves actually had super enhanced hearing (along with eyesight, strength, etc.).


“What did you just say?” Remus asked quietly, just in case he hadn't misheard.


James smiled. “A whole month of Honeydukes’ finest chocolate, if you persuade Lily to go out with me,” he promised.


“Deal!” Remus hissed quickly. There was no way he’d let this opportunity slip away from him!


-Line Break-


Just outside the entrance of Hogwarts’ library, Sirius Black silently tried to eavesdrop on the conversation, frustrated because he was banned from going into the library ever again (it was a VERY long story, involving Madame Pince and tons of pink cats), and couldn’t quite hear what his friends were talking about.


It didn’t matter, though, because Sirius would do anything to see James in that tutu. Even if it included sabotaging James.

-Line Break-

Author's Note: My apologies for any grammar mistakes. I'm only in sixth grade, so..sad I'm not all-knowing. 


Please review and give feedback via comments, though. heart

 Re: Valiantly Blooming Wildflower

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3. Day 1: The Wildflower and Prongs


Remus was not ashamed to admit that he was utterly stuck on how to get Lily and James in the same room without curses flying, let alone get them together on a date in a week. 


He felt that, given that the pair was well known for scoring first in the Hogwarts' News' "Most Likely to Fail" 17 times in a row (Hogwarts' News had been started 17 months ago), anyone in his situation would feel the same. 


In most cases, Remus would just give up. It really was impossible.


But a bribe of a month of unlimited chocolate can make even the impossible happen. Remus had a plan.


*-Line Break-*


"Oh, really, Remus? Can you really set me up with a pen pal?" asked Lily eagerly, wrenching a broom closet door open. "You lot, go back to your dorms!"


The snogging pair reluctantly shuffled away.



Remus nodded. "But it'll be random, though, so I don't know who it'll be," he 'warned'.


He might as well have some insurance. Better safe than sorry, considering what he was planning to do. 


Lily beamed. "It's fine, I've been dying to get a pen pal for years! I'd love to have some friends who aren't from Britain, or at least England," she explained.


Just then, the half-moon was covered by a few clouds, hiding Remus' grimace.


*-Line Break-*


"Lily, you have an owl!" called Alice. 


Lily looked up from her Potions essay. Who could it be? she wondered.


She got up and went to the window. Lily untied the piece of parchment attached to the barn owl and read:


Dear Lily,


This is Remus. Your quillpal's (she supposed that since wizards used quills, it made sense for 'penpals' to be called 'quillpals') quillname is Prongs. 


Just send a letter addressed to Prongs. The owl knows where and who he is. Prongs is expecting you.






Lily smiled and whipped out a quill, writing a small letter of thanks to Remus and admiring his neat handwriting before writing a letter to 'Prongs'.


Dear Prongs,


Hello, there! This is Wildflower, your new quillpal! 


I'm from London, England. What about you? What are your hobbies? Me, personally, I like to dabble in calligraphy in my spare time.


Hoping to get to know you better,




*-Line break-*


Dear Lily-flower,


Do not worry, for there is no need for me to know you better! I already know you better than I do myself!


My hobbies are watching you, staring at pictures of you, and drawing sketches of you! You are just so beautiful!


Nothing would make me happier than going on a date with you! If you do, I will melt into  a puddle of delighted mushiness!


From your number one admirer,




*-Line Break-*




Remus looked up from his breakfast weakly. "Y-yes, Lily?"


Lily smiled evilly. "I'll give you ten seconds. After that, you're dead."


Remus leaped out of his seat and sprinted out the Great Hall before she finished. Lily lovingly stroked her wand, making those who had been on her bad side before shiver.


*-Line Break-*


Sirius smirked. Monay was over. Six days left.


James shivered. 


 Re: Valiantly Blooming Wildflower

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WOW! The story's so good! Keep writing! Your story is better than I can do, and I'm the same age as you! Keep writing, I wanna find out wwhat happens! :) :) :)

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