Sharon Creech: The AMAZING author
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Author:  bikingbeetle245 [ Mon Jul 22, 2013 12:47 am ]
Message subject:  Sharon Creech: The AMAZING author

Ok, I know you are probably like " so what shes just a author", but shes more than that. In honor of her I wrote a little book (its just a demo by the way). So its called " Standing Ovation", its about a little boy who has a deformed face. His name is Agguie and he has a older sister named livvy and he lives with his parents in a small apartment. Auggie is the narrator. Here is the story: Hi, my name is Auggie Parlem and I was born with my face deformed. I dont really understand , but my sister and parents are so overprotected. Once, I begged my parents to take me to the park for ice cream and they finally said yes. So, we walked to the park and people were staring , laughing, and pointing.This boy had stared at me and started sreaming, like I was a monster. So I ran underthe slide and started crying. I had know idea why people were so mean,well my parents had talked to me abut this but I didnt get it. For some reason I felt like I was getting really small and that people could just come and walk all over me. That was when I relized im not normal

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